Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 4


” awake already ” Gina said kissing Ben lightly as she woke up and find Ben staring at her.

” yeah, couldn’t sleep much though ” Ben said smiling.

” why are you smiling ” Gina asked as she also got infected with the smile as she also started smiling.

” it was fun watching you sleep for almost four hours ” Ben replied smiling.

” four hours ” Gina exclaimed.

” yeah, told you I couldn’t get much sleep ” Ben said still smiling.

” I shouldn’t be surprised ” Gina said smiling.

” you’ve been sleeping for over two years now ” Gina added as she kissed Ben again.

” does that means I won’t be able to sleep for another two years ” Ben asked.

” that’s ridiculous ” Gina scoffed not wanting to laugh.

” it’s just for few days, you’ll start sleeping peacefully soon ” Gina said confidently, like she’s a medical practitioner who’s seen many patients undergoing such ordeal.

” but I won’t mind been like this for many days more, it was cute watching you sleep ” Ben said smiling as he kissed her this time.

A table phone inside the room, placed on a fancy table which was beside the bed suddenly rang and Gina stretched her hand to pick it up.

” okay ” was her only reply to whoever it was that had called her before she dropped the phone.

” Mirabel will be ready for school in the next twenty minute, I’ve got to dress up so that I can drop her in school ” Gina said, stretched her hand widely as she yawned.

” can’t they take her to school ” Ben asked.

” she won’t take a step out of this house if she doesn’t see me beside her ” Gina said as she made attempt to get off the bed but Ben pulled her back.

” let me take her to school today ” Ben offered.

” without me ” Gina asked.

” yeah ” Ben replied.

” I doubt she’s gonna follow you ” Gina said.

” she’s fond of me and was also happy as she was with me yesterday, so, I think she’s gonna allow me and she will want to spend some time with her dad ” Ben said getting off the bed.

” then quickly take your bath so that you won’t keep her waiting, she hate lateness ” Gina said to Ben.

” roger that ma’am ” Ben replied humorously as he head to the bathroom inside the room.

” we’ll be going to Snap’s place when you return ” Gina increased the volume of her voice a bit so that he would be able to hear her.

” okay ” Ben mumbled.


” dad ” Mirabel got down from the chair she was sitting on in the dining room as she was eating her breakfast and ran to meet Ben, who carried her up laughing.

” how are you my lovely princess ” Ben said to her smiling.

” I’m fine dad ” she replied brightly.

” are you following me to school ” she asked.

” yes, daddy is taking you to school today ” Ben replied smiling.

” yeepie ” Mirabel said happily.

” but you’ve got to finish your breakfast first ” Ben said heading to the dining table still carrying her.

” I’m full already, let’s go to school ” she said smiling and Ben smiled back at her.

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A lady who should be in her early forty appeared with a bag and a lunch box in her hand.

Gina’s house was a mini replica of David castle in term of security.
Snap singlehandedly installed all the security gadget which made the house impenetrable for intruders or anyone who wasn’t register to the control panel of the gadgets and that could only be done by Snap himself.

Only Gina, Mirabel, their nanny, Snap, the Oladele’s family, Aminat and some few people were registered, and Ben was just added to the list. None of the guards can enter the house because Snap said no one can be trusted.

” bye bye mummy ” Mirabel shouted as Ben took her outside while the nanny followed behind them, holding her stuffs.

Two black Chevrolet cars with a pink Maserati were parked directly in front of the building . Some guys wearing black suit were already stationed outside.

” that’s my car ” Mirabel said happily pointing at the pink Maserati.

” really ” Ben said smiling.

” yes ” she replied also smiling

One of the guards opened the car door, Ben dropped her inside first before he joined her. Ben was expecting the nanny to also enter with them but was surprised when the door was closed.

” good morning ma’am ” the driver greeted Mirabel but she didn’t respond.

The nanny joined one of the two parked Chevrolet cars and in few minutes, all the three cars were exiting the premises.

Mirabel wouldn’t keep quiet for a second as they journeyed to school.

” dad, I’ll be following only you to school, I won’t be following mom again since you’re back ” Mirabel had said amidst their conversation.

” I’m fine by that ” Ben replied smiling.

” dad, do you know that grandpa want mom to marry another person ” Mirabel said and Ben expression suddenly changed.

” why ” Ben asked

” he said you’re not going to wake up again, that you’re in a vegetative state ” Mirabel replied.

” what was your mom reply ” Ben asked.

” mom didn’t say anything, she took me and head out of the house and ever since then, we haven’t visited grandpa ” Mirabel replied.

” better ” Ben said smiling.

” ouch ” Mirabel winced in pain as the car suddenly came to a halt, Ben had to swiftly grabbed in order to stop her from falling from the car seat because she wasn’t using seatbelt.

” what happened ” Ben asked the driver.

The driver wasn’t able to reply when gunshot sound filled the air.

” dad ” Mirabel screamed as she clutched tightly to her dad.

” it’s alright ” Ben said patting her back.

The driver wanted to reverse the car but was obstructed by the car behind them.

It was a battle of guns as the sound of gunshot wouldn’t cease.

Bullets were hitting the Maserati but couldn’t penetrate into it. The driver took out a gun from the car safe and also got out of the car.

Ben opened the door beside him to check the situations of things, he had to witness it firsthand as the driver was shot. He glanced around and saw that mostly all the guys on the ground were men in suit and the shooters were closing in on them.

Ben swiftly clunk the seatbelt around Mirabel and swiftly moved to the driver seat.

He ignited the car, placed it on reverse and forced the car behind him away. When there was enough space, he propelled the car out as they were shooting heavily at him. He accelerated out of the zone with the highest speed the car could offer.

The gunmen also got into their cars as they engaged in an intense pursuit.

To be continue…