Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 7


” who’re you ” Ben asked weakly as he opened his eye.


” who’re you ” Mask repeated Ben’s question to him staring into his eyeball. He was without his mask this time.


They’re in a large room with a white background. Ben was on a bed that looked more like a stretcher with his hands chained to it.

” where am I ” Ben asked as he tried to get a clearer view of where he was detained.

” where am I ” Mask also repeated.

” why are you repeating my questions instead of answering them ” Ben screamed anrily.

” good, you’ve still got the aggressiveness in you ” Mask said laughing.

” I don’t understand what you’re saying and why are you even doing this to me ” Ben asked trying to get his hands out of the chain that was used to hold him jerking it up but stopped when he saw that it’s waste of time and energy.

” you’ve got to relax if you want me to help you ” Mask said placing his hand on Ben’s head.

” help me as how ” Ben asked as he calmed down.

” help you get over the hurdles you’re facing and going to face in the future ” Mask replied.

” hurdles ” Ben said looking surprised.

” I don’t have any hurdles I’m facing, what you can help me with is letting me go so that I can return to my family ” Ben said with a pleading tone.

” which family are you talking about ” Mask asked Ben with a serious countenance.

” my wife, kid and parents ” Ben replied staring at him. Mask suddenly bursted into torrent of laughter.

” oh my friend ” Mask said as he stopped laughing.

” someone like the two of us don’t have family, we don’t deserve it and we should never thirst for it because we’re surrounded by foes ” Mask added increasing his voice.

” no ” Ben mumbled shaking his head to affirm negative to what Mask said .

” I’ve got a family, a beautiful wife, a lovely and smart kid, my caring mom and dad, a cute sister and little friends with greater efficiency ” Ben added.

” you meant those imposters ” Mask asked smiling

” what do you mean ” Ben asked looking clueless.

” deep within you, you understand what I meant by saying that ” Mask said and Ben suddenly seemed less of word as he became silent, staring at Mask as if trying to see a clip of his lost life in his eye.

” was I a bad person before I lose memory ” Ben finally asked.

” no ” Mask replied shaking his head.

” we’re men with greater purpose, men of high caliber that think greatly for the progress of our members but people got problem with our logics and our means of attaining our goals ” Mask added with a dreadful tone.

” you said all those people are imposters but I saw the little me in their pictures and if they’re really imposters, who’re they and who am I ” Ben asked with an innocent countenance.

” who’s this ” Mask asked holding a picture to Ben’s face.

” that’s me still young with ” Ben said pausing for a while as he stared at the picture.

” I don’t know the man and the woman ” Ben said after staring at the picture for long.

” these were your real parents ” Mask said taking the picture away from his face.

” what ” Ben exclaimed as Mask unlocked the chain that were used to hold him down. Ben felt his wrist as he sat down on the bad and Mask sat beside him.

” they’re your real parents and they were killed by this man ” Mask said handing Ben a picture which had the image of Mr David on it.

” I’m confused ” Ben said staring at the picture in his hand.

” this is my wife’s dad , the president of this country as I was told ” Ben said with a confused expression.

” what’s really happening ” Ben asked.

” your dad and this man were good friends and business associate ” Mask said collecting the picture from his hand.

” they were very rich ” Mask continued

” and got many investment, Mr David received a contract worth a lot of money which his money can’t execute and this contract incurred a large sum of profit, he asked your dad for help and promised to spilt the profit into two after the contract has been executed successfully ” he paused for a while to read Ben’s expression, he let out a soft smile when he saw that he was buying his story.

” your dad agreed and gave him almost all his life savings. The contract was a bloom and Mr David made a lot of profit from it, the money was too much that Mr David had to hired an assassin to eliminate your dad, including your, mom, your little sister and you ” Mask said handing Ben a tablet which showed a video been played on it.

The video entailed the fake mission Ben was given to murder his parents when he was still young and the picture Mask has been imposing on Ben claiming they’re his real mom and dad was that of the man and woman Ben was asked to murder.

It was a great deed by Mask, Ben on seeing the picture and hearing what Mask was telling him, he felt like he was really there at the scene.

” you’re lucky to escape by hiding under your bed when the assassin massacred your whole family ” Mask continued as Ben watched the video which didn’t show the assassin’s face.

” you came out of the house crying that night, I saw you, asked you what’s wrong and took you away from there on my bike. David with all the profits he got, was able to maneuver his way into politics and later got to the post of presidency ” Mask said collecting the tablet from him.

” what happened after you took me from the street ” Ben asked.

” I brought you up and trained you alongside some other kids so that we could one day get our revenge against David because I’ve also got a score to settle with him but we need resources to do this, so we turned you kids to great agent, trained to handle guns, with knowledge of martial arts and many other skills, so you could run some errands, illegally and bring in cash and I also asked you to get closer to David by pulling some stunts.
You made Gina, David’s daughter to fall in love with you so that you could get closer to his father but in the course of doing this, you became exposed and since then, you’ve been running for your life, we’re also infiltrated and couldn’t help you, so we’re all running for our lives ” Mask stopped to take a breather and noticed Ben’s mood if he was still buying the story, he smiled as he continued.

” they later got you and that was when you got involved in the accident that made you lose your memory, many of the people who were backing us were also arrested and I was the only one lucky enough to escape the raid, I couldn’t get you out of the hospital because I was a lone wolf with no pack, and the security of the hospital was tight which made it impossible for me to get anywhere closer to you. I was able to bring back agents like you who also escaped the raid and since then, we’ve been planning on how to bust into the hospital and get you out, but you made it easier for us by waking up “Mask was finally through with his fabricated story. The story was shaped to aim at manipulating Ben’s memory when the recovery process finally start.

Ben kept mute, with a blank expression as he seemed to have it hard digesting the story.

” why was I not arrested when I woke up if all you said is the truth ” Ben asked staring at Mask.

” because they want to get me ” Mask replied.

“I don’t understand ” Ben said looking confused.

” everyone they arrested from this organization wouldn’t snitch on me and they thought to use your lack of memory against you, get you to feel a sense of belonging around them, so that when you finally regain your memory, you’ll spill everything and they’ll finally arrest and sentence you for your crimes. ” Mask replied him.

” hmmm ” Ben sighed deeply.

” I know you can feel that I’m saying the truth, even tho you’ve loose your memory but some part of you is trying to reveal to you that I’m right ” Mask added staring at Ben.

” I can’t believe anything right now until I regain my memory ” Ben said with a blank expression.

” that won’t be a problem because I’ll do everything I can to make sure you remember everything and know who the real foes are from the ones who cared for you ” Mask said getting off the bed.

” I’m sorry for the way you were been treated but be rest assured that all your wounds has been taken care of, the doctor who’ll help get your memory back will come in now, please try to feel relax and free yourself to him so that it will be easier for them to help you ” Mask said as he picked up a mask from a table inside the room and wore it as he exit the room.


Mirabel stood up and started running as she saw the man who alighted from the bike moving closer to where she was hiding.

She couldn’t cover any distance before the person grabbed her. She screamed loudly for help but no one was around to offer it.

To be continue…