Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 10


The next day

” here is Wizard ” Mask said introducing Ben to the new hacker he got for him.

” I’m P1 ” Ben said staring at the guy.

” I’m Wizard and I promise not to fall below your expectations ” Wizard said stretching his hand towards Ben, expecting a handshake from him.

” hope you’ve got a mini van ” Ben said not taking the handshake as he continued going through the galleries of guns in front of him.

” yeah ” Wizard replied.

” good because I won’t tolerate a single mistake from you ” Ben said, suddenly pointing a gun at Wizard, placing his hand on the trigger.

” o okay Sir ” Wizard stuttered as it showed clearly on his face that he was scared with the little drama Ben performed.

” know how to handle a gun ” Ben asked him.

” yes sir ” Wizard reply still looking scared.

” take this ” Ben said handing the pistol to him.

Mask made motion for Wizard to excuse them after he collected the gun from Ben.

” wait ” Ben said, stopping Wizard as he was about to leave.

” I want you to dress the bike with smoke grenades, sprinkler, 3.57 atz turbo, and the smoke defier ” Ben ordered Wizard.

” on it Sir ” Wizard said before he exited the room.

” are you sure you don’t need my plan to get inside and get the girl ” Mask asked Ben.

” are you doubting me ” Ben asked as he continued checking the guns, slotting the ones he like into the gun purse made on the black leather cloth he was wearing .

” no, just that I feel it’s too swift for you to come up with a plan ” Mask replied.

” if I don’t come back here with the girl, shoot me on my head ” Ben said before he exited the gun gallery.


” where are the communication gadget ” Ben asked Wizard as he joined him inside the mini van parked inside the garage with other exotic cars, ambulances, police cars, high powered engine bike and different kind of vehicles also parked there.

Wizard swiftly handed him a small phone and a small Bluetooth headset device which was the size of a button.
Ben smiled as he placed it on his ear.

” let’s get this party rolling ” Ben said as he powered on the device.

” take us to town ” Wizard ordered the van.

” the route to the town locked, journey starting ” a robotic voice said inside the van before the van ignited itself and started driving itself automatically.

The van was almost like Snap’s own but with more upgraded features.
There was also a bike inside it.
The van drove itself to a dead end inside the garage, facing a wall. Ben scoffed as he saw this, giving Wizard a weird stare

Wizard suddenly got his hands working on one of the laptop in front of him

” initiating the egress action ” A loud speaker suddenly blared from inside the garage.

Red leds suddenly started appearing on the wall which was blocking their way, the wall shook a bit before it suddenly split into two and moved further from each other. Some lights suddenly appeared in front of them revealing a tunnel in front of them. The van continued driving itself as it launch itself into the tunnel. The lights were shutting down itself as the van get passed it.

When the van had covered some distance inside the tunnel, the top of the tunnel suddenly opened itself and the van drove out of the tunnel through the opening.

Ben turned to look at the opening but it was already closed, forming the road which was in the middle of forest.

The van continued threading on the road till it connected to the express road..

” Wizard ” Ben suddenly called.

” yes sir ” Wizard replied.

” I want this mission to turn out perfect but it rely more on you ” Ben said.

” I’ll try my best and make sure not to disappoint you ” Wizard replied.

” what have you got for the mission “Ben asked.

” the gate, I’ve done my assignment on it and if they refuse to let you in, I can open it for you here ” Wizard replied with a tone that showed that he was satisfied with himself.

” good ” Ben said as he took to the bike seat.

” don’t f—–g sleep and I want you to be with me 24/7 as I carry out the mission, you will act as my eye from here” Ben added as he ignited the bike and place the helmet attached to the bike on his head.

” get your shit working and show me what you gat ” Ben said as the bike was lowered. He took another route different from that of the van. He saw two small birds flying above him, he smiled after viewing the birds well.

” d–n f—–g drone ” he muttered as he increased the speed of the bike.


” I want to go to school mum ” Mirabel sulked as she pestered her mom.

” darling, please don’t do this, the doctor said you must rest in after the incident you had to go through yesterday and it’s already late to go to school now ” Gina said trying to calm her little girl down.

The drugs the doctor prescribed for Mirabel contain soporific which made her slept for long. She woke up exactly at nine forty three AM.

” I can’t miss school twice in a week mom, it’s against my principle ” she moped staring at her mom with a pity filled look.

” principle ” Gina murmured and couldn’t help but smile. Tho she wasn’t surprise because Mirabel had made more shocking statement than that

” i know you’re a young lady of principle ” Gina said trying hard to look serious, curbing herself from smiling.

” and to be sincere, I respect your principle ” Gina continued.

” and one of your principle is also against going to school late you know ” Gina added, now losing the control she had on the smile as she let it out as Mirabel looked defeated and disappointed.

Going for one of her principle will sure defy the other and her mom was about to throw it at her face.

” I promise to always be an upholder of your principles in the future ” Gina said, smiling as she placed her right hand on her chest as if voicing out the Pledge.

” stop that mom ” Mirabel said smiling.

” and that’s my lovely little smart dolphin ” Gina said putting Mirabel into a tight embrace.

” is dad back ” Mirabel asked her mom, still in her embrace..

” not yet dear, but he’ll be back soon ” Gina replied her with a tone filled with certainty.

Gina’s phone suddenly rang and she had to disengage the hug in order to take the call.

” gotten something ” Gina asked Snap as she took the call.

” you’ve to come down here ” Snap said without replying Gina’s question.

” go and brush your teeth, I’ll set the dining for your breakfast ” Gina said to Mirabel before she exited her room.

” what’s wrong ” Gina asked Snap as she approached him.

” come here ” Snap motioned to her.

” who do you think this person is ” Snap asked her showing the CCTV footage on his laptop.

It has the live footage of the happenings behind the big black gate shielding the mighty house from the street.

” he looked like one of those agents from the Mask ” Gina said covering her mouth so that she won’t panick.

” take a closer look ” Snap said zooming the footage.

” you can’t mistake that posture for someone else ” Snap said.

” Ben ” Gina suddenly called out.

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” yeah, if we’re not mistaken, even with that helmet on, he’s Ben ” Snap said.

” but why is he staying there looking at the building as if inspecting it ” Gina asked.

” good question ” Snap remarked.

” Ben only do that on mission which he’s got little or no time to prepare for, he evaluate his enemies and also ways of approach which will stress him less ” Snap explicated.

” what’s really happening here ” Gina asked looking confused.

” I think the old Ben is back but we’re his mission ” Snap replied.

” no, that can’t be right ” Gina said waving her right hand index finger.

” see this ” Snap said zooming the footage more.

” he’s talking to someone ” Snap said pointing at the helmet.

” the helmet at the jaw base is slightly moving which means a conversation is occurring with someone, I think his hacker ” Snap said.

” hacker ” Gina muttered still looking confused.

” how could that happen in just a day and what is he discussing with him ” Gina asked

” I can’t get hold of what they’re saying, the hacker is disrupting all the frequency I can use to snitch on the conversation ” Snap said as he got his hand typing furiously on another laptop beside the one displaying the footage.

” what is happening ” Gina asked as the footage suddenly went blank.

” the hacker is f—–g getting hold of all the eye we got ” Snap said frustratingly as he got his hands swiftly typing on the laptop.

” shit, we’re doom ” Snap said with a resignation tone as he stopped hitting at the laptop’s keyboard.

” make a call to the guards to find a place to hide right now, I’ll try to jam the gate so that it won’t be accessible to the hacker ” Snap said as he resumed having his hands working on the laptop.

” why should they be hiding, when they should be trying to defend us ” Gina said looking confused.

” if we got the old Ben on us, trust me, you don’t want to see them dying for nothing ” Snap added as he placed the two laptops beside themselves as he operated the two together.

” I can’t get through to them ” Gina said after trying to reach the guards.

” who the heck is this hacker ” Snap suddenly bursted out frustratingly as he smashed one of the laptop on the floor. .

” I’ve to delete Ben from the list of people who can get inside this building ” Snap said grabbing the unscathed laptop and started operating it again.

” the gate will open in the next thirty seconds ” Wizard informed Ben.

” let’s get the party rocking then ” Ben smiled as he took off the helmet and wore an eyeglasses that was attached to the bike on his face. He revved the bike loudly as he waited for the gate to automatically open by itself.

The guards were already stationed at different spots, waiting for him after they sighted him on the CCTV control room before they lost the signal.

They’ve tried to call Gina and explain the situation of things to her but it wasn’t connecting, and they’ve also tried to inform the police so that back up could be sent but they couldn’t connect with anyone.

” here we go ” Ben said as the gate opened, as he started shooting the smoke grenade into the compound and in few seconds, thick fume had engulfed everywhere blinding everyone except Ben because he had the smoke defier glasses on his face.

In the range of a minute, which entailed the muffled sound of gunshot, the smoke started wearing off revealing the dead bodies of every guards inside the house. Ben rode the bike to the entrance of the main building and parked it.

He got down from the bike and head to the cubicle looking door with a killer smile embedded on his lip.

To be continue…