Dirty Diana Season 2 Episode 14


Previously On Dirty Diana.

. “Now, tell me!”

“Tell you what?”

“You know!”

“Alright, I’ll tell you, but first stop bouncing on my bed. You’ll break it.”


“Well,” I started, I told my mom that I wasn’t going back to school anymore.”

“Wait, you’re really not coming to school anymore? Why not?”

“No. I can’t go back, at least, until form 3.

“Oh good, because I would miss you if you dropped out for all of high school.”

“I know, but I’m going to have home tutor until then,”


“i cooked three different pots of soup,

I’ll stay only two weeks with my mum. Promise me you will take good care of yourself”

“What is your plan for Kojo and Rachel?” she asked, “you forgot to tell me that.”

“No I didn’t,”

“Yeah you did, because I don’t remember hearing it.”

“That’s because I didn’t tell you yet. I don’t want you to find out until after the six months is over.”

“But-but why? I want to hear the plan now!”

“Sorry, but for my plan to work, this whole makeover has to go well

No wonder people teased me so much. I couldn’t wait until these six months are up because this was the last time anyone would ever see Dirty Diana



I woke up the next morning around 10 and was extremely grateful that it was Saturday. I raised myself from my bed and was careful not to wake Diva as I tip toed over to my wardrobe. I had basically an endless supply of clothes and accessories, thanks to my mom’s excessive shopping for me. Some of it had to be specially ordered because of my size… but hopefully not for much longer.

The biggest problem I have is that I don’t even use half of the things in my wardrobe, I usually just pick out the t-shirts to wear. Everything else, I either don’t like, or I feel that it’s too small or unflattering on me. Frowning, I grabbed a white t-shirt before  heading to my bathroom. I took a 30 minute shower and dried off, then changed into my clothes for the day.

Looking at myself in the mirror I saw that my hair was a wild mess and was sticking out in every direction possible. I yanked out a brush and got ready to battle with my tangles. After about 10 minutes I emerged somewhat victorious, and after finishing up in the bathroom, I headed back to my room.

I walked outside my bathroom and saw that Diva was still sleeping. Shaking my head and laughing I wandered over to my bed and attempted to shake her awake. Finally, after five minutes of constant yelling, shaking and poking, I gave up. Deciding that it would be a better idea to just check on her later, I headed downstairs towards the kitchen.


Mr Lecturer

My wife and her mother finally left  very early on Tuesday morning, leaving me all alone in the house. I really felt empty watching them leave but there was nothing i could do than pray for God’s grace and blessings.

I headed to my office later that morning to meet a group of first year students who missed my biology test waiting for me. I quickly attended to them, by keeping aside my strict policy and giving them a lengthy assignment in place of the test.

As they left my office 15 minutes later, Comfort walked in with her usual deceiving smile. I instantly kept a serious face on seeing her while the events of the previous week flashed into my mind. Stella’s curious stare slowly appeared in my head. The image of how she ran into us at a restaurant slowly played in my head.

What is it again? i coldly asked Comfort who simply kept smiling with her eyes on me. A situation that made me very uncomfortable, but before i could say another word, a knock landed on my door which slowly opened as the Minister’s daughter who i followed to her house the previous day,


My kitchen was rather average… it just had your every day top of the line, brand new kitchen gear. Also my mom had hired a top chef to cook for us 24/7 so if we’re ever hungry we can ask him to make anything we want.

By ‘anything,’ I mean anything. Our chef never refuses us and always knows the best recipe for every meal or snack we ask for. In all probability this nutritional independence is what made me gain weight in the first place. I mean I wasn’t always fat. I didn’t really even start to gain weight until I entered middle school… and it just sort of continued from there.

What would you like for breakfast Diana? Startled, I looked up to observe Mr. Baker (… yes. ‘Mr. Baker’ is indeed our cook’s name) staring at me with a jovial look as his face, as was normal.

Um…  something healthy? I ventured hesitantly.

Sure! What about a breakfast parfait? It’s low fat dairy, with some vitamin rich fruits. It has a total of twenty-three grams of protein, and it’s a wonderful thing to eat to start out your day!

Mr. Baker recited happily. There was a reason he graduated first in his class.

Sure, that sounds good. Thanks, I said smiling gratefully at him.

Anything for you, he said back lovingly. In our house Mr. Baker was almost like family.

After a few minutes he returned to where I was sitting and placed the parfait in front of  me. I looked at it wonderingly, while imagining the bacon and sausage I normally ate.

Thanks, I said, not looking at him as I continued to observe my brightly colored breakfast.

You’re welcome, he said with a knowing smirk before walking away.

I suppose it looked…good. Swallowing, I picked up my spoon and slowly tasted it. After a moment of chewing, my eyes widened. This was so much better then any fried bacon I’d ever had! Maybe eating healthy wouldn’t be so bad. I began scooping more and more into my mouth, and before I knew it, it was all gone.
Licking my lips I grabbed my dishes and deposited them into the sink to give less work for our staff. As soon as I turned around, I found my brother, leaning against the door frame. He was in his boxers, and his hair was in a complete morning mess, but he still looked as good as usual… how were we related?


Mr Lecturer

The Minister’s daughter walked in with a lightly wrapped small basket. She appeared a bit surprised on seeing Comfort but still maintained her composure as she dropped the basket on my table.

Good morning sir, we forgot wrapping up something for you yesterday. It’s just the anniversary gifts. My mum specially packed this for you she explained calmly.

“wow do thank your mum for me. I really can’t wait to see what she packed inside, but i guess i will have to save the pleasure till i get home”

i said humorously. She shrugged, laughed and left while comfort’s face coloured deeply as she silently watched the drama.

You know seriously our closeness is getting out of hand. People easily read meaning out of nothing i quickly scolded her as soon as we were alone once again. She stood up, went to my office entrance door and locked it, forcing me to sprang up with surprise.

What’s wrong with you?, what do you want? i asked with a slightly raised tone.

You know what i want. I’m not after your money nor anything. I want your person not your personality. I want you as my Caleb and not as my Lecturer she said frankly with no holds barred.

You are just trying to mess with my head. I know you want something else from me

What else can i possible want from you apart from a relationship? she pushed.

No this is strange, very strange. A girl telling me she loves me?. Oh no it isn’t possible. It never happened when i was a student and single. Surely it can’t be possible, i said that aloud.

She drew closer and wrapped her hands around my neck.

There isn’t any harm, giving it a trial to confirm my true feelings. Kiss me she invited provocatively.

I stared at her lips and swallowed hard. The temptation was just too great and irresistible but i couldn’t imagine myself getting down with her in my office.

A kiss she invited again.


God Kwesi, put some clothes on! I said covering my poor eyes.

Dee, I’m home. Plus it’s not like you haven’t seen me in my boxers before, he murmured yawning.

Why does that matter? I asked, still refusing to look at him.

Because being home means I don’t need to change if I don’t want to. I rolled my eyes as he let out a rather large yawn.

Besides, he continued, ending his yawn, you know I’m not a morning person.

Then why are you even up? I questioned, reluctantly removing my hands from my eyes.

Because, you’re starting your training today, he informed me.

Wait, what? My training doesn’t start yet, does it? I asked in surprise.

Yeah, your personal trainer is coming today and your home tutor is coming on Monday morning as well.

Wait, how do you know all of that? I asked suspiciously.

Well, I overheard Mom talking on the phone with everyone last night, he said, shrugging. My eyes widened a little bit as I realized that he was serious. Wow, Mom worked fast…

Oh well, alright then…when is she suppose to be here?

Well he is suppose to be here in about thirty minutes, he emphasized ‘he’ with a slight frown.

Wait, what? He? Uh oh. I didn’t want a guy trainer. That would just be…it would be…awkward.

Yeah well, I’m not too happy about that either. That’s why I’m going to keep a close eye on you guys when you train today,


Because I don’t like you hanging out with guys I don’t know,

Aww, aren’t you protective? I shot back sarcastically. I hated when he  was overprotective of me. It wasn’t like my personal trainer was going to be flirting with me or something.

You know it, he said smiling proudly.

Unfortunately… I mumbled.

By the time I had finally come to accept the fact that I was getting a male trainer, Kwesi  had already gotten his food from Mr. Baker. Sighing to myself I turned to go upstairs to try and wake up Diva again.

Where are you going? Kwesi  asked, surprising me.

Um, up to my room to see if Diva’s up yet….why?

I just wanted to know, that’s all…I gave him a look and his eyes narrowed. …but if that personal trainer of yours get here, you better tell me, he warned.

Yeah I will, I said back rolling my eyes. As he made a face though, I smiled back. Don’t worry, big brother.

You better! he yelled after me as I walked away, laughing.

Since I was laughing so hard, slightly from the look on Kwesi’s face, slightly from sleep deprivation, I wasn’t watching where I was going. Thus when I ran into somebody, I was extremely surprised. Rubbing my nose I looked up, expecting to see an extremely groggy Diva

Instead I saw the hottest guy I’ve ever met.

My eyes wide and my face beginning to flush, I did a quick survey of the guy in front of me. He had amazing blue eyes, really light dark hair cut that suit his face, a strong jaw line, and awesome muscles, if I do say so myself.

Um hi…I mumbled out, embarrassed. Who are you?

Banahene, he said, showing of his perfect white teeth, and holding out his hand for me to shake. You must be Diana. Nice to meet you.

Smiling back I took his hand and gave it a small squeeze. Yeah, you too. How did you know my name?

Did no one tell you? At my blank look he gave one of his perfect smiles again. I’m your personal trainer.

Wait… personal what! Kwesiiiiii i screamed for my brother

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