Dirty Diana Season 2 Episode 13


Previously On Dirty Diana.

“my wife told me something, i found hard to believe. Is it true she saw you at a restaurant having a romantic time with another woman?”

“my wife won’t breathe any word about it to your wife, because i told her not to. But please let her silence be worth it” he concluded seriously.

“thank you bro” was all i was finally able to mutter


“Mom called me saying you got made fun of and was crying. I got pissed and, well, here I am,”

I was crying,” I admitted, “but I’m fine now. Alright?”

“Yeah, sure.”

… I sensed sarcasm.

“So Nana, tell me what happened.”

“Well I’m dropping out of school for now.”


“Because I’m going to lose weight.”

“You are?”

“Yeah. I’m tired of people calling me ugly and fat, and making fun of me.”

“… Alright,” he said, surprising me. “If that’s what you want, I’ll help.”


My wife’s mother showed up very late in the evening like she promised. It really was such a happy day for my wife and she really spent almost the whole night chatting with her mum while i stayed awake in my room thinking over the situation i was slowly dragging myself into.

Truly i was very lucky that Ralph and his wife were brilliant folks. They gave me the benefit of trust by keeping sealed lips instead of damaging my wife’s fragile heart with such heart blowing information. Of course i owed them big time



Diana’s POV!

I walked out of my brother’s room, and began walking towards the elevator. Once inside I pressed the button for the second floor. While the elevator was going down, I thought over what my brother had told me.

I was ecstatic that he was going to help me and I couldn’t believe that he was basically going to put his life on hold for me. My brother was awesome!

When the elevator’s door eventually opened, I stepped out and headed towards my room.

Once I turned the door knob and stepped into my room, I saw Diva sitting on my bed. My room wasn’t as amazing as my brother’s, but I still loved it. It was painted purple (my favorite color) and I had a king sized bed by the window.

Next to my TV was my paintings. Art was my favorite thing to do ever since I was little, and nobody knew it besides my family, Diva, and my art teacher.

“How was your talk with your brother?” she called with no trace of guilt in her voice.

I shut the door, and leaned against my wall. Raising an accusatory eyebrow at her I crossed my arms and said, “How did you think it went?”

“Fine?” she guessed.

“No, it didn’t go well at all, thanks a lot for leaving me with him,” I said pretending to be mad at her.

“Really? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, your brother may be cute, but when he’s mad, he can be one heck of a scary guy.”

“Yeah, I know. He gets like that when he’s angry,” I said moving to sit next to her.

“So, did it really not go well?” she asked, curious.

“No, I was just playing, all we did was talk,”

“Oh, alright that’s not bad,” she said, sighing in relief.


Mr Lecturer

Early the next day, i headed to my school to conduct the last exam of the semester while my wife stayed back at home to prepare and set things in order, ahead of her holiday trip

As I headed back to my office after a very stressful exam invigilation. I ran into the Minister’s daughter at the parking lot in front of my office.
She was the first to see me and quickly blocked my path politely.

“good morning sir!. You didn’t attend my parents Anniversary, what happened?” she instantly queried. I shrugged and smiled.

“i’m sorry about that. I can still send them my greetings, can’t I?” i answered calmly. Her eyes instantly brightened.

“yeah you can. Actually i told them about you, especially my mum. She was disappointed that you failed to show up after all i said about you” she said seriously, forcing me to stare at her with disbelief.

“you can’t be serious?. What on earth can you actually tell them about me?” i asked.

“seriously i don’t know if you can make it to my house today. My parents are leaving the country on Wednesday and i really will feel bad if you don’t meet them after all i said about you. I bet fifteen minutes of your time will be very much enough to see them” she added pleadingly while i stood indecisively for some seconds, wondering why she was so anxious to get me meet her parents.

“c’mon sir, it’s just fifteen minutes of your time” she pushed on.

“okay, so how do we go about it?”

“it’s easy sir, I’ll drive ahead while you follow with your car” she answered.

“fine, you can come to my office in thirty minutes. I will be ready by then” i accepted with a smile


“So, did you call your mom, about staying over?” I asked, knowing that she had a tendency to forget things.

“Yup, I did. I remembered,” she said pointing to her head. “Now, tell me!” she said, gripping my arm in excitement.

“Tell you what?” I asked, playing dumb.

“You know!” she said, bouncing up and down on my bed like a little kid.

“Alright, I’ll tell you, but first stop bouncing on my bed. You’ll break it.”

“Fine….” she said. “So, tell me!”

“Well,” I started, I told my mom that I wasn’t going back to school anymore.”

“Wait, you’re really not coming to school anymore? Why not?” I shook my head at her surprised look and smiled softly.

“No. I can’t go back, at least, until form 3. I promised my mom that I’d come back, though, so you don’t have to worry.” She let out a sigh of relief and gave me a brief hug.

“Oh good, because I would miss you if you dropped out for all of high school.”

“I know, and I would miss you too, but like I was saying before, I told my mom why I was crying and she let me drop until my last year, but I’m going to have home tutor until then,” I explained before pausing once again. After a long silence Diva looked at me questioningly.

“Yeah, and?” she asked wanting for me to continue explaining.

“Well, I’m going to… change myself during the six months I’ll be out of school. I’m going to go on a diet and get help from a personal trainer my mom is hiring for me.”

“Really? That’s so cool, can I help with your makeup and hair. Oh, and don’t forget about clothes?” Her eyes immediately started glowing and she happily grabbed my hand with a puppy dog expression. “Can I help you, please?”

“Fine, you can….” I groaned, fruitlessly telling myself it was the last time I’d give in and knowing that was a lie.

“Yes! I can’t wait until you come back to school looking as hot as I know you will!”

“Yeah well, I don’t know about hot, but at least I won’t be overweight anymore,” I conceded. That was all I really wanted, anyway. I hated being overweight and I didn’t really care if I turned out pretty or not.

“You will, I promise you by the end of six months, you will be the hottest girl in school!” she exclaimed knowingly.

“Thanks, but we’ll see,” I said getting up, and going to my things and pulling out a pair of PJ. “I’m going to get ready for bed.”

Diva pouted a little at how early it was before she nodded, knowing I was tired from what had happened today. “Okay, I guess I’ll get ready too.”


Mr Lecturer

An hour later i found myself inside the Minister’s plush residence. Unfortunately he wasn’t at home, and so i was received by his wife who used up all the time i spent there asking about my wife, kids, plans and so on.

Very weird questions i must add, however i answered her diligently and finally headed home thirty minutes later.

Just like on Saturday night. I had great sex with my wife as if she was heading to the moon. We rounded everything up with an early morning quickie which she called coffee.

“i cooked three different pots of soup, which i evenly shared in small pots. They are all in the freezer. A pot of Stew is equally in there. Please just manage yourself for me. I will be back in no time.

I’ll stay only two weeks with my mum. Promise me you will take good care of yourself” she begged with a noble heart. I held her hand and promised a hundred times over that i will be okay, but deep down i was scared of my future for no just reason

It was as if a part of me knew that the promises i was making wasn’t a strong one. But my wife believed in me. She loved me with all her heart. All she wanted was the best for me. A child to seal our marriage


“Are you going to use the bathroom?” I asked, “because if you are, you can use it first. I just have to wash my face, and brush my teeth, so I’ll go after you.”

“Yeah alright, thanks,” I watched as she walked up to the door and paused mid-reach for the door handle.

“What?” I asked confused as to why she stopped.

“What is your plan for Kojo and Rachel?” she asked, “you forgot to tell me that.”

“No I didn’t,” I said shaking my head.

“Yeah you did, because I don’t remember hearing it.”

“That’s because I didn’t tell you yet. I don’t want you to find out until after the six months is over.”

“But-but why? I want to hear the plan now!” she begged.

“Sorry, but for my plan to work, this whole makeover has to go well. I don’t want to jinx it by telling anybody yet, but I promise you will be the first one I’ll tell.”

“So i am anybody now, alright fine, but you better,” she said pointing her finger at me.

“I will, now go take a shower or something.”

“Fine. I will,”

Once Diva was safely in the bathroom, I looked at myself in the mirror that was hanging by my bed. I glanced over my body a few times, and felt that I really did look horrible, especially since my face was messed up from crying so much.

No wonder people teased me so much. I couldn’t wait until these six months are up because this was the last time anyone would ever see Dirty Diana

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