Dirty Diana Season 2 Episode 2


Previously On Dirty Diana

I finally graduated high school. It was amazing how fast it went, one minute It was the first day of school with all the Shemima drama

Along the way I made 3 great best friends Diva, Blessing and Esi. We just finished getting our

” I can’t believe high school is over!” Diva said.

” I know

I was opportune to travel to Canada for my masters degree, immediately after my Nysc in 2006. I returned to Ghana 2 years later and quickly married a family friend’s daughter whose father was equally the Dean of Education faculty in the university that employed me 2 months after my wedding.

I soon started work as a lecturer with a strong spirit towards correcting all the wrongs in the university system.

I swore to stand straight in my dealings with students. I swore never to compromise my dignity and be a good man respected by everyone but unfortunately it was easier said than done.

We all lived pretty close to each other. It was a 10 minute walk so I decided to ride my skateboard. When I got there I was greeted by Diva and Blessing screaming in my face.”

“OMG its our last sleepover!” I was just laughing at them. They were always the peppy ones out of the four of us, Esi and i were always the more laid back ones but we always were crazy with one another.

“Diana, we were thinking about going to the beach since it’s only 3:00pm” said alicia. “.

We all got changed and were ready to go. We rode in Blessing jeep since she was the only one who had her license already. Diva and Esi sat in the back



Takoradi beaches were really pretty I wonder what it looks like in Accra. We found a clear spot and laid our towels and bags out and knowing Esi she was drenching herself in the sun.

She was pretty girl she had shoulder length, dark straight hair she had light brown eyes and fare skin. ”

“omg Esi don’t you want to get just a little change of skin?” Diva said, who seemed to always want to be turning on her lawn chairs she had in her back yard.

“just incase you didn’t know, you can get skin cancer if you are exposed to the sun too much and I’m not letting that happen to me” Esi said.

“oh relax, what should those in the north also do, it’s just a little sun” I said.

We ended up staying at the beach for an hour and half before we started to get hungry.

“I’m starving let’s go get Pizza on the boardwalk” Blessing said.

Blessing was always hungry, she was always eating something but she seemed to still stay skinny in fact she was the skinniest among us. We Walked to the Pizza on the board walk and ordered a medium size pizza.

We all had three pieces except for Blessing who had 4. ” I’m full” i said dropping into the hard chairs we were sitting in.

” same here” Esi said. ” ok let’s go back to the house now. ” Blessing said as she was gathering her stuff. We all exited the pizza place and hopped in the jeep


I was resting in my sitting room after a very stressful exam day when my phone rang with its loud ringtone. I lazily stared at the unknown number calling for some seconds before answering.

“good evening sir” a female voice greeted. I instantly knew the voice belonged to one of my students which made me clear my throat and answer with a gruff voice.

“yea who are you?” i asked seriously.

“hello sir, my name is comfort. I’m one of your students. Please i wish to speak to you. It’s very urgent. Actually i’m in front of your house” she said, sending me up on my feet with shock.

I was extremely surprised to learn that the girl was in front of my house because I never made the mistake of giving my house address to any of my students.

“you mean you are in front of my house?” i asked to be sure.

“emmm not entirely in front of your house, but inside a shop very close to your house” she answered without fear.

“what do you want?” i asked.

“your help sir” she replied.

“fine wait there. I’m coming out” i replied, hung up and left my sitting room to see what the bold girl wanted


When we got back to Diva’s house we went to her room. Her room was fairly big. Knowing Blessing, she went down to the kitchen to make popcorn and snacks for us.

We did all the usual things you do at a sleep over, we watched movies, we talked about guys, we pranks called and we did each other’s hair, makeup and nails. We ended up going to bed around 3am which was actually early because we usually stay up all night but I had to pack the next day so I decided to go to bed a bit earlier.

In the morning I was waken by laughter. I could sense people huddled around me. I could feel some type of foamy substance on my face. As I opened my eyes and they were all laughing their faces off.

“What is this!” I yelled. All they did was laugh more.

” it’s shaving cream!” Esi was on the verge of crying from laughter.

” typical prank guys how original” I said sarcastically.

” It’s 8:00am what do you expect from us.” Blessing said.

” we had to do one last prank before you leave” Diva said.

There was a sudden silence because they all remembered that I was leaving in a matter of days.

” We will, thanks guy, group hug!” I yelled and they all came rushing over.


The few months i spent so far in the job had taught me that male students are more scared of lecturers than female students. I couldn’t imagine what the girl wanted from me.

I slowly crossed over to the small shop opposite my house where a very light skinned beauty smiled at me. She was really beautiful and sharply dressed i must confess.

“so what do you want?” i asked seriously, throwing out a frown like a stern lecturer.

“sir you know i’m in final year?” she asked calmly, drawing more anger from me with the question.

“i can’t really recognize your face, what do you want?” i asked again.

“i missed Bio 301 exam today and i can’t just spend an extra year over it. You got to help me please” she said boldly, throwing me into another wave of shock.

“what do you mean i got to help you ehh” i asked with a raised tone. She quickly tried to kneel before me but i stopped her right on time.

“just help me, even if it’s with an “E” i don’t mind doing anything for it” she begged.

“but how come a big girl like you missed such an important Exam?” i asked suspiciously. I already knew how most of the girls travelled around even during exam period.

“i thought the exam was to hold by 12noon as was written on the time table only to discover that it held by 9am” she answered quietly, while i breathed deeply.

“you will hear from me tomorrow, just go back to your lodge and don’t try the nonsense of coming to my house again” i said to her seriously.


We smelt food cooking downstairs so we went down to the kitchen. Diva’s dad was cooking tons of toast and eggs. We all ate our food especially Blessing, Diva and I told them that I had to get going.

” ok guys I have to get going I still need to pack some more things up” I said sadly.

“No you can’t go yet!” Esi yelled and came over to pull me up as she was a lot bigger then me.

” I have to go or I won’t be packed up in time” I explained.

” That’s the point” she said.

” Oh Esi don’t worry you guys are coming to the airport with me so we’ll see each other again” I said.

They finally agreed to let me go

A day later

It was the morning of my flight and was so excited till I remembered my friends and family that I was leaving behind. My flight was at 11:00am and it was now 9:30. I got up and I took a shower and applied light mascara and threw on some jogging pants and a tank-top.

Along with my purple beanies ( I love SnapBacks and beanies.) I met my mom and dad downstairs. My mom was crying so much. I rushed over to her.

“Mom don’t worry everything is going to be fine” I said trying to console her”

“No, my only baby’s leaving, you are all grown and now you don’t need me” she said while crying.

” Oh don’t say that I love you so much and I will always be your baby and I will always need you , don’t worry we will skype as much as we can, I thought you how to use it right?

” I know baby just be safe. I love you” she said.

We hugged for what seemed like ages and we finally started to head to the airport. Dad packed all my luggage and we hopped into the car.

The airport was a bit far away so I logged onto twitter to see my friends from school including Blessing, Diva and Esi tweeting me goodbye messages.

When we finally got there they were looking for me, I ran to them screaming their name.

“Hey guys” I said pulling them into a hug.

They started crying, these are the girls who were there for everything. Yeah, we got into fights but we always end making up like 20 minutes later. Ugh, I’m gonna miss these girls so much.

“Don’t cry guys we will see each other again.” I said Trying to hold back my tears.

“I know but were just going to miss you so god damn much” Blessing  said.

” I know I’m going to miss you so much too” I said.

We all hugged and I went over to my mom and dad. My dad pulled me into a big bear hug kinda lifting me of the ground.

“I’m gonna miss you so much sweet heart. Be safe and I love you.” He said

i’ll miss you too and I love you dad.” I told him.

I hugged my mom and she started crying again I consoled her once again and that’s when I heard * flight to Accra is now boarding* I hugged my parents and friends one last time before boarding the plane. I looked back to see my mom and friends crying. I waved goodbye.

This is it the start of my new life.

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