Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 5


Gina was already dressing up when the landphone in her room started ringing. She, picked it and placed it on speaker.

” what’s the problem” she asked applying the pomade in her hand on her thigh.

” we just got a call from the escort team that followed Mirabel to school that they’ve been ambushed ” the caller said.

” what ” Gina exclaimed loudly springing up.

She swiftly picked up her phone and dialed Snap’s number.

” I’m already on my way to the scene ” Snap said dropping the call at once.

” no, no, no, this can’t happen ” she said as she swiftly took a black trouser and blue top, wore it and scampered out of the house.

” what are y’all still doing here ” Gina screamed at the four guards she met outside.

” backup has already been sent and the president asked us to make sure we don’t leave you alone ” the highest in rank out of the four guards replied.

” I don’t f—–g care whatever my dad told you, just get the f–k out of here and get my daughter and husband back here safely ” Gina screamed at them.

Just then, a vehicle started honking behind the big gate barricading the house from the street.

Gina took to her heel, scampering towards the gate but was swiftly stopped by the guards as they swiftly intercepted her.

” please stay behind ma’am ” one of the guards said to her, signalling to the remaining three to check the person out.

They brought out their guns as they gently walked towards the gate with their two fist firmly wrapped around the guns in their hands.

Gina’s phone suddenly rang causing a slight panic among the four.

She checked who the caller was and it was Wisdom.

” I’m in front of your gate, open up ” Wisdom said at once as Gina picked the call.

” open the gate, it’s your chief guard ” Gina informed the guards.

One of the guards hit a big red button on one of the pillars holding the gate in place and the gate opened by itself.

Wisdom drove in and put the car to a halt directly in front of Gina.

” what really happened ” Wisdom asked as soon as he got out of the car.

” we got a call from one of the agents that escorted Mirabel to school that they’ve been ambushed and ever since then, we’ve not been able to get through to them ” the highest in rank informed Wisdom.

” back up? ” Wisdom asked.

” we’ve dispatched all the guards to the scene where we last picked their reception, we stayed behind per the president’s order ” the same guard replied.

” alright, hold your ground here and report every information you acquire to me ” he ordered the guards as he wrapped his arm around Gina’s shoulder and they started heading towards the entrance of the main building.

” what do you think is happening ” Wisdom asked her.

” I’m not sure but I think it’s Harmony that’s retaliating ” Gina replied him with an expression that showed that she was really scared.

” you mean the sub part of the Mask ” Wisdom asked curiously.

” yeah ” Gina replied.

” why will you say that, thought they went down alongside Mask ” Wisdom said looking confused.

” that’s what I also thought but Snap doesn’t think so, he said his intuition is all against that they’ve been buried alongside Mask especially with the Mask leader still at large ” Gina replied.

” this is bad news ” Wisdom said as he sighed deeply.

” you can’t go inside ” Gina said to Wisdom as they got to the entrance of the house.

” why ” Wisdom asked looking surprised.

” you’ve not been registered to the list of those who can enter ” Gina replied him.

” what ridiculous thing is that ” Wisdom asked looking at the cubicle door.

” Snap programmed it like that for me and my daughter’s safety as he claimed and he’s the only one who can register anyone ” Gina replied.

” this is serious ” Wisdom said frustratingly.

Gina’s phone suddenly rang, she swiftly picked it and placed the phone on loud speaker.

” how’s it ” Gina asked.

” it’s really messy here ” Snap replied.

” all the guards are dead ” he added, Gina’s eye twitched as she staggered backward.

” what about Ben and Mirabel ” she asked getting hold of herself.

” I think they’re still alive, looks like Ben is making a run for it because Mirabel’s car is missing ” Snap replied.

” can you trace it ” Wisdom asked.

” who’s that with you ” Snap asked.

” it’s Wisdom ” Gina replied.

” alright, I can trace it but it’s gonna take some time because I’ve got only my phone with me and I’ll be using it ” Snap said.

” okay, please get them both back for me alive ” Gina pleaded as tears was already strolling down from her eyeball.

” I’ll try my best ” Snap replied as he tried to hung the call but swiftly returned the phone back to his ear.

” and one more thing ” he swiftly said before Gina will drop the call from her side.

” what’s that ” Gina asked.

” please try to keep this away from the Oladeles for now ” Snap replied.

” I’ll do that ” Gina said before the call was finally dropped.

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” keep calm dear, it’s gonna be alright soon ” Ben said to Mirabel as she was panicking as Ben drove in full asphalt mode,swiftly cutting corners with perfect drift as the tyre of the car was making a hell of screeching sound.

After twenty minutes of non stop pursuit, Ben finally lost the bad guys, thanks to the high speed of the car and the bad ass driving skills which he was still surprised to how he was able to pull such.

He stopped the car by the side of the road, wind down its glass as he took a breather.

Mirabel swiftly opened the door, unlock the seatbelt and jumped outside as she started vomiting. Ben took the bottled water inside the car and alighted to go and meet her.

He patted her back subtly as she was vomiting.

After she was through, Ben opened the water and rinsed her face with it, put some into her mouth which she goggled and spit it out.

” how did you learn to drive like that ” Mirabel asked when she’s finally relaxed.

” I don’t know, I just feel like I’m good with the wheel ” Ben replied looking clueless.

” you’re really good dad, I’ve only seen the way you drove inside cartoon ” Mirabel said smiling.

” but who’re those people and why are they shooting at us ” She asked as she suddenly lose the bright countenance that had clustered to her face.

” I don’t know but I think we’ll get answer to the question when we get home ” Ben said, carrying her as they head back to the car, which had already been disfigured by the rain of bullet that had showered it.

As Ben was about to open the car door, he suddenly stopped as he seemed to be hearing the roaring of power bikes.

” can you hear that ” he asked Mirabel.

” what ” Mirabel asked staring at him with a confused countenance.

He suddenly got away from the car and took her into the just growing bush beside the road.

” I want you to stay here silently till you think it’s safe enough to get out ” Ben said dropping her inside the bush.

” don’t leave me here daddy, I’m scared. ” she protested looking petrified.

” it’s okay love, trust me, I’ll be back for you soon ” Ben said pecking her on her head before scampering to the car, ignited it and zoomed off.

Few minutes later, six huge bikes with their riders all wearing black leather and black helmet accelerated through the road.

The speed of the car was useless compare to that of the bikes as they’re already closing in on him.

Ben on seeing this changed the car gear, and hit on the gas as he drove at the highest speed the car could offer.

The bike riders also increased their speed as the tiled road started vibrating tremendously due to the roaring of the bikes.

Ben could have swerved to his left and deviate to the local road but it won’t be able to accommodate the speed he was driving at and lot of people might lose their lives because it would be crowded with people walking up and down, going on, on their normal routine of life.

He kept to the express road, praying he at least run into law enforcement agencies, who’ll be able to slow them down a bit.

He was worried about leaving little Mirabel all alone in the bush and wanted to return to her soon.

He saw an intersection ahead, a possible means of escaping if his calculation was precise.

A long truck was coming through the second lane, if he could make sure to cross the intersection before the truck got there, he might be able to hide beneath it by maintaining the speed at which the truck driver was using, and in this process, some of the bikes will crash into the truck, losing their lives while the lucky ones will follow through the lane that intersected the road, thinking that he had escaped through it while he’s already on his way back to his daughter.

After making decisive calculation of his plan, he suddenly slowed down a bit, then suddenly increased the speed, he was about to intercept the truck when a bullet was shot by one of the bike riders, it went straight through the rear bulletproof shield glass of the car, and got stuck into Ben’s arm.

He lost control of the car at once, as the car hit itself on the front tyre of the truck, propelling the car upward as it crashed off the road.

To be continue…