Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 18


A day before D-day

” who do you say is the real leader of the mask ” Toy asked looking surprised.

” it’s agent Spike ” Precious repeated.

” no, I heard that the first time ” Toy said looking more petrified.

” how can Spike be the Mask leader, it doesn’t make any sense ” Toy said with a tone connoting disbelief.

” he’s one of the weakest person with tender heart that doesn’t go pari-paso with Mask’s objective and he’s also too young to fit in the profile of the person heading Mask ” Toy added.

” let me tell y’all a story ” Precious said getting everyone’s attention.

” during the time when Ben and I went for the last mission to rescue the kids and also destroy the head chapel of mask here in Lagos, the person who received us was Goat, the one you know as agent Spike, he posed like he was there to assist us but merely reading him, I knew something was off but Ben was too blinded by the relationship that coexist between the two of them to notice and it was also too swift as bullets started flying around and he swiftly made an intervention and feigned to rescue us but during the pandemonium occurring then, i was able to deduce some things from the event ” Precious said pausing for a while

” and what’s that ” Toy asked impatiently.

” firstly, he was shocked to see me appear with Ben, and secondly, five gunmen appeared, three faced him and all their shot was mainly targeted at him while two faced Ben and me, but he was swift to push me away from their sight, exposing Ben to all the bullets they were releasing but Ben was more swift to take cover before I did and I was even unlucky to get shot on my leg ” Precious took a swift halt to release the saliva stuck in her oesophagus.

” because I was shot, I had to stay behind to withdraw the bullet and get the wound off my body while Ben had to leave to quickly take care of the mission. When I was good to go and stood up, I passed by Goat’s corpse and I could see clearly that his body was infiltrated with over thirty bullets and I’m frigging sure even ten scaly bulletproofs can’t save such person from that kinda dilemma but miraculously, that person has been the one giving Ben order since they abducted him, is that not a miracle on its own ” Precious asked with a grin.

” can I see some of the videos you got on him ” Toy asked.

” yeah” Precious replied, snapping her fingers at Snap.

” here ” Snap said handing a flash drive to Toy.

” gracias ” Toy appreciated Snap in Spanish language.

Toy threw the flashdrive at Cyber and pointed his finger at his phone, depicting he wanted the video on his phone and before the completion of a minute, his phone beeped, informing him of the arrival of the videos.

They were all in an underground bunker, Precious safehouse. She got it three years ago and ever since then, she spent most of her time there, either planning with Snap about the mission or sharpening her skills and when she’s not doing this, she’s either in a foreign country doing the work of the CIA. Tho not registered as an agent of the CIA but she’s always contacted for some rogue mission as she’s well known by them for her skill.

Tho they’ve tried in persuading her to work with them but she’s not ready to be an order receiver anymore.

” all we have to do is wait for them to start the briefing of the mission, then we’ll be able to deliberate on the basis of countering it ” Precious said as Toy was engrossed with his phone, watching the clips that were sent to it.

” this guy is a f—–g snake ” Toy said smiling as he dropped his phone.

” he’s the one ” he added smiling.

” Ben is on ” Snap informed them as he got alerted through his wrist watch.

” who’s in for a movie ” precious said as she clicked on a remote and a blank wall that’s been in the room they were, suddenly got light all over it and in a second, turned pit black and a loading icon appeared on it before everywhere suddenly got brighten up.

” display video from the camcord recorder in Paris, display video from the David castle in Abuja, display video from the soft optical lens in an unknown location ” the wall displaying LCD displayed many options from every nook and cranny Precious has a camera installed.

” hmmm ” Gina sighed on noticing his father’s house is also on Precious rader but didn’t say anything about it.

Precious clicked on the soft optical lens from an unknown location and it displayed the mission room where Mask was dishing out the plans for the operation.

” son of a f—–g motherfucker ” Toy muttered as he saw Mask.

Everywhere was silent and the only voice heard was that of Mask as he preached out the plan.

” signal connection lost ” the displaying wall suddenly displayed as Mask placed the Flasicant on Ben’s skin.

” what was that ” Toy asked.

” I don’t know ” Precious replied as she tried to reconnect it to no avail .

” he can’t suddenly slept off while a mission briefing is going on ” Toy said looking perplexed by the whole situation.

” could it be that he’s been fished out ” Snap asked rhetorically.

” if he’s been detected, there should’ve been some sort of violent, or ” Precious said as she seemed to be communicating with her brain.

” Snap, check the source of light illuminating from the cyclodisplay table ” Precious ordered Snap and he swiftly got his laptop, directed the videos they’re able to view to it and made a cross search to the cyclodisplay table, segregating the light away from the video. Through cross reference search he was finally able to detect it .

” the cyclodisplay table light had the mixture of mercury and 404 display leniency attached to it in order to enhance its graphic ” Snap said after he’s got the result.

” okay ” Precious said as she sprang to her feet.

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She swiftly exited the room to god no where and it took her almost ten minutes before she returned with a small torchlight in her hand.

” had to swiftly make a replica of such light ” she said as she returned.

” here ” she said handing the kinda optical lens Ben had on his eye to Toy.

” put it on ” she said to him and

” wow” Toy said before he fixed it to his retina.

” open your eye ” she ordered as she switch the torchlight on and flashed it to his face.

” shit ” Snap exclaimed as he saw the result.

” now we know that he’s been detected ” Precious said as she sat down.

” so what y’all are saying right now is that they’ve discovered that Ben is a spy ” Gina asked speaking for the first time since she know not what to add to the conversation that’s been going on between all of them.

” it seem so ” Snap replied her.

” no, we’re talking about all of my family here, they’re going to change all their plans even keep them where we won’t be able to obtain them ” Gina said as she started panicking.

” he’s back online ” Cyber said as the display wall suddenly returned to the segment it went off.

They all freeze as they saw it.

” what’s happening ” Snap asked as the plan was been dished out and everything seemed normal. No change happened to the plan and Ben looked normal, even Mask had on the expression he had before the video went offline.

” they’re trying to lead us into trap ” Toy muttered.

” I’m sure he used something on Ben which made him fell into slumber and during that time, he’s already change all the plan we’re aware of ” Toy added.

” you’re right ” Precious said.

” and now we’ve got to opt in for plan b ” Precious added as she cracked her knuckle.

” what’s plan b” Toy asked staring at her.

” you’ll know soon ” Precious replied Toy.

” give me your laptop ” Precious said to Snap and he handed it to her. She took it and moved closer to the wall TV.

She made connection between the wall and the laptop and a keyboard suddenly appeared on the TV screen.

” she’s trying to communicate with him ” Cyber murmured into Toy’s ear.

” do I look like I don’t know that ” Toy said almost snapping at Cyber.

” it’s really frustrating working with an agent who is of bi intelligence {computer guru and a field agent}, I should have stayed back in the state rather than feeling useless here ” Cyber said frustratingly.

” idiot, your time will come tomorrow ” Toy said to him smiling.

” you’ve been discovered ” Precious typed into the screen.

” how will he get that ” Gina asked Snap with a surprised expression.

” the message will project itself in the air in front of him and only him will be able to see it ” Snap replied.

” hmmm ” Gina sighed.

Ben sighed making sure “how” sounded in it.

” the light from that table is reacting against the lens and right now your eye is emitting yellow light ” Precious replied him.

Ben lowered his head and feigned to be examining the structure on the table as he discreetly communicate with her with his fingers using sign language with just a single hand, sending the message

” what’s the next line of action ”

” this guys are mad ” Cyber whispered smiling.

” he’s trying to set a trap for us, that’s why he’s still leaving you in the team, they’ve got another plan while you blackout ”

Ben eye widened as he saw the message because he didn’t know that he blackout.

” play along with them but try to get the lens on your left eye out, that’s where I fixed the mouthpiece, it’s like a strand of hair at its edge and it also have a GPS tracker installed in it, fix it in your hair so that we’ll be able to hear whatever they’re saying and track you after the lens is been withdrawn from you ” Precious texted him before she disconnected the laptop.

” we’re good to go ” she said smiling as she faced the crew.

” we’re gonna hit them hard tomorrow when they thought they’ve won already ” she added smiling.

To be continue…