CCtv Captured – Romantic Kissing Before Entering Suite [KKD Saga]


imageSecurity footage from the African Regent Hotel showed Ghanaian celebrity, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah, popularly known as KKD, and the victim of a rape case kissing before the alleged incident, lawyers for KKD have claimed. They also claim that the two were spotted by the cameras in a similar embrace after the incident was alleged to have occurred.

In their application for bail filed at the Human Rights Courts in Accra on Wednesday and sighted by, KKD’s legal team referred to the footage from the CCTV at the hotel, which they claim showed the complainant “romantically kissing” the accused person before the alleged non-consensual sexual incident.

It added that “most importantly after the alleged rape was said to have occurred, the footage shows the accused and the complainant walking together from the hotel suite through the hotel lobby in much the same manner as they entered the hotel.”

This was one of the many reasons in their bail application a copy of which was served the Attorney General for advice on which court should try the matter.

The lawyers filed the application at the Human Rights court after the Accra Magistrate court denied the renowned broadcaster’s earlier application for bail.

In an interview with, a member of KKD’s legal team, Gary Nimako said, “We are seeking for the bail from the Human Rights court because the District court can’t grant our client bail.”

“We will go back to the District court for the main case but this court can’t grant him bail that is why we have begun filing processes at the Human Rights court for his bail. So we want the court to hear the bail application on 7th January, 2015,” lawyer Nimako explained.

Alleged rape victim did not report to the Police

The lawyers also questioned the claims made by the complainant, arguing that the allegation of rape was “a mere afterthought” since the initial complainant was not the alleged victim but her male companion. “Surprisingly, the person who the prosecution claims to have been raped was not the initial complainant in this matter but a male companion even though she is an adult female,” the application said.

They also added that it was suspicious that the complainant “did not “report [the alleged rape] to a close relative who was in the same hotel suite with her.” “

The complainant came out of the bathroom in the full glare of the other two persons including her own cousin, in the room and yet the facts do not show that she informed either of them that she had been raped by the accused person whilst in the bathroom.”

KKD is currently in police custody after being arrested on Saturday, December 27, after he was accused of rape of rape by a 19-year-old, Ewuraeffe Orleans Thompson.

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