Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 8


” what do you see right now ” a man in white lab cloth asked Ben.

Ben was unconscious with some cables that could be traced to a wired looking machine inside the room, attached to his head, chest, fingers, and his toes.

He laid unconscious on the bed but his eye was widely open, twitching at intervals as if he was conscious of his surrounding.


” I’m out of the house, my dog is dead, I think it was shot by the assassin they sent, I’m out of the building, looking disorganized like a kid who just lost his family to the cold hand of dead ” Ben stopped talking, shut his eye, then opened it back within a few seconds.

” you’re still doing good boy ” the man complimented like he’s been doing since he started with the dangerous but effective Kamgeory procedure.
Mask wasn’t just good in getting memories shed off, they’ve also got a machine that can undo what they’ve done.

The brain is designed like many rooms with a door each, we’ve got our memories stored in many rooms, the ones we will like to remember in rooms that are easily accessible and the ones that seemed just like fragment in rooms with rusted lock.

The brain also have a beautiful ways of locking doors on memories that could haunt us down or have a negative impact on our mental status.
Mask is good with handling memories to know that memories wiped from the kid’s head didn’t evaporate into the atmosphere, it was just locked in one of the rooms, where it can’t be accessible.

A machine was created by them to be able to access and open this rooms and let any memory they want out and also add the ones they wish to add, that means manipulating the brain.

The machine has been abandoned after using it twice, because a single mistake can wipe off the rooms in the brain permanently.

Their first trial was a success but wasn’t the case on the second trial as the host who it was used on became totally useless by going insane because there was no room to hold the memories again and they’re all scattered in her head.

Mask believed Ben is strong enough to be a success with the machine, tho it wasn’t an easy number to call but he believed he will be successful with it since they’ve got a successful case before they finally discovered the flaw of the machine.

” now concentrate again, what can you see now ” the man in white asked.

” hm hm ” Ben moaned in a low tone.

” I can see a bike, it’s coming closer to me, it stopped beside me and I got on it ” Ben said after moaning for almost a minute.

” good ” the man in white said as he clicked on some keys on the machine, like he’s been doing whenever he wanted to insert one of the things he read on the list in his hand.

Mask had handed him a list which contained the manipulative stories they want , registered into Ben’s brain, more like a script.

” the man rode the bike to a house, you got down and started crying, the man got down, patted you on your shoulder as he massaged your hair, and made you stop crying as he took you inside of his house where you saw other kids, same age as you, they all looked scared ” the man in white said as Ben’s memory was tampered to when they just got into Mask.

” so what happened next ” the man asked Ben.

” two guys came into the room, one lit a cigarette and placed it on his lip, they look scary ” Ben said as he suddenly started shaking vigorously on the bed.

If not for the belt used to strap him tightly to the bed, he would have fallen off the bed.

Mask stood behind a transparent glass as he watched the brain surgery in motion

” don’t be afraid Ben, they are not very real, just skip that segment to when you’re shown to your rooms ” the man said and Ben became calm.

” yes ” Ben replied.

” what do you see ” the man asked.

” a girl, with a mask on her face but she removed the mask and she looked gorgeous and brave too ” Ben replied.

” do you have a good time with her and try telling me those good time if you did ” the man demanded.

” yes we did ” Ben said twitching his eyelids.

” she is very friendly to me, she also fear for me losing out on some sort of mission, taking her time to train me, she also kissed me ” Ben replied taking the long pause.

” wow ” Mask mumbled behind the glass.

” how did you got separated from her ” the man asked.

” I got separated from her, I got separated from her, I got separated from her ” Ben replied as he suddenly starting shaking vigorously like someone who just had a convulsion

The man swiftly hit on some keys on the machine and disconnected the cables that were attached to his head.

” slow and steady ” the man said placing his palm on Ben’s forehead. Ben heaved a sigh of relief and shut his eye after the man did this.

Mask after seeing the man shutting the machine down, made appearance into the lab where the operation was taking place.

” why did you switch it off ” Mask asked the man.

” he could have lose his sanity if I didn’t do that ” the man replied.

” he won’t lose his memory, you think he would have loosen it because because you don’t know him personally ” Mask said boastfull.

” he could be an iron man or Thor, but trust me, if I didn’t stop it, he would have loosened the last ounce humane mentality in him ” the man replied mask.

” so when are you finishing the job ” Mask asked him.

” in the next thirty minutes, he’ll be ready by then ” the man replied before he exited the lab.

” hang in there, the job will be completed soon ” Mask said placing his hand on Ben’s forehead.

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” let me down ” Mirabel cried as the person grabbed her and placed her on his shoulder.

The person didn’t budge until he was out of the bush. He placed her on the ground, knelt down in front of her and took off his helmet.

” uncle Snap ” Mirabel cried happily as she fell into his embrace.

” you’re safe now ” Snap said patting her back.

” thank you for coming to get me ” Mirabel said as she wrapped her hand around Snap’s neck.

” what about your dad ” Snap asked her as she still got her hand wrapped around his neck.

” the bad guys are after him ” she replied taking her hands off his neck.

” bad guys ” Snap asked.

” yes, they were shooting at us but dad was able to escape from them, but they suddenly appeared with big bikes and dad ran away, I think to protect me ” she replied.

” you’re right my smart girl ” Snap said massaging her hair.

” how many bikes went after him ” Snap asked.

” they were six in number ” Mirabel replied.

” alright ” Snap said getting up.

” now, let’s see if we will be able to get him back ” Snap said wearing the helmet on her head before he sat down on the bike and placed her in front of him.


” are you sure this was the handwork of Harmony ” Wisdom asked after Snap has relayed to the reasons why he thought Ben was abducted.

” yeah, I’m sure, the ambush was primarily targeted at him ” Snap replied.

” I knew such was gonna happen since we’re not able to get the head of Mask but I didn’t know it was gonna happen sooner like this ” Snap added looking somber.

” how is she doing ” Snap asked Gina as she was seen coming to the living room. She had been in Mirabel’s room since Snap brought her back.

” you know her na, she’s weird as usual, wouldn’t stop talking about all the action moves Ben did until she slept off ” Gina replied. Her eye were dead, sadness had orchestrated its tune on it, ready to pour out the large amount of water stored behind the iris.

” I think you should call the doctor to examine her, she might have been traumatized through the event or injured ” Wisdom said.

” I’ve already called the doctor, he will be here soon ” Gina replied.

” so what’s the plan ” Gina asked.

” in order to get Ben back, we need to root out the leader of Mask ” Snap replied.

” and how do you plan on doing this ” Gina asked.

” I don’t know yet, I’ve tried everything I can to get him since all this years, but it’s all been proving futile ” Snap replied looking frustrated.

” he should be at the age range of sixty five to seventy five, I’ve accessed all those who’re in that age range heading a high post in Mask, but no one fit his profile, he’s very good with the Mask ” Snap added

” good with the Mask ” wisdom muttered.

” what if he’s already at our face but using the greatest Mask ” Wisdom  added dramatically.

” I don’t understand ” Snap said staring at Wisdom with a confused countenance.

” would you believe if someone who’s heading the Mask, work as common person in the organization ” He asked.

” it can’t be believed easily ” Snap replied

” bingo ” Wisdom said.

” the greatest mask is impersonation, no one knows who you are except you ” Wisdom said

” f–k ” Snap suddenly exclaimed.

” I’ve been searching for someone of high caliber instead of looking all round ” Snap added getting excited.

” I think we should be able to know it soon when Toy and Cyber get here ” Snap said getting a shocked expression from the two.

” Toy ” Gina mumbled with a surprised countenance.

” why do we need him ” she asked.

” I’m just a hacker, all my specialization based on computer ” Snap said pointing at himself.

” you ” he said pointing at Gina.

” you’re a chaebol { someone from a wealthy background ” who can’t even handle a knife

” and you ” he said pointing at Wisdom.

” might be good with weapons, have a degree in martial art but know nothing about the Mask and I’m sure you can’t handle the fifth grade agent, so we need someone who’s up to their strength and also know his way around them, and with the help of Cyber, we’ll have an edge over them in the cyber world ” Snap explicated.

” when are they coming ” Wisdom asked.

” Cyber said their flight will land before ten AM tomorrow ” Snap replied.

” good, I’ll also return to Abuja tonight to brief the president on the situation at hand, and what we can also do to help ” Victor said.

” but you’ve to find out who the Mask is as soon as possible because we don’t know how close he is ” he added.

” who’s the Mask ” Snap asked rhetorically.


” now let’s get him wiped off ” Mask said, smiling as he stared at Ben .

To be continue…