Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 9


” do you now believe me ” Mask asked Ben.

” it’s surprising, the length people can go to achieve their aims ” Ben said looking somber.


” I actually believed that I have got people who cared about me, who love and cherish me, who I look up to and feel relax, people who I can call my own family ” Ben said as tears suddenly started strolling down from his face. Mask suddenly slapped him hard on his face.

” Mask is the only family you’ve got and we are not emotional like those weaklings out there , and if your memories is back, you should know that already ” Mask spoke angrily to Ben.

” yes I know it’s forbidden to be emotional, and I’m not emotional ” Ben said suddenly changing his facial expression to a stone cold killer one.

” I’m shedding last tears for all those I’m going to kill in the future for what they did to me ” Ben said folding his fist in an angry expression.

” that’s the spirit boy ” Mask said placing both of his hands on Ben’s head.

” we’re gonna go out there and show them that we’re indestructible, that them having chance to smile for two years doesn’t mean that they won the game, we’re just waiting for the perfect time to strike, it’s time to throw their loss at their face ” Mask said increasing the tempo of his voice.

” now that we’ve got you back, we’ve better chance of defeating them but there’s something you must take note of P1 ” Mask said losing the killer zeal he had in his voice.

” what’s that ” Ben asked.

” this is a war that can’t be won by going logger head with David ”

” because he’s the president, got the public opinion favoring him and can also dispatch all the forces in the country because of the seat he hold ” Ben said interrupting Mask.

” my boy is back ” Mask said smiling.

” we’ve got to play smart ” Ben continued.

” we’ve got to have control over something he cherish a lot, maybe a family member ” Ben suggested.

” you’re right and I already got a plan ready before we got you back ” Mask said bringing out his phone.

” do you remember the anchor leash theory ” Mask asked.

” yeah, getting hold of the leash while the passenger pester the captain to agree to the request of the pirate ” Ben replied.

” good, my boy ” Mask said handling him the phone which had picture of Mirabel on it.

” wow ” Ben grinned wickedly as he zoomed the picture and without uttering any word returned the phone back to Mask, who also collected it, smiling.

” when ” Ben asked

” tomorrow ” Mask replied.

” I’ll need a hacker who know how to romance the system more than Snap ” Ben said.

” I know your taste kiddo and trust me, when I tell you that I’ve got something soothing to it ” Mask replied

” I trust you Goat ” Ben said smiling.

” what did you just said ” Mask asked smiling.

” I mean greatest of all time ” Ben replied smiling.

” why did you have to regain that name back in your memory ” Mask asked with a scoff.

” such name is not forgettable easily ” Ben replied still smiling.

” but I’ve got a feeling that I wasn’t the one that really gave you that name ” Ben said as the smile which clustered to his lip suddenly disappeared.

” was there lapses in my memory ” Ben asked staring at Mask.

” I don’t really know who came up with such ridiculous name, but I’ll bet it on P2 ” Mask said averting Ben’s stare.

” my roommate then ” Ben asked.

” yeah, tho you two didn’t stay long because she lost her life in the course of training but she must have been the one to come up with that name, she’s rebellious in nature ” Mask replied smiling..

” you’ve got lapses in your memory ” Mask swiftly added.

” gaining all your memories fully isn’t gonna happen in just a day, the lapses will be filled as time goes on ” Mask said.

” alright, but what about Snap, should I eliminate him tomorrow ” Ben asked.

” hmm ” Makes sighed deeply.

” tho he accepted the offer so that he could avert prison but since he betrayed us, he goes down but it’s not a top priority for now but if you got the chance to lodge a bullet on his head, don’t hesitate to do that ” Mask replied.

” roger that ” Ben said smiling.

” now show me what you got ” Mask said standing up as he took off the suit he was wearing then fold his two fist as he motioned to Ben to come to him.

” you’re gonna get hurt ” Ben said smiling as he got up and made a kungfu post. He motioned to Mask to come forward and Mask made the mistake by heeding to the call, He charged at Ben with his fist, when he got closer , Ben was swift to avert the punch by swerving to his left, then swiftly hit and pushed Mask with his palm on his chest. Mask staggered backward, coughing vigorously.

” old age ” Mask said smiling as he exited the room.

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” why do you think they abducted Ben ” Gina asked Snap after Wisdom had already left for the airport. He was traveling back to Abuja by flight and had to leave early so as to be able to follow the only airplane that was conveying the journey to Abuja.

” I think to get revenge for what he did to them ” Snap replied.

” but why didn’t they come for him since all this days that he’s bedridden in the hospital ” Gina asked looking disorganized.

” I don’t really know, if he’s the one in my shoe, he would have known because he’s the one who always do the thinking while all I do was back up his thought ” Snap said looking frustrated.

” maybe Toy will have an answer to all the questions when he get here tomorrow ” Snap added.

” no, we’ve got to derive a theory before they’re here ” Gina said standing up.

” what if the abduction was primarily targeted at Ben so that they could hold him and demand for a deal to release their people that were arrested, or he might have been murdered ” Gina said with an unstable expression.

” calm down ” Snap said, also standing up and held her hands.

” first of all, Ben isn’t dead, his dead body would have been left at the scene of the accident and secondly, this is not a ransom demanding abduction, it would have been if they’ve gotten hold of Mirabel because Mask isn’t dumb to know that only you care for him not your dad ”

” what if they’re aiming for the two of them ” Gina said interrupting him.

” you’re right ” Snap said freeing his hold on her hand.

” he’s been at the hospital all alone since all this days and no attempt was made to abduct him, you’ve also been the one taking Mirabel to school all this while and such attempt wasn’t carried out ” Snap said with his hand in his face as he sat down on the chair looking defeated

” they knew they’re gonna be together, Mask has the ability to plan and reason beyond normal people and if they really missed Mirabel, then they’re coming for her soon ” Snap added staring at Gina .

” no, they can’t get hold of her, not after losing Ben ” Gina said with a somber countenance.

” what are we to do ” Gina asked sitting beside Snap.

” nothing, but stay here till Toy and Cyber get here ” Snap replied.

” why not fly to my dad’s place tonight ” Gina suggested.

” it will be safer there ” She added.

” this house is the safest place you can be for now, because it can’t be penetrated by anyone ” Snap said, placing his hand on her shoulder to calm her down.

” why now of all time ” Gina said as tears dropped from her eye

” it’s going to be alright, we’ve defeated them once before, twice ain’t a taboo ” Snap said confidently
” just try to get yourself together ” he added trying hard to man up.

” what about his parents, they’ve called earlier to talk to him but I lied to them that he’s already asleep and I don’t think it’s right ” Gina said with a tone full of dejection.

” that’s the best thing we can do for them now, let just hope we get Ben back before they suspect anything ” Snap replied.

To be continued