Dirty Diana Season 1 Episode 3


IMG_0063.JPGPreviously On Dirty Diana

You imp! You think you and I would be sharing the same boy right? Am glad he gave you that big blow right in front of the class so that you know that nobody messes with my man”

Shemima winked and smiled devilishly

Diana you are very pretty oh! I can’t believe its you I turned down almost six months ago, you look so pretty when you are not in uniforms” he said

Hey you! I can see you have upgraded, am willing to give you a spot in my crew”

That was Shemima, I was jolted to my sit as she offered me a spot in her once famous crew, it was every girls dream in my class to be in the crew, I looked at her smiling

“Go to hell i said



My classmates were shocked as her gang who had rounded me up with a smiling face could not believe I would reject such an offer, Shemima stamped her hand on my desk

“You’ll regret this that I assure you”

As she turned and walked away with her disciples closely following her behind, I noticed the way Diva turned and looked at me, she smiled and I could see the “you are the man” kind of look on her face

I kept quiet through the first period of class with Diva looking at me all through, while Max head was fixed on his desk

When the bell for break was rang, we all walked out quietly, some in groups while others in two’s, I walked to the shop and bought my lunch, sitting in the empty large examination hall all alone and eat my lunch

I felt a hand on my shoulder, i turned and it was Diva, she smiled but was acting very remorseful, she stretched her hand to shake me but I rejected it, I had noticed that my rejection of handshakes has made me popular so I had to stick to that simple trick which has worked for me, Diva withdrew her hand and said mildly

“I’ll like to be your friend Diana”

I paused as I raised up my head starring at her quietly, observing her clenched fist, the way she tapped her right leg on the floor was obvious she was feeling uncomfortable but her mind was compelling her to do

“You know, I like your courage that’s why I want to be your friend” she said

I still didn’t say any word to her as she turned, raised her hand to the sky and waved, “Hello”

I wasn’t sure what I was doing but this new sensation I was rippling amongst my classmates is one that I was begining to enjoy,

I walked back to the class when the lunch was over, sat on my desk and opened it to bring out my notebook, only for me to see two notes was slipped into my desk, the first was from Max which reads

“Let’s burn out past like cremated soul and put it in an urn of friendship and allow the river to take us to our destined destination”

I folded it neatly, and then opened the secondly note which reads

“Met us at the girls triangle after school hours let’s settle this scores once and for all, from Ya Wa Angels”

Girls triangle is the ditch at the back of our hostel where we dump refuse, its also a place for settling scores, where aggrieved parties go to pour out their hearts, its a place known for fighting and also a safe place where the prowling eyes of our teachers would never reach,

I knew that spelt doom for me, fighting was never my flair, if it was I would have gone on a headlock with Shemima and clique,

out of impulse I stood up and walked to the front of the class, raised my hand and there was total silence

“I have an announcement to make” I said and the crowd chorused “go ahead!”

I cleared my throat, dipped my hand into my pocket and brought out the note Max slipped into my desk, the moment he saw the note his face turned red, I then began to talk

“Today we have a clear case of a dog going back to eat its own vomit, what I have here in my hand is a letter written by this self deluded boy who calls himself Max!”

And there was instant uproar in the class as my classmates used their hands to hit the desk while some screamed and others were dead drop surprise and then slowly like the rush of the river during dawn the noise died down, then I continued

“What is he looking for in Dirty Diana” I said

The class cheered as this was the first time I have ever called myself a name I detest so much, I dropped the letter on the ground and walked back to my seat as the rest of my classmates rushed for the paper, too many pupil dragging to see the note and then they tore the note as Max stood up and ran out of the class in shame.

To be continued after 50 share