Dirty Diana Season 2 Episode 12


Previously On Dirty Diana…..

“Sweetie, what are you doing?”

“Nothing. Just got back from a party. So, you know, I’m kind of tired,”


“yea you can go with her. She’s your mum. Anything that will make you get me a child is acceptable”

“why are you talking like this?. It’s not as if i’m carelessly losing my pregnancy”

“i have to go to the room now. I can’t afford have a burnt meal” i joked, kissed her forehead and headed to my room to think more on my situation with Stella and Comfort


“Well, you know that I have a crush on Jason, right?” I asked. My mom nodded her head, and I continued. “Well, Kojo, the jock that has always hated me, decided to play a little… game.

By the end of it everyone at the party knew that I had a crush on him, and Jason… he didn’t do anything. Everybody was laughing at me, and he just stood there. I couldn’t take it anymore so I ran.”

I took a deep breath as tears started to form in my eyes

“Oh, sweetie. It’s okay, I’m right here,”

“Mom, I don’t want to go back to that school anymore,” I said, making up my mind.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, not right now I mean. Could I have a home tutor or something, just until form 3? Please?

“…Fine. “But just until form 3. Then you have to go back, do you understand?

“Thanks, Mom,”




My brother stomped angrily towards us, which scared Diva and I immensely. His face was clearly angry, and with every step he took, he came closer and closer. What is he going to do to me?

Diva was smart and quickly ran up the stairs, probably heading to my room and therefore, escaping my brother. Great! Just leave me alone with my crazy brother, why don’t you?

“H-Hey Kwesi! How c-come you’re here – I-I mean it’s not like I don’t want you here!… I was just wondering wh -YY!” I ended my stutter with a yelp as my brother marched in front of me and picked me up before throwing me onto his back.

“W-what are you doing!” I said while I pounded on his back.

He didn’t say anything, but merely continued to make his way up the stairs. I was beginning to regret my brother’s strength and ability to lift me up and carry me.

Unlike me, he was on the football, basketball, and soccer teams in high school making his body pretty good for someone who was only nineteen years old.

Also unlike me, he was pretty popular back then. He had the looks (black hair, blue eyes, and a strong jaw line) and, he was nice to everyone… when he wasn’t extremely angry.

We finally reached the second floor, but instead of turning, he walked to the middle of it, where the elevator was. Wait… I thought we were going to my room, so why were we taking the elevator?

“Kwesi, where are we going?” I asked, curiously.

“Up to my room,” he said, shortly. Once we were in the elevator, he put me down and looked me straight in the eye. “We’re going to talk.”

“Um, alright, but you didn’t have to carry me. I could have followed you if you wanted to talk,” I said looking down at the ground. I didn’t want to look up at him right now. His expression was probably still angry.

“No, I had to, because if I didn’t, you probably would have run away like Diva did,” he said, his voice softening.

“Okay fine… I probably would have,” I said, telling the truth. I would of run now too, if I wasn’t scared and frozen in place. “So um, why are you here? What about school?” I asked, finally looking up at his face.


Mr Lecturer

Sunday finally arrived with Stella’s family coming over for lunch. My wife was overly happy and delighted with their presence while i hid my fear with a calm smile which never left my face all through that Sunday afternoon.

Of course the two ladies had a lot to gossip, while Ralph and i contributed little to their discussion. My heart was so heavy with worry and fear, freezing each moment Stella opened her mouth to start a new topic.

Fortunately nobody noticed my tensed up mood, nor did the woman mention anything concerning her discovery to my wife. She didn’t even tell her that she ran into me a couple of days back, and i was  very grateful for that. I seriously never knew she could be so matured as to skip such dangerous information, something i knew even men will find hard to keep from their friend.

Yeah supposing i was the person that ran into Stella in such a compromising situation, i really would find it hard keeping it to myself.
However as they got ready to leave two hours later. Ralph dragged me to a quiet section of my house.

The look on his face instantly grew serious as he stared at me.

“my wife told me something, i found hard to believe. Is it true she saw you at a restaurant having a romantic time with another woman?” he asked seriously. I swallowed hard, unable to figure out a good reply.

“i understand how tough it is marrying very early in life. But that shouldn’t be the reason for you to go astray. You have a wonderful woman by your side. Her family is very rich and influential just like yours. Don’t ruin your kids future. As a married man you now have responsibilities and commitments.

Anyway the best advice is the one you can give yourself. Don’t hurt your wife” he summarized and tapped my shoulder, while i stared at him speechlessly.

“my wife won’t breathe any word about it to your wife, because i told her not to. But please let her silence be worth it” he concluded seriously.

“thank you bro” was all i was finally able to mutter, and it was the only word I was able to say to him for such a huge favour of stopping his wife from bringing up the topic before my wife…….

I couldn’t help but imagine my wife’s reaction supposing the news got to her. Luckily it never happened and our visitors soon left carrying the heavy secret with them.


“Mom called me saying you got made fun of and was crying. I got pissed and, well, here I am,” he said, smiling slightly at me.

I grinned back and then a question occurred to me. “But, your school is about two hours away. How did you get here so fast?”

“I took the private jet,” he said, as if it was obvious.

Which… it kind of was, now that I thought about it.

“Oh… that explains it, but you didn’t have to come here, you know. I’m fine,” I told him, both of us knowing that I was lying through my teeth. He rolled his eyes at me and threw an arm around my shoulder, giving it a squeeze.

“No, you’re not. You were crying, and don’t give me any of that crap saying you weren’t. Mom told me already, anyway a friend dropped me here.” he said smiling

“Fine, I was crying,” I admitted, “but I’m fine now. Alright?”

“Yeah, sure.”

… I sensed sarcasm.

Soon the elevator doors opened, and we were finally on the top floor. My brother’s room was all the way upstairs, and he had the entire top floor to himself. It was pretty much a boys paradise.

There was a movie theater where you could watch any movie that you wanted in the far corner of the floor. Next to that was the arcade, with every games imaginable.

Then finally, his room, where he had a big kitchen, a bathroom connected to the kitchen, his main bedroom that had a king sized bed with white sheets, and two small couches facing his TV.

I sat down on the smaller of the two couches in the middle of his room, and my brother took the other one next to me.

“So Nana, tell me what happened.”

“I told you only daddy calls me Nana not you, or even mom”

‘Ok sorry “Dee” are you ok now?

“Yeah much better

“So talk to me, what happened?

“well, Diva and I went to a party, and Rachel wanted us to play ‘seven minutes in heaven.’ She wouldn’t take no for an answer, so we had to play.

They picked me to go first, and I didn’t think anything would go wrong. They blindfolded me, so I couldn’t see who came in… the person said he was Jason.” He looked at me in surprise.

“Yeah, your friend. The one I have a crush on… well, it was actually Kojo, and he told everybody that I liked Jason. It just so happened that Jason was just standing there, and everybody was laughing, so I ran.

End of story, happy now?” I asked bitterly, trying to hold back tears.

“No, not really. I can’t believe that Kojo did that to you. He was always nice to me, and so was Rachel.”

“Well of course they were nice to you. You were the most popular guy at school,” I said. I couldn’t believe he still didn’t get that.

“Yeah, but you’re my sister, they should be nice to you,” he said looking at me.

“Not really, when you weren’t around, they picked on me all the time,” I said, remembering all the mean things the popular kids did to me.

“They did? Why didn’t you tell me? I would have kick their asses!” he said his voice getting louder.

“That’s why I didn’t tell you. I knew you were going to do that and then you would have gotten into trouble,” I said trying to calm him down.

“Well, you’re my little sister. I have to protect you.”

“Kwesi, you’re only two and a half years older than me. You don’t have to protect me anymore.”

“Yes. I do. You’re still my little sister,” he said, obviously not listening.

“So if Tina was being picked on, you would kick those little kids’ butts too?” I asked trying to get his attention away from me.

“Of course, but Tina can take care of herself. You on the other hand? You can’t.”

“And why can’t I?”

“Well, for one, you’re a pushover. Two: You’re too nice, even when people pick on you. Tina on the other hand, isn’t afraid of standing up to others, but then again she never had anyone bully her.”

“Yeah, well… that’s because she’s pretty,” .

“You’re pretty too,” he said touching my cheek to sooth me.

“No I’m not, stop saying that,” I said, turning away from him.

“But you are.”

“Then why does everybody who isn’t my family say I’m ugly and Dirty?”

“Because they’re too stupid to realize how great a girl you are,” he said smiling.

“Yeah well, I decided to change anyways so no more ‘Dirty Diana’,” I said removing his hands from my face.

“You are?”

“Yes, didn’t mom tell you? I thought she told you everything?”

“No, not really.”

“Well I’m dropping out of school for now.”

“Why?” he asked, while his hands were forming fists. Well at least he was keeping his voice calm… kind of.

“Because I’m going to lose weight.”

“You are?” he asked his eyebrow raising.

“Yeah. I’m tired of people calling me ugly and fat, and making fun of me.”

“… Alright,” he said, surprising me. “If that’s what you want, I’ll help.”

“How? Don’t you have to go back to School?”

“Nope,” he said shaking his head, “I can drop out and take online classes, and then I can go back next year.”

“Will they let you?” I didn’t want my brother to drop out of school because of me.

“Of course they will. I’m the star player and I have straight A’s. Plus being rich has its benefits too,” he said smiling.

“Oh well… thank you,”  I said, not knowing what else to say, but feeling grateful. With my brother here everything would be easier.

“No problem sis, so when does this makeover start?”


“Okay, just tell me when and I’ll be here,” he said, rising up from the couch. “I bet you didn’t tell Diva, right?” he said looking back at me.

“No, I didn’t. How did you know?” I asked curiously.

“I know everything,” he said smiling and giving me a hug goodbye.

“Bye Kwesi,” I said getting up too, and walking over to the door.

“Bye lil sis,” he said waving goodbye.

“Am not lil”


Mr Lecturer

My wife’s mother showed up very late in the evening like she promised. It really was such a happy day for my wife and she really spent almost the whole night chatting with her mum while i stayed awake in my room thinking over the situation i was slowly dragging myself into.

Truly i was very lucky that Ralph and his wife were brilliant folks. They gave me the benefit of trust by keeping sealed lips instead of damaging my wife’s fragile heart with such heart blowing information. Of course i owed them big time

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