Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 3


” was I a bad person before I lost my memory ” Ben asked Gina looking somber as they both lied down on the beautiful king size bed inside the bedroom.

” why will you ask that ” Gina asked looking surprised.

” many people didn’t turn up for my welcome back party which means I got little friends and do you know the kind of people that have little friends ” Ben asked staring at Gina.

” who ” Gina asked looking perplexed.

” the wicked people ” Ben replied.

” they’re not able to have any friends and die a lonely death ” Ben added with a sad countenance.

” you’re not dying any kinda lonely death and having plenty friends doesn’t judge one’s character, but efficiency of the friends has a lot to tell ” Gina replied cooly.

” I love the way you said it ” Ben said smiling.

” but something is baffling me ” he swiftly added carrying on a curious expression.

” what’s that ” Gina asked also looking curious.

” I don’t think I’m Mirabel’s dad ” Ben said shocking Gina.

” what ” Gina exclaimed looking surprised.

” why will you say that ” she asked looking petrified.

” when we’re in my mom and dad’s place, I saw some photos hung on the wall, photos in which dad had on a suit and mom a beautiful gown, in those sections of photos, I was nowhere to be found there, same as Sandra which depicted it was their wedding day and I was yet to be born, but later I started appearing on another section of the photos, same as Sandra ” Ben explicated while Gina gave him her listening ear.

” but ” Ben continued.

” when we arrived here earlier, I didn’t see any picture of me wearing a dark suit like my dad nor you wearing a white gown, which means we didn’t marry, so how will Mirabel be my daughter when we’re not even married ” he asked staring at Gina who suddenly bursted into laughter.

” you’re hilarious ” Gina said still laughing.

” it’s not a must for two opposite sex to get married before they can produce a child ” Gina added still laughing.

” really ” Ben said looking innocent.

” yeah ” Gina replied.

” and we were already planning to get married before you got involved in that accident which made you lost your memory ” Gina added as she climbed on top of Ben and pecked him on his forehead.

” then, we should do it since I’m back ” Ben said, seeming not to be into what Gina was doing.

” we’re gonna do it but it will be after Sandra and Snap own ” Gina replied smiling as she started rubbing her hand on his chest in a seductive manner.

” that will be wonderful because I want to marry you soon, you’re very beautiful and someone else might marry you and take my daughter with you ” Ben said looking kinda worried.

” that’s not going happen ” Gina said smiling as she bent her head down to kiss Ben. Ben was unresponsive to the kiss as he used his hand to raise her head up.

” what ” Gina asked.

” do you think we’re not too young to be doing this especially since we’re not married ” Ben said almost in a whisper.

” ugh ” Gina grunted frustratingly.

” no, we’re not ” she said with a frustrated countenance.

” and we’ve done it many times before, that was how we’re able to have Mirabel ” she added.

” okay ” Ben said and Gina started kissing him again.

” do you think it’s safe for Mirabel to be inside a room alone ” Ben said halting the kiss again.

” hmmm ” Gina sigh shaking her head in a discontent manner.

” she’s safe and she has been sleeping alone almost three months ago when she said she wanted to start sleeping alone ” Gina added smiling as the memory of the day Mirabel said she wanted to start sleeping alone flashed through her head.

It was a day she will always smile anytime she remember it because it took her by surprise when a girl who was just six months past a year said she wanted her privacy by sleeping alone. She talk more like a smart kid of ten years of age than her normal age.

” alright ” Ben said suddenly rolling her down from him and stayed on top of her as he started kissing her.

After kissing for close to three minutes, he stopped as he took off the pyjamas top she was wearing revealing her firm sumptuous boobs.

” are you alright ” Ben asked as Gina’s breathing suddenly became intense.

” yeah, I’m alright, just do what you’re supposed to do ” Gina said shutting her eye.

” and what am I supposed to do ” Ben asked staring at her boobs.

” what ” Gina exclaimed opening her eye.

” I don’t know what I’m supposed to do ” Ben said with an innocent countenance.

” then why did you take off my pyjamas top off ” Gina asked.

” because I just felt like I’m supposed to do that but I suddenly feel clueless about what to do next ” Ben replied.

” I know what’s wrong ” Gina said

” you’re going to suck my boobs and n—-e in a seductive manner in order to arouse me more ” Gina explained to him.

” what’s n—-e ” Ben asked looking curious.

” it’s this pink thing on my breast ” Gina said pointing at her n—-e.

” I think I know what to do now ” Ben said as he lowered his head to her boob.

Gina moaned softly as Ben started working wonder on her already erected n—-e as she wrapped her hand around his neck and savoured the pleasure she was getting with her eye firmly shut.

Ben didn’t stay stagnant on her boobs only as he kissed her on her neck, ear and everywhere that could stimulate her well.

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After few minutes on the upper region, he took off her pyjamas, revealing the pink pantie she had on which he also took off. He placed his nose on her c–t and inhale the scent.

” wow, you smell like strawberry ” Ben said smiling as he took down his short and brought out his already hard d–k, placed it at her p—y lip and tried to force it in but it didn’t enter. Gina opened her eye and almost screamed at the sight.

” stop ” she almost screamed as Ben was going to try and force it in again as she sat down .

” why ” Ben asked looking clueless.

” it’s too big ” Gina replied.

” what’s that ” Ben asked.

” your penis ” Gina replied.

” what does it mean if it’s too big ” Ben asked still looking clueless.

” it would hurt me if you force it in,you’ll tear me up and I might even bleed ” Gina replied.

” thought you said we’ve done this before, so it shouldn’t do anything to you ” Ben said.

” yeah, we’ve done it before but that time your penis was at half of this big and long ” Gina replied.

” so how did it now get this big ” Ben asked.

” I don’t know ” Gina repled also looking clueless.

” maybe it’s the accident ” Ben suggested.

” I don’t think it’s the accident ” Gina replied.

” what are we going to do now ” Ben asked.

” we sleep ” Gina replied.

Gina’s phone suddenly beeped indicating a message.

She picked the phone while Ben wore his short and covered himself with the soft blanket on the bed as he shut his eye.

Gina unlocked her phone and saw that the message was from Snap and it goes thus

” he need to regain his memory before you’ll be able to have sex with him ” Gina read the message and was surprised to know that Snap was aware of what they’re trying to do.

” did you install camera inside my room ” Gina replied with an angry emoji applied to the message.

” no, but I’ve got a voice transmitter inside there ” Snap replied.

” you’re crazy, how could you not tell me before you installed it ” Gina asked.

” I’m sorry,I forgot to tell you ” Snap replied.

” liar ” Gina sent.

” tho I know it’s because of my safety, so I’ll let you go this once ” Gina texted with a smile emoji.

” thank you ma’am ” Snap replied.

” so what do you mean he have to regain his memory before he’ll be able to have sex ” Gina asked.

” because that’s when he’ll be able to remember the skill of reducing the size of his d–k ” Snap replied.

” so you’re telling me that he’s got a way of shrinking his d–k whenever he want and also enlarging it ” Gina asked.

” yeah, it’s a skill Mask thought them because of mission dealing with seduction ” Snap replied.

” this is bullshit ” Gina texted.

” how do you think we can make him regain his memory soon ” she asked.

” I think I’ve got a way, you’ve got to bring him to my place tomorrow ” Snap replied.

” okay, we will come to your place tomorrow after I’ve dropped Mirabel in school ” Gina texted.

” alright, I’ll be expecting you ” Snap texted.

” goodnight, have a great night rest” Gina texted.

” you too ” Snap replied.

Gina smiled as she dropped her phone to where she had picked it.

She pecked Ben who had already slept off on his forehead before she also slept.

To be continue…