Just For Laughs


Boy: Hi dear u look very pretty am in accra where do u stay?

Girl: am in kumasi

Boy: i like U.

Girl: oboy it wont work. Am in kumasi nd u r in accra, very far. I cant be in a relationship of such a distance .

Boy tells Akpor his sad news and friend decides to chat the girl too

Akpor : hi pretty , U such a beautiful girl, i will like to know u more.

Girl: Thanks for the compliment. Am serwa yeboah. 23 living in kumasi. Tell me about urslef.

Akpor : ooops
Girl: why, whats wrong?
Akpor  : u r very far and too young. Am tom and I live in California. Am 38

Girl: oooh baby, its not far, what matters most is love. Love knows no boundaries. Besides age is just a number.

Akpor ; oh yes California near Lapaz is not far

Girl: wo y3 kwasiaa maa me paa

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