Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 20



” turn off every mouthpiece inside the van ” Ben whispered to Wizard.
Wizard had on a surprised countenance but obeyed before he asked why.

” remember you said you’ve heard a lot about me ” Ben asked him.

” yeah ” Wizard replied.

” you’re one of the greatest Mask agent I’ve wanted to work with even tho I was with Harmony, tho I learnt you went rogue but it was cool having you back and even having to work with you ” Wizard added smiling.

” you’re a good boy you know ” Ben said staring at him.

” you’ve got a bright future ahead of you and I’ve got peepz you can mingle with to be the greatest at what you do ” Ben added with a cool tone.

” I don’t understand what you’re driving at ” Wizard said with a confused countenance.

” I’m going rogue once more and I will like you to join me if you don’t want to go down with Mask ” Ben replied trying hard to sound less coercive.

” it’s not a threat but rather a choice but I will really love to have you with me ” Ben added maintaining the tempo.

” I can’t do that, I owe my life to this organization and can’t betray it ” Wizard replied staring blankly into Ben’s eyeball.

” same old bullshit ” Ben said smiling.

” do you know why I went rogue in the first place ” Ben asked him.

” no ” he replied.

” because I was able to get over the bullshit which Mask installed into everyone of us and labelled it LOYALTY ” Ben said.

” you owe no life to Mask because they snatched the great one you’re supposed to have from you in the first place and replaced with the one that’s gonna abide with their evil doing till the end of your life but here is a chance at liberty that I’m offering you, I can do all this myself without you knowing but I like and won’t want you to perish alongside with Mask because you’re just a victim who was embrace into the darkness not base on your choice ” Ben said placing his two hands at each sides of his shoulder.

” I know you’ll be able to remember less because your memories of childhood filled with happiness has been erased but I want you to follow your intuition and grab the right hand ” Ben said withdrawing his right hand away from his shoulder and placed it in front of him.

” what will it be ” Ben asked staring directly into his eyeball.

” a chance at freedom or the rough ride to hell ” he asked still staring at him.

Wizard looked clueless for some seconds.

” what should I do ” Wizard asked smiling as he held Ben’s hand.

” great choice bro ” Ben said smiling.

” all you gat to do is simple, Mask will get here in few minutes to get me and take over the mission, I want you to be natural ,play cool and whenever I whistle, I want you to turn shut down all the means of communication among everyone and most importantly, play along with every tune played ” Ben explicated to him.

” Wizard is with us now and I want you to have him under you in case anything happen to me ” Ben said to no one in particular and Wizard seem to be perplexed by this.


” we’ve gotten everyone under control Sir ” agent J4 said to Mask as they got all the senators on their knees inside the governor’s mini hall which is mainly used by the governor to receive important guest on the first floor of the governor’s office .

All the securities securing the vicinity were all shoot on sight before they finally took over the hall as they made everyone lie down on the designed floor and fixed cams on angles which was gonna display everyone inside the room perfectly.

” good job J4,I’ll get back to you soon ” Mask said smiling.

” get me the footage of the hall on this screen ” Mask said to one of the hackers pointing at one of the screens in front of him.

” okay Sir ” the hacker replied as he swiftly got the footage on.

” it’s time to move ” Mask said to agent Alien who was heading the team b, the second team charged with the taking over of the embassy via the headset in his ear but all of them heard the message.

” roger that ” agent Alien replied him.
The plan was to get in with the front push effrontery as planned in the mission room. They’re all on a bike each, few distance away from themselves, few meters away from the embassy.

Agent Alien motioned with his hand on the position, each of them is to take as they shoot their way into the embassy, killing any living thing that grace their view before they finally get inside and abduct the ambassador, and escape with him to the location Mask had installed on their bike’s GPRS { the former abandoned headquarter} .

They all ignited their bikes, revved it louder till everywhere was overshadowed by the fume coming out of all their bike’s silencer.

Agent Alien made sign for them to go and they all placed their bikes into motion at once as they drove towards the embassy.

As they got closer to the main entrance they brought out their guns and activated the machine gun fixed to the bikes.

The leading agent motioned to them to start shooting but none was able to release a bullet out of their guns before their bikes hit a long transparent string which was placed on the road as a trigger to the bomb beneath it.

The three bikes were propelled into the air , courtesy of the force from the explosion. They returned down to the tiled road with a loud thud, all injured and in the blink of an eye, many people khaki uniform (army) with guns in their hands had already surrounded them pointing the guns at them.

” it’s a trap ” agent Alien muttered before he raised his hands up to show that he’s surrender.

” what ” Mask muttered looking surprised.

” J4, are you there with me ” he said trying hard to keep calm.

” yes sir ” J4 replied.

” I noticed the governor is missing here ” J4 added.

” that ain’t the issue now, ask all of them to raise their head up ” Mask ordered him.

” raise your f—–g heads up ” J4 screamed at the senators who had their heads kissing the floor as they seemed to be scared. They all brought their heads up slowly.

” fiiii ” Ben suddenly whistled and Wizard swiftly discreetly disconnected all their means of communication.

” f–k, those ain’t the senators ” Mask exclaimed now panicking.

” what did you say Sir ” J4 asked as the communication was down and he couldn’t hear what Mask had sputtered.

The screen inside the shuttle bus which Mask was using to monitor the event suddenly screeched as it turned blank.

” what tha f**ck is happening ” Mask screamed at the hackers.

” I don’t know, some other hackers are tampering with all the installed cams from another location ” one of the hackers replied.

” then get your shit working on getting it back and you ” he said pointing at Wizard. Wizard heart skipped a beat as Mask pointed at him.

” work on getting the communication back while the remaining four should take control of the cam back ” Mask instructed.

Wizard heaved a sigh of relief as he got his fingers working on his laptop.

” hahahahahaahahahah ” Ben started laughing hysterically.

” thought you said you’re the greatest planner ” Ben said mockingly amidst laughter.

” what did you do ” Mask asked staring at Ben who was still laughing uncontrollably.

” you think this is funny right ” Mask asked as he moved closer to where Ben was with Mirabel still in his arm.

” this shit ain’t funny yet ” Ben said, now reducing the laugh.

” the shit that’s gonna happen in the next three minutes will be funnier ” Ben said as he suddenly started laughing hysterically again.

” what did you say Sir ” J4 asked as the communication was down and he couldn’t hear what Mask had sputtered.

” hello bro ” one of the senators stood up took off the agbada {overwear } he was wearing, revealing the simple dress beneath it and while doing this, some of the powder used as costume to form grey hair on his head dropped down .

” get your f—–g ass down ” J4 screamed at him as the three agents pointed their guns at him.

” are you an idiot not to notice all this is costume ” Wisdom asked as he brushed down the powder on his hair and removed the old man mustache which was attached to his jaw.

All the remaining people impersonating the president all stood up at once and also took off the agbadas they’re wearing, dropped it on the floor and also took off the costume on their faces.

” now do you get a hold of the situation here ” Wisdom asked smiling as the three agents were still pointing their guns at him.

” it’s a trap ” J4 said as he lowered his gun and asked the rest to also do so.

” but do you think y’all can handle us ” J4 asked Wisdom smiling.

” we’ve been informed before coming here that we can’t handle the three of you by going face on with you and that’s why we’re gonna cheat ” Wisdom said bringing out a remote from his pocket and clicked on it and the agbadas on the floor started emitting smoke.

The agents swiftly reached out for their mask but it wasn’t effective enough as everyone inside the room all fell to the ground unconsciously.

” do you think you can win this battle ” Mask asked Ben .

” thought I taught you well not to celebrate victory when you ain’t fully sure of victory ” Mask said staring at Ben .

” if such is the case, then you’re a f—–g hyprociate because I remembered you celebrating quite early before ” Ben shut at him back.

” good you can have the mission sabotage but I’ve still got hidden cards to get me victory later on with me ” Mask said and returned to meet the hackers.

” we’ve been kicked out Sir, we couldn’t overpower them ” one of the hackers informed Mask.

” you’re a fool ” Mask lashed at him as he brought out a cellular mobile from his pocket and dailed a number on it, took down the headset in his ear and placed the phone on his ear.

” I need backup ” he said to the recipient of the call.

” we can no longer help you Mask, our alliance comes off now ” the recipient replied him.

” stop f—–g kidding with me, I made your organization what it is today ” Mask screamed at the recipient.

” thank you for reminding us ” the recipient said before hanging the call.

” I won’t f—–g go down alone ” Mask muttered to himself as he head to the door of the shuttle bus and slid it open with Mirabel in his hand.

” hello Spike ” Toy and Precious greeted Mask in unison as they stood in front of him.

” told ya ” Ben said smiling as he stood up from the seat he was tied to with the chain used on his wrist on the floor.

” Hello daughter ” Mask said grinning awkwardly as he tried hard to man up.

” daughter ” Precious repeated after him looking perplexed.

” this ain’t time for a family reunion now ” Mask said pulling out a gun and placed it on Mirabel’s head.

” I need you two to get out of my way ” Mask said as he pulled the trigger of gun.

” drop the gun ” Ben said as he also pulled out a small pistol out of the boot he was wearing and pointed it at Mask.

” you won’t want to pull that trigger if you want to know where I kept your in-law ” Mask said smiling.

” you’re not so wise like you think ” Toy said as he suddenly bursted into laughter.

” why keep such high value cards in somewhere you’ve been busted before ” Toy added still laughing.

” looks like I’ve lost already ” Mask said smiling.

” it’s over, just drop the gun and the girl ” Ben said as he pulled the trigger of the gun in his hand.

” my lovely innocent daughter ” Mask said staring at Precious.

” who’s your daughter ” Precious asked giving him a weird stare.

“♪♪ baby baby, yes papa, how do you shoot a gun, pow, pow, will you be a soldier like your dad, yes papa ♪♪ Mask recited the poem he was fond of reciting with her when she was little.

” no, I can’t believe this, it’s just one of your funny way to try and use me ” Precious protested vehemently.

” I know you’re not going to believe but all I just want you to know is that dad love you, even tho I had to cast you away from my side in order to protect you but I also had to bring you into Mask in order to protect you again , that’s why I had you well trained before bringing you in, so that you’ll survive to the end and here you are, a survival ” Mask said as he forced out a smile.

” I love you, tho it’s a painful love but forgive me because I’ve got to do this ” Mask said as he withdraw the gun from Mirabel’s head and placed it on his head as he made attempt to commit suicide, but Ben was swift and accurate with his target as he shot the gun off his hand.

Precious already had tears strolling down from her eye.

” dad ” she called out passionately as she regained all her childhood memories consisting of Mask.

” my sunshine ” Mask said, smiling as he stared at Precious.

” I remember you now, please surrender so that we can make up on our lost time ” Precious said with a pleading tone.

” it’s too late dear, like I said earlier, it’s a painful love ” Mask said smiling.

” it’s not a painful love but an heartless one if you wouldn’t listen to my plea, I’m weeping here dad, here’s a weeping love and you’ve got to heed to it, for my sake ” Precious said amidst tears.

” I’m sorry sunshine ” Mask said as he brought out a knife and made attempt to insert it into Mirabel’s neck.
Ben emptied all the bullets inside the pistol in his hand into his body at once.

His hold on Mirabel released and before anyone could get there to save her, she had already fallen to ground with a loud thud without struggling to be safe.

Ben swiftly grabbed her from the floor, screaming her name but she wasn’t responding as blood gushed out of her head.

Ben made motion to swiftly leave with her but Mask suddenly grabbed his leg.

he stretched out an hard drive to him.

” my last gift to you ” he struggled to say before he finally gave up ghost.

•• Black out ••

The ride to the hospital was a dangerous one as Ben ignored all traffic protocols and almost collided with many vehicles before he got to the hospital.

With Mirabel in his hand, he dashed into the emergency section of the hospital requesting for a doctor.

She was retrieved from his hand by some of the nurses and was placed on a bed.

Ben was asked to go outside as a doctor was summoned.

Gina and Snap arrived few minutes later and met Ben pacing up and down the corridor looking disoriented.

” how is she ” Gina asked Ben as she ran to meet him.

” I don’t know her current situation but the doctors are with her ” Ben replied with depressive tone.

” no, no, no ” Gina said as she started sobbing. Ben put her into his embrace as he pat her on her back.

” she’s going to be alright ” Snap said also with a depressive tone.

Without Gina knowing, Ben handed him the drive Mask gave him and motion to him to start working on it at once.

The door of the emergency room suddenly opened and the doctor that was called to check on Mirabel came out.

” how is she ” Ben asked as he swiftly accustomed the doctor with Gina following behind him.

” are you the parent of the little girl ” the doctor asked.

” yes we are ” Ben replied him.

” she was injected with neutrafloxin, an injection which had already paralyzed her, she recovered from the paralysis when her body hit the floor and due to the sudden shock she experienced, we can only try our best but God healeth, she died ” the doctor said exiting the place at once.

” noooo ” Gina sobbed loudly as she fell down to the tiled floor. Ben motioned to assist her but she shunned him loudly.

” get away from me you heartless soul” Gina said pushing Ben away as she stood up by herself.

” she was your daughter and you went ahead to use her as a bait in the tiger’s territory ” she wailed hitting Ben on his chest.

” she was the only hope I held onto while waiting for you to wake up from coma, I couldn’t be moved at all by anyone because of her , you shouldn’t have woken up, you should have just died ” Gina said as she continued hitting him on his chest.

” I hate you ” she said as she sobbed.

Ben grabbed her and tried to embrace her but she pushed him away.

” loving you was painful on its own, but I’ve been enduring the painful love all because I thought there was a bright future for the two of us but now I can see clearly that we’ve got no future together ” Gina said crying.

” I don’t want to ever see you in my life again ” she added before she staggered into the emergency room to check on Mirabel corpse.

” are you okay ” Snap asked as he walked closer to Ben.

” I’m alright, just make sure you decode the drive I gave you without losing any information inside it, I’m sure it’s containing information on Harmony ” Ben said before he stormed out of the hospital.

” hello dear ” Precious waved at Ben standing beside the bike Ben rode there.

” you look calm for someone who just lost her dad ” Ben teased as he moved closer to her.

” and you look too calm for someone who just murdered my dad right in front of my eye ” Precious said as she brought out her pistol and pulled it trigger playfully .

” how you holding up ” Ben asked her collecting the gun from her and gently returned its trigger.

” I barely knew him, so I’m doing fine ” Precious replied.

” I know that’s a lie because I saw the side of you I’ve never seen before ” Ben said staring at her.

” yeah, I was slightly shook by him tho I’m blaming myself for feeling that way but I can’t help it, maybe it’s the father daughter bond ” Precious replied feigning a smile.

” so how you also holding up ” Precious asked him.

” I’m holding up fine, I barely got to spend a quality father daughter time with her too ” Ben replied as he also feign a smile.

” I know it’s a lie that you’re holding up fine, let just accept we’re both holding up fine, what next ” Precious asked him.

” we’re both not fit to live a prosperous live among those who love us, let’s get away from here and ghost it out forever ” Ben said smiling.

” what about your family ” Precious asked him.

” they’ve been surviving with the knowledge that I’m dead before, let them keep up with it like that ” Ben replied.

” then I’m also in ” precious said as she sat on the bike and ignited it.

” let get the f–k outta this world ” Ben said as he sat behind her and she rode out of the hospital vicinity.

The end.