Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 2


” tada ” Gina said as she removed the blindfold on Ben’s face.

” wow ” Ben exclaimed, awed at the little congregation that consisted of Sophia, Mr and Mrs Oladele, Sandra, Mirabel, Snap, Wisdom, Aminat, in front of him.

They had planned to give Ben a surprised welcome party with the primary aim that it might kickstart something in his brain. They thought him seeing people he’s been in contact with before he was confined to the hospital ward might be of help.

” welcome home Ben ” they all hurrayed popping the champagne in their hand.

The house was designed to commemorate the event.

” welcome back bro ” Wisdom said to Ben as he embraced him.

” thank you ” Ben said smiling but his expression couldn’t hide the fact that he felt like a stranger there.

Gina and Snap had already briefed him in the hospital about who he was when he wouldn’t stop pestering them when he finally opened his eye, tho many details were left, especially about his Mask escapade.

Pictures of those who they claimed were his close buddy like Aminat and Wisdom were shown to him.

” come here son ” his dad motioned to him and put him into a tight embrace.

He was different entirely from the real Ben, kinda sluggish and looked innocent.

He saw his mom scrambling away from the living room.

He freed himself from his dad embrace and followed behind her.

Mrs Oladele entered into one of the free rooms and started sobbing.

” mom ” Ben called subtly, moving closer to her .

Mrs Oladele swiftly cleaned the tears that was on her beautiful face.

” Junior ” she said faking a smile as she turned to look at him.

” why are you crying ” he asked placing his hand on her cheek.

” it’s nothing dear, I’m just happy that you’re now healthy ” Mrs Oladele replied placing her hand on his hand which was on her cheek.

” but you laugh when you’re happy not cry ” Ben said looking confused.

” son ” Mrs Oladele said dropping heaving a sigh.

” there’s something called tears of joy, a tears shed when you’re too happy to laugh ” She said to Ben faking a smile.

” seeing you on that hospital bed since that last two years always break my heart and it felt like you’re not coming back to us but as you suddenly woke up and now healthy, I can’t be less happy ” She added staring into Ben’s eye tenderly.

” I love you and will forever love you and I’m also proud of you “she continued as tears started dropping from her eye.

” stop crying mom ” Ben said cleaning the tears off her face with his hand.

” Gina told me that we’ve missed some precious time as a family because of some complicated events but now, I’m going to stick with you forever like a glue ” Ben added comforting his mom.

” alright son, I won’t cry anymore ” his mom said forcing a smile.

” let’s go back ” Ben said holding his mom’s hand.

” and here comes the reason for our gathering ” Snap said giving Ben and his mom a tumbler filled with wine each.

” cheers to great days ahead of him with the ones that love and cherish him ” Snap made the toast and they all clink their glass cups against each other.

” dad ” Mirabel called holding Ben’s trouser raising her cup up, looking somber as no one had clunk their cups with the little cup filled with juice that was in her hand.

They all bursted into laughter as Ben carried her up and clunk his cup with hers and a hearty smile appeared on her face.

People always find it hard to believe that Mirabel was yet to clock two years of age. OoooiShe’s far brilliant and bright than kids of her age, started walking and talking before she clocked one and also an epitome of beauty, a great proof to show that she’s really the offspring of Ben and Gina. She had the marble color eyeball just like her mom’s.

They all dined, had fun till it was evening when everyone were ready to disperse from the Oladele’s house to their respective places. Gina saw Wisdom heading to his car and swiftly walked over to him.

” when are you living for Abuja ” Gina asked Wisdom.

” I don’t know yet but definitely not tomorrow ” Wisdom replied smiling.

” the head guard of the David security taking few days off work, not bad ” Gina said smiling.

” everyone deserve to rest and have some fun na ” Wisdom retorted smiling.

” it’s nice sha, didn’t even expect you to make it here based on the short notice, you totally surprised me ” Gina said staring into his eye.

” you’re funny ” Wisdom snorted

” you’re special to me and doing this should be ticked as nothing and he’s also not a bad guy, he’s a kind guy putting on the hide of a tiger, I experienced that first hand and something is also sure, he love you so much ” Wisdom added trying hard not to look all serious.

” thank you ” Gina said smiling as she hugged him.

” so what about my dad, hope he’s doing fine ” Gina asked him after they’ve disengaged the hug.

” yeah, he’s doing good and you should visit him soon, he’s really missing you ” Wisdom replied.

” my luckiest friend ” Someone said interrupting their conversation.

” Bestie ” Gina called on seeing Aminat.

” hello ” Wisdom waved at her looking timid.

” hi ” Aminat waved back also feeling shy

” hmhm ” Gina cleared her throat.

” I think I’ve got to excuse myself from here ” she said smiling as she left the two .

” hi Sophia ” Gina greeted her, stopping her from making entry into her car.

” Ben’s belove ” Sophia teased smiling.

” you’re funny ” Gina replied smiling.

” it’s the truth na, I can tell he love you even more than his life ” Sophia said also smiling.

” you might be right ” Gina said laughing.

” how was Barbados sef ” Gina asked.

” Barbados ” Sophia exclaimed, smiling , as if reminiscing on the good things that occured there.

” a great small country filled with black skinned kind people ” Sophia said smiling.

” I really enjoyed my vacation there ” She added with a kinda smile that sent the message that something great happened there.

” this one you’re like this, did you meet a guy there ” Gina asked giving her a funny gaze.

” you might be right ” Sophia replied smiling.

” wow ” Gina exclaimed happily.

” now I can have my Ben fully to myself alone ” Gina said humorously.

” which Ben to yourself ” Sophia asked laughing.

” he’s only able to let me move on from Ben partially, no guy can be like Ben, so Ben is not for you only ” she added humorously, laughing out loud.

” the guy should better work harder in order to make you get over Ben fully oo, or else I’ll turn to female version of Ben and hunt him down “Gina said also laughing.

” I’ll relay your message to him “Sophia replied smiling.

” better ” Gina said in a playful bossy tone.

” take care of him, I’m sure he’s gonna come around soon ” Sophia said with a serious countenance.

” alright sis ” Gina replied smiling.

” sis ” Sophia said looking shocked.

” yeah, you’re my sis, one from a different mother ” Gina said smiling.

” come here ” Sophia said widening her arm and Gina fell into her embrace.

” I’ll come visit you soon with the love of my life ” Sophia said after they’ve disengaged the hug.

” what ” Gina exclaimed.

” did he followed you back to Nigeria ” Gina asked.

” yeah, he couldn’t let me go because he’s gonna die of missing me ” Sophia replied smiling.

” I go love oo ” Gina said humorously

” na you sabi, see you later dear ” Sophia said as she got into her car, waved at Gina and drove off.

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Gina got back into the house and saw Mirabel in Ben’s hand, her head on Ben’s chest as she sleep peacefully .
Ben was sitting down with Snap and Sandra by his sides as they talked and laughed.

Her mom and dad in-law were no where to be found inside the large living room. She knew at once that they would be inside their room.

She only waved at the three of them before she head to meet her in-law.

A subtle knock on their door and Mr Oladele voice was heard telling her to come in.

” hello my daughter ” Mr Oladele greeted as she entered.

” hi Sir ” she reciprocated his greeting, sitting on one of the two chairs inside the room.

” has everyone left ” he asked her.

” yes, except Snap ” she replied.

” it’s Oscar not Snap ” Mr Oladele corrected her as usual.

” haha, it’s not easy getting acquainted to that name ” Gina said smiling.

” you’ll get used to it soon ” Mr Oladele said also smiling .

” what about mummy ” Gina asked.

” she’s in the bathroom ” he replied.

” alright Sir, I just want to tell you that we’ll be on our way home soon ” Gina said.

” so soon ” Mr Oladele exclaimed looking surprise.

” I thought you’re gonna spend the night here with him ” he added.

” I would have love to but Mirabel is going to school tomorrow and you know she hate missing school, I had to force her to miss it today with the promise that she won’t miss it tomorrow ” Gina replied.

” my dear, you’re here ” Mrs Oladele said on exiting the bathroom with a mini towel in her hand which she was using to clean her face.

” yes ma ” Gina replied.

” I want to bid you bye ma ” Gina added.

” ugh, so soon, I thought you’re going to sleep here ” Mrs Oladele said as she sat on the bed, beside her husband.

” would love to but Mirabel has to go to school tomorrow ” Gina replied.

” but you can send ” Mr Oladele swiftly place his hand on his wife’s leg in order to stop her from completing the statement.

” it’s alright dear ” Mr Oladele said.

” take care of your guy and make sure he use the drugs prescribed to him ” he added.

” alright dad ” Gina said standing up.


Unknown location.

” he’s finally awake, it’s time to finally start the plan we’ve been working more than a year now “. An unknown person said.

To be continue…