Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 6

Unknown Location

A year and few months before Ben woke up

In a large room, looked more like a cellar but without wine. The room would have been crude dark if not for the single drowsy bulb inside it, which supplied the room with light to at least see that there was ten people inside the room but not effective enough to see their faces.

A big table, like a dinning table but in a circular shape was inside and ten chairs occupying a single person each rounded it.

” I think we should just forget about all this plans for now and live a regular live since no one know anything about us ” one of the people inside the room said.

” we can plan how to get our people out when David is no longer the president ” the same person added

” how could you say that Elder Stitch ” another person retorted angrily.

” this is not about getting my people out only, it’s also a way of taking vengeance on David and those who had a role to play in our downfall ” the person added, speaking with a dreadful tone.

” I agree with Elder Mask ” another person said.


Harmony was an organization created during the early doom of Mask, when the politicians who used Mask and dumped it after they’ve gotten their heart desire did so.

Harmony wanted to be a replica of Mask but they’re not anywhere close because they lacked what Mask had { the military personnel which Mask was able to obtain after they’re discard from duty and the loyalty and the willingness these soldiers gave to the Mask} , but after hearing about what had befallen Mask, some representatives located Mask and offered a deal.

They offered to joined Mask and help them eliminate those who used and dumped them, helped them become a greater force again in return for a partnership between the organizations, which will also see Mask producing competent agents for them .

Colonel Collins who spearheaded the creation of Mask and also known as Mask himself accepted the offer after consulting with his four friends who’re with him as the board of Mask, and the four of them are already in prison, serving a lifetime after they were arrested through the help of Ben and his minions. Only Mask was able to escape as no one know what he really looks like, and his four friends who know his face denied it.

The only video which he could have appeared on didn’t show his face, only his voice could be heard.

” I also agree with Elder Mask ” another person supported Mask.

” we’re just a step away from getting to our ultimate goal and everything suddenly went south all because of one single person ” the person said with an angry expression.

” in favor of Elder Stitch, high fold amd in favor of Elder Mask, high five ” Elder Harmony who has been quiet all through the dialogue talked for the first time.

Everyone except Elder Stitch raised a high five.

” Elder Mask, you’ve got the vote favor and I’m sure you already got a plan in pocket ” Elder Harmony said.

” yes, I do but it’s gonna take time ” Elder Mask replied.

” alright, share it, let’s see if it’s worth it ” Elder Harmony said.

” I want us to get back all our agents that had refused to return back to their family”

” it’s practically impossible to get those agents back, Mask thought them well how to cloak themselves ” Elder Stitch interrupted him.

” Elder Stich ” Elder Harmony called out furiously banging the table.

” I’ve been able to get in contact with some and they’re willing to help contact the ones they could also get to ” Elder Mask continued.

” after getting them back, we start running Harmony fully start doing international missions like Harmony has been doing, through them, we would be able to get enough cash to pursue what’s next ” Elder Mask paused as he started glancing through everyone to read their reaction.

” good plan but what’s next ” Elder Pin asked.

” we’re going to wait till agent P1 wake up ” Elder Mask said with a mischievous smile on his lip

” P1 ” all the elders exclaimed.

” the agents who was responsible for all this ” Elder Stitch said with a surprised countenance.

” yeah ” Elder Mask said smiling.

” it’s been confirmed that he’s gonna lose his memory by the time he wakes up ” Elder Mask added still smiling.

” and how’s that going to aid our revenge and get your people out ” Elder Harmony asked.

” when we reformed Mask and we based our recruiting on young, smart and elegant kids in order to foster their loyalty to the organization, I’ve only come across three kids who I can termed the deadliest people on earth and that is Toy, P2,one of the girl I sent to you and P1 who’s in a comatose state now. P1 through his witty way was able to join force with Toy and P2 and that partnership was what brought down Mask. What do you think will happen, if we’re able to get this three working for us to wage war against David?” Elder Mask asked.

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” it will be the most beautiful thing the world will witness but how will you get this three to work together ” Elder Light asked.

” by procuring P1 when he finally woke up ” Elder Mask replied.

” we’ve been trying to track P2 for quite some time now and it’s like she’s not on this planet earth, and Toy, I don’t think we can just walk up to him and ask him to come back and expect him to accept, and for P1, a toothless tiger is not greater than a local dog. He’s useless without his memory and with them, he won’t think it twice to destroy Harmony like he destroyed Mask, so I don’t see your plan working ” Elder Stitch explicated.

” who created all this three agents ” Elder Mask asked Elder Stitch.

” you did ” Elder Stitch replied.

” then you should know that I know them more than you or anyone here ” Elder Mask retorted angrily pointing at Elder Stitch.

” what are you really planning to do ” Elder Harmony asked.

” we obtain P1 first when he wake up , trust me, P2 and Toy will come knocking on our door when we do that, they will be ready to do anything we ask of them, while we also help P1 to regain his memory back, manipulating it in the process but all we need right now is to wait patiently ” Elder Mask replied.

” do you think he’s going to wake up soon ” Elder Harmony asked.

” hmmm ” Elder Mask scoffed.

” I know P1 much to know that he’s waking up soon ” Elder Mask said boastfully.

present day

” know that a single mistake from you is going to turn the table against us ” Mask said to the six agents standing in front of him.

After ceaselessly combing the country, he was only able to get six agents to join him.

He wore a mask as he always did as he addressed them.

” remember the plan, the role each of you is to play, and importantly, don’t underate him because he just got out of the hospital or because he has lost his memory, he can still be as dangerous as he was two years ago ” Mask added and the agents shook their head to show that they’re following.

” get him and the little girl leaving no one at the scene alive, i except the two of them and importantly, make sure you’re not traceable, and undergo the mission in the speculated time ” Mask said before the agents all dispatched from the room.


The car stopped with its roof on the ground, three agents got down from the bike, their gun held tightly on their hands as they moved closer to the car.

Ben opened the door of the car and fell out of it as he was bleeding from his head.

The agents pointed their guns at him, on seeing them, he placed his hands at the back of his head and knelt down.

The agents approached him and one of them hit him on his neck and he passed out.

They checked the car for Mirabel but she was nowhere to be found.

They looked around the vicinity but she’s nowhere in sight. They took Ben and head back to their base.


Mirabel got out of the bush she was hiding after she felt it’s safe to do so.
She stood beside the road waving at vehicles passing but none heeded to her.

After some minutes under the scorching sun, she saw a bike coming towards her, barely looking at the bike and the rider who was wearing a dark helmet, she knew it was danger, with her little legs, she swiftly ran into the bush, and laid down, using the bush as cover , but it was too late for her as the rider had already seen her and parked the bike at the spot where he had seen her entered the bush.

To be continue…