Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 19


” now let me take y’all on the plan b and how it’s going to workout successfully ” Precious said smiling.

” what about Ben and my family members ” Gina asked.

” didn’t Ben teach you anything ” Precious asked her as her expression suddenly change.

” like ” Gina asked also with a bossy tone.

” like exercising patience and paying attention when you need to ” Precious replied moving closer to her like a daredevil.

” maybe you ask him yourself when you’re able to save him ” Gina replied without an ounce of fear in her voice as she also started moving to meet Precious .

” ladies please don’t let us do this now ” Snap said mediating between the two as he swiftly got in between the two of them.

” do you think I’m seriously going head to head with her ” Precious asked as she suddenly bursted into laughter.

” this is d–n hilarious ” she added still laughing as she returned to the formal position she was standing as she wanted to dish out the plan b.

” please keep your emotions out of this if you want everyone to be safe and please be patient, I’ve been with an agent for a long period of time to know that they don’t like to be interrupted unnecessarily especially when they’re going over their plans ” Snap whispered into Gina’s ear while Toy and Cyber feigned ignorance to the feeble brawl that almost sparked between the two ladies.

” Gina, you’ve got to pull yourself together as you’ll be having an important role to play in order to make this plan work ” Precious said when everywhere was calm.

” what important role ” Gina asked looking surprised.

” we’ve got to divert tomorrow’s meeting from the governor’s office without anyone knowing and only the president can order that ,and you’re the only one that can ask the president to do that because among all of us, you’re the only one he trust ” Precious replied.

” it will be best if I see him face to face to explain the situation to him ” Gina said.

” yeah, I know that, that’s why you’ll be leaving now ” precious replied.

” leave now ” Gina exclaimed looking surprised.

” Abuja ain’t a day journey on road from here and I don’t think I’ll be able to catch a flight there at this time ” Gina added almost in a protesting tone.

” you’re not going by road nor by air, you’ll be leaving in a more faster means ” Precious replied and everyone in the room gave her the ” what are you driving at ” look.

” why are y’all looking at me like that ” Precious asked smiling.

” yeah, but you can’t really call it stealing, I took it as compensation for turning me into this without my permission ” Precious added trying to lift the mood.

” we’ll talk about it later but we’ve got to let go now and I’ve enhanced it speed to twice of an aeroplane own, before thirty minutes, you should be in Abuja ” Precious said facing Gina.

” but, you said you’ve destroyed all the underground route and that ”

” we’ll talk about that later ” Precious said interrupting Snap.

” follow me ” she motioned to Gina as she left the room.

” is this thing safe ” Gina asked as she stared at the transporter.

” yeah, it’s ninety nine percent safe, so get in ” Precious replied her clicking on a button fixed on one of the doors of the transporter and the door Slid opened by itself.

” what about the remaining one percent ” Gina said now looking scared.

” you’ll find out when you get inside and make sure to close your eye ” Precious said as she pushed her inside and the door shut automatically by itself.

Precious brought out a phone and started operating it.

” location, Abuja terminal stop locked please attach the seatbelt ” a robotic voice said inside the transporter.

Gina who was standing swiftly located one of the seats inside the transporter and sat down and made sure to put on the seatbelt as the robotic voice began a count down to launch the transporter.

Precious waved at her smiling as the count down dropped to one.

Gina screamed out loudly as the transporter launched itself at the speed of light.

” your one percent ” Precious said smiling as she exited the transporter terminal.

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” now let go Over the plan ” Precious said as she returned to join Snap, Toy and Cyber.

” I didn’t want to raise this in order not to get that innocent girl worried ” Toy said.

” how are we going to locate Ben and the girl’s family or do you know their location ” Toy asked.

” we’ve got a GPRS encoded in the optical lens in Ben’s eye” Snap replied him.

” WTF, it could blind him if activated ” Cyber exclaimed.

” yeah, that’s why we had it fixed in the mouthpiece and since it’s not in his eye again, we can activate it and follow up on his location ” Snap replied.

” cool idea ” Cyber said.

” what about the family, I’m sure Mask ain’t gonna reveal the location even if we torture him to reveal it and don’t tell me truth serum, we all know direly that it ain’t gonna work on him ” Toy said.

” and if we are not able to get the family, it’s gonna be his hidden card to get out unscathed ” Toy added.

” where do you think is the safest place for him to hide them ” Precious asked Toy.

” I don’t know, maybe his current underground palace ” Toy suggested.

” no, Ben already know there, he won’t be stupid enough to put them there, not even when he had discover that Ben is a spy ” Precious replied him.

” think about somewhere we won’t think of searching nor get our mind to think of it ” Precious said.

” where could that be ” Toy murmured as he seemed to be in deep thought.

” the former headquarter of Mask , it’s been marked as a no go area and has been abandoned after the explosion that occured beneath it, plus it’s somewhere we already know and he won’t expect us to think that he’s gonna make use of somewhere we already know he can use ” Toy said smiling.

” cheers ” Precious said as they both made a feeble clash with their knuckles smiling.

” I hacked into the Mdj98+ satellite when it was launched two weeks ago ”

” no, no, no ” Cyber and Snap repeated as if they’ve planned it before, shaking their head .

” Russia bragged about how even God won’t be able to get closer to the satellite when they launch it and I don’t think it’s a bluff because of its features ” Cyber said staring at Precious.

” good thing I’m not god ” Precious said smiling.

” tho they’re fit to brag about it because the satellite is f—–g dope, and I also almost lost my life while trying to hack it, but that’s another story for another day, maybe after this is over ” she added smiling as she switched on the Wall TV.

” I and Snap has been keeping keen attention on the headquarter after the explosion with the satellite in Snap’s hold but we’ve been getting no result of anyone going near there but after I hacked the mdj98+ , I used it on the area and I detected heatmap of human there which means they’re using high power device to erase their heat map but the devices couldn’t overpower the mdj98+. I went on a secret adventure there when I was sure no one was there and I found out that the place has been set up back but just not in use but check the heat map that’s been stable since morning there ” Precious said clicking the phone in her hand and the TV displayed the heat map of the people inside the underground building.

” if I’m seeing correctly, those are eleven people ” Toy replied.

” yeah, and how many kids does David have excluding Gina ” she asked.

” I think seven ” Cyber replied.

” including their mom eight, with three people watching over them, we’ve got eleven people ” Precious said smiling.

” cool ” Cyber muttered

” I’m not bluffing when I said everything goes down tomorrow ” Precious said as she winked at Snap.


” they’re really here ” Ben muttered to himself, smiling as he heard the sound of the shuttle bus which was conveying Mask and the agents from far distance.

Ben tapped Wizard on his shoulder and motioned to him to shut down every means which could allow Mask to eavesdrop on their conversation.

” they’re here ” Ben said loudly to Wizard as he shut down everything

” how did you know ” Wizard asked looking surprised.

” you don’t need to know that, are you anxious ” Ben asked him.

” I’m not going to lie Ben, I’m freaking out inside ” Wizard replied him.

” I know you’ll be but just trust me, I promise that I’m gonna protect you and don’t show any sign that you’re with me no matter what they do to me ” Ben said placing his hand on his shoulder.

” I trust you bro ” Wizard replied him.

” now turn it back up ” Ben said to him as he brought out his gun and placed it on his head.

” what did I do wrong ” Wizard asked feigning to be surprised.

” shut down every communication means of everyone ” Ben ordered him.

To be continue.