Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 17


” for everyone to be safe, you just have to sit down quietly ” Mask said smiling as Ben who was tied to a chair inside the shuttle bus, Mask and the agents had driven there. Mask sat directly in front of him with Mirabel on his lap.

The shuttle was large enough to accommodate five hackers including Wizard and they all seemed busy with the computers in front of them.

” now, before the guys are ready to kickstart the operation, let keep each other’s company ” Mask said to Ben.

” let her go ” Ben said staring at Mirabel who seemed too calm for the travail going on. She had on a blank expression, not reacting to anything going in around her as she sat in Mask’s lap.

” letting her go isn’t something you can command based on the situation you’re in now ” Mask said laughing.

” please let her go and do anything you want with me, I’m the sinner not her ” Ben said pleading.

” do you know that I still find it hard wrapping my hand around something ” Mask said not giving reply to Ben’s plea.

” when did you regain your memory and pal with your gangs in such short time frame ” Mask asked as he carried on a confused countenance.

” you should know that since you already know I’m a spy since I got back into your arms ” Ben replied.

” no no no ” Mask said waving his index finger at Ben’s face.

” I only got to know that you’re the malice in the garden yesterday ” Mask added.

” how ” Ben asked.

” the light illuminating from the cyclodisplay table helped save the world by giving you out ” Mask said smiling.

” even tho the lens you had on your face, I must accolade anyone who made it, not even a robot will be able to detect it but the light from the table exposed the lens as it made your eyeball looked like the vampires in movies , and that was when I knew you’re not what I thought you are and swiftly planned on doing something about it without letting your crew obvious of it and that led me to come closer to you when I pretended to be discussing the mission with you, I touched your neck with Flasicant, a drug that I just developed which become effective at a touch with anyone’s skin ” Mask said laughing

” what did it do to me ” Ben asked.

” nothing much ” Mask replied laughing.

” it only paralyzed your brain for the few minutes I needed to inform the other agents about another plan different from the one you and your little gang are aware of ” Mask added.

” but you’ll never cease to amaze me you know ” Mask said with a serious countenance as he stopped smiling.

” if you didn’t decide to turn rebellious, you could have reached places I thought only my daughter could reach ” Mask added.

” your daughter ” Ben said looking shocked at the statement Mask made.

” how is it going over there ” Mask raised his voice.

” it will start in the next five minutes sir, they’re already setting up our gadgets in every corners ” Wizard replied.

” good ” Mask said smiling.

” why did you help us then when you’re the real leader of Mask ” Ben asked as Mask turned to face him.

” hmm ” Mask Sighed.

” kiddo, do you know what define a warrior ” he asked but Ben didn’t reply him as he just stared blankly at him.

” it’s knowing when you’ve lost and when to retreat ” Mask replied his question by himself.

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” the moment I saw you and P2 eliminate every agents in the factory before you bust your way into the underground base, I knew it was a lost battle and the only way I can take all suspicion off me was feigning to help you and making y’all believe I’m dead, and look how well the plan worked, no one was able to decipher I was the leader and with that single act, here I am today making plans on how to get the rest out of the hole they’re placed into ” Mask said as he suddenly started laughing.

” we’re both planner kiddo, but I plan ahead more than you do because I’m the real Mask ” he added still laughing.

” do you think so ” Ben asked rhetorically, smiling for the first time.

” it’s time boss ” Wizard said. Mask stood up with Mirabel still in his hand as he joined the league of hackers, he collected an headphone from Wizard and placed it on his ear.

” let start boys ” he said smiling.

” shut down all the air condition inside the governor’s office, deactivate the elevators, and activate the alarm on the south and east avenue ” he ordered.

” hello pretty ” agent J4 who had a briefcase in his hand greeted one of the receptionists behind the desk.

” good morning Sir, how can I help you ” the lady asked.

” I’m here with my colleagues ” he said pointing at agent Wasp and Agent kill9 who’re both sitted on the receiving chair in the office.

” from the office of the NDLEA ” he added giving his ID card to the lady.
The ID card suddenly started emitting smoke and the lady suddenly collapsed on the floor.

” what’s wrong ” the second receptionist beside the lady asked but before her voice was audible enough , she too had already collapsed to the floor.
Agent J4 and the two agents removed the bangles on their hand, expand it and it formed a mask which they wore on their face as they opened the briefcase, clicked on few keys on it and all the files inside the case started emitting smoke.

Everyone inside the room all fainted at once, including the security personnel stationed there.

” activate total lock down ” agent J4 muffled out.

They all took the briefcase and smashed it on the floor and it all disassemble forming scraps on the floor.

They bent down and started arranging the scraps together forming different kinds of pistol from it with bullets.

To be continue…