Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 11


Twenty minutes earlier

Location •• Murtala Muhammed International Airport


” same old Nigeria ” Cyber said to Toy as they got down from the plane with their traveling bag’s in their hands.

” do you expect to see changes here ” Toy asked smiling.

” I just want Nigeria as a whole to change, even the display of the country is of low megapixel ” Cyber said as they kept on walking, dragging their bags along with them inside the terminal, filled with people going back and forth.

” if you don’t like it here then make sure to help in getting that boy back quickly ” Toy said to Cyber.

” talk for yourself bro, I know if you didn’t like that kid, you won’t have left your precious Katherina alone to come down to Nigeria ” Cyber replied smiling.

” good morning gentlemen ” two officers accosted the two of them before Toy could reply.

” hello officers, what can we do for you ” Toy asked as he stopped walking.

” I’m sorry if I appear rude but you’ve got to follow us to our office ” one of the officers said to them.

” and why will we need to when we’ve already gone through the scanner and it gave out the green light depicting that we’re clean ” Toy replied them.

” we know but you still have to follow us for another reason which you’ll get to know when we get there ” the officer said to them like a cool gentleman.

” alright, but you’ve got to make it snappy because we’ve got somewhere we should be soon ” Toy replied them.
They followed the officers down to their office. The officers offered them seats as they started interrogating them.

present time

” something is wrong ” Snap said as he started panicking.

” I can’t access my data base where I’ll get to delete him from the list of people who can access that door ” he added as he was sweating profusely.

” and what’s the meaning of that ” Gina asked almost in a whisper .

” we need miracle in order to stop ” Snap couldn’t complete the sentence when the door suddenly made a clink sound which means someone was trying to get in. The next phase followed with the door opening. The door at the inner side also opened and Ben entered into the room .

” hello dear ” Ben greeted Gina smiling as he entered the living room.

” hello Ben ” Gina replied trying to keep calm as she stood up.

” why are you sweating darling ” Ben said moving closer to her.

” nothing, it’s just that the air-condition is faulty ” Gina replied as her hands started trembling.

” are you scared of me ” Ben said tucking the two pistols in his hand into the purse made for it on the leather cloth he was wearing.

” no, I’m happy to see you ” Gina said with a cracked voice.

” is that so ” Ben said placing his hand beside her neck.

” I’ve missed you too you know ” he added as he brought his head down to hers and kissed her but she didn’t respond to it .

” seems like you’re scared ” Ben said staring into her face.

” why are you doing this Ben, this isn’t you ” Gina mustered courage to say as she also stared into his eye.

” then who’s the real me you f—–g deceiver ” Ben screamed at her angrily as he withdrew his hand from her neck.

” what are you talking about ” Gina asked looking surprised.

” don’t f—–g pretend to me again, my memory is back ” Ben said pointing his index finger at Gina.

” I’m not pretending and if your memory is really back you should know that ” Gina retorted. She seemed not afraid again.

” funny, very funny ” Ben said smiling.

” I am not here to bicker with you or hurt you, but if you fail to bring out your small girl, I might have to hurt you ” Ben said to Gina.

” not my small girl ” Gina retorted waving her index finger at Ben’s face.

” she’s our small girl ” she added confidently.

Ben raised his hand and made attempt to slap her but he stopped his hand few inches away from her face.

” it’s all over Gina ” he said folding his fist frustratingly.

” those lie got no effect on me now, so please keep off it before I hurt you ” he added staring deep into her face.

” I don’t know whatever it was that they did or say to you but believe me Ben, I’m not lying, what we shared was real and I know you can feel it ” Gina said holding his hand.

” someone is escaping with the girl through the window ” Wizard informed Ben.

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” roger that ” Ben said.

” do you believe me now ” Gina asked thinking she’s the one Ben replied.

” yeah I do, I believe you now and I know what you’re really up to here ” Ben said he placed his hand on his neck, applied force to a certain area there. Gina lost consciousness and fell down.

Ben scampered out of the house as he heard the revving of a bike.

Snap was about to ride the bike out of the premises when Ben got out and released three shot at him. Two hit the two tyres which got it deflated at once while one got stuck in Snap’s shoulder. He fell down alongside Mirabel who was wearing a helmet.

Snap got up placing his right hand on his left side shoulder where he was shot while Mirabel was still on the ground wincing in pain.

” P1, please don’t do this ” Snap pleaded as Ben started moving towards them pointing his gun at him.

” how dare you betray the hand that fed you ” Ben said as his steps drew him more closer to where Snap was standing.

” it’s all a lie Ben, you’ve been deceived ” Snap cried out.

” no it’s not, I’ve retained my memory back and no f—–g person outta all of you can play with me anymore because I’m not anyone’s frigging toy ” Ben said at the top of his voice as he shot Snap on his head.Snap fell down as blood gush out from his skull.

” Uncle Snap ” Mirabel screamed as she removed the helmet from her head.

Ben returned to the entrance of the main building to get his bike, he got on it and ignited it. He rode it down to where Snap’s corpse and Mirabel was.
He used one hand to pull Mirabel to the bike and made her sit down in front of him.

He rode out of the building’s premises, on his way out, Toy and Cyber were making their entrance.

Ben increased the speed of the bike as he sped off.

Toy and Cyber swiftly put their bike to a halt as they scampered into the premises.

” shit, they already got here ” Toy said as he looked at the corpses in front of him.

” here is Snap ” Cyber said gaining Toy’s attention.

” he’s dead ” Cyber informed him as he placed two of his fingers on Snap’s neck to feel his pulse and felt nothing.

” he has taken Mirabel ” one of the guards who was barely alive suddenly said in a low tone before he gave up spirit.

” see who you can still save here, I’ll go after him ” Toy said to Cyber before he scampered to his bike, ignited it and chased after Ben.

” Mirabel ” Gina screamed as she woke up from the deep slumber Ben put her into.

” they’ve gotten hold of her too ” Toy replied beside her.

” Toy ” Gina exclaimed on seeing who replied her.

” hello Gina ” Toy greeted her.

” the agent partially clog your vein from transporting blood to your brain, it’s either you’re lucky to be alive or he spared your life ” Toy said to her as she managed to sit down on the hospital bed.

” we would have gotten to your place earlier but I think Mask is gotten the airport under its wing because we were delayed unnecessarily and by the time we got to your place, everything is already a mess, I tried chasing after the agent who took Mirabel but I wasn’t able to catch up with him ” Toy explained to Gina.

” it was Ben ” Gina said as tears suddenly started strolling down her pretty face.

” what ” Toy uttered looking confused.

” Ben was the agent who came to kidnap Mirabel ” Gina uttered weakly.

” so Ben killed Snap ” Toy muttered looking confused.

” Snap is dead? ” Gina asked with a disbelief expression.

” he was killed before we got there ” Toy replied her.

” nooo ” Gina screamed, removing the drip hose pinned to her wrist.

To be continue…