Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 16


” as y’all know, there will always be a frantic search at the main entrance, so you won’t be going in with weapons ” Mask said to the agents. They all sat down in the large information room.
In front of everyone was a transparent glass table which its surface has a displaying technology, more like a pen touch table and also has the ability to display object in HD form, making the object propel out of the table like a hologram.

Mask was standing in the front, behind a podium looking object but the height of a table and also lengthy.

” if we ain’t going in with weapons, then how are we going to restrict and have control on those we’re going for ” an agent asked.

” good question agent J4 ” Mask replied as he started clicking on the screen of the podium looking object in front of him. He swiped it up and it appeared on everyone’s table.

” the weapons will be delivered by that ” Mask said pointing at the holographic display that’s on everyone’s table.

” what’s this ” Ben asked.

” we’ve advanced a bit in terms of technology during the time you were in coma ” Mask said as he started operating the flat screen in front of him and sent the informations about the gadget they’re using to transport in the weapons into the governor’s office to Ben’s table only .

” it’s only the team that will be handling the governor’s office that’s going to use the milia carriage and the second team are going to use front push effrontery ” Mask continued.

” now we’re going to master each person’s position ” Mask said clicking on the flat screen and on everyone’s table, a holographic display of the governor’s office structure appeared on the table of the team one agents while team b members had the structure of the embassy but Ben’s table had both.


” who’s tired outta y’all ” Mask asked the six agents standing in front of him while Ben stood behind him. None answered him as they glared at him like titans ready to cause bloodshed in the roman empire.

” today is going to mark the beginning of a new era, the shame we’ve got to keep in, the torment, the betrayal, all, we’re taking down today ” Mask said increasing the tempo of his voice. He has stopped using his mask like he’s been doing when he first got the agents together.
He was also dressed up like he’s going on the mission with them but all the plans they went through throughout the night doesn’t include him in any aspect.

” all your actions today will be the step to getting our lost glory and the good old days back, so have it at the back of your mind that a single mistake can jeopardize everything and like I told you, try as much as possible not to touch a hair on any of our major card but the lesser one, kill anyone that try to form hero, heroes are meant to die, so we’ll be helping such person paint a perfect picture of a hero ” Mask added.

All the agents dressed up corporately, neatly ironed suit with shoes that’s capable of showing a reflection. They all had in their hands briefcases which was containing irrelevant files.
Only Ben was dressed in his usual black leather mission cloth.

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The Ikeja road was disrupted with the constant sound of the Siren as different significant people in the country made use of the road on their way to the governor’s office.

The armed forces especially the Mopol made sure the road was clear in order to allow for easy transportation of the senators that had appointment with the governor of Lagos state . The security at the main gate could be compared to the World bank own.

No stone was left unturned in the vehicles going in.

” you can go in Sir ” a security said to agent J4 after frantically searching through his car. Agent J4 smiled as he drove his car under the big bar which had a heat map detector on it. It’s a device meant to scan everything unseen to the eye inside the car. It worked like an X-ray machine as some security personnel were stationed in front of the computers connected to the machine, taking note of the result from the machine.

Agent J4 was the last agent out of the three agents going into the governor’s office to go in .

” we’re all in ” agent J4 told Ben who was inside the van parked in an outer space with Wizard as they monitored the events going on in the two locations meant for their operation.

” good ” Ben said as he pulled out his gun and placed it on Wizard’s head.

” what did I do wrong ” Wizard asked looking surprised.

” shut down every communication means of everyone ” Ben ordered him.

” I can’t do that, it wasn’t part of the mission ” Wizard protested.

” do it or I blow your skull open and do it myself ” Ben threatened pressing the gun more to his skull.

” okay Sir ” Wizard said as he suddenly got his hands running on the laptop keys.

The van door suddenly opened showing Mask and some masked agents behind him. In his hand was little Mirabel. Ben dropped the gun from Wizard’s head at once as he saw Mask.

” long time no see Ben ” Mask said smiling.

” please don’t hurt her ” Ben pleaded as he raised his hands up in submission.

” give me that first ” Mask said pointing at his hand. Ben dropped the gun from his hand and kicked it towards Mask

” and that ” Mask said pointing at his eye and Ben looked shocked.

” don’t looked surprised, you met me in this game, and you operate based on what I installed into your brain ” Mask said with a grin as Ben detached the lens from his eye.

Mask asked one of the agents beside him to go collect it from him. The agent collected it from Ben and handed it over to Mask who placed it on his palm.

” hello guys” Mask said staring at the lens.

” I’m sorry to inform you that I’m operating on a plan different from what y’all saw yesterday ” he added as he started laughing.

” now try to beat that and also save your hero here ” he said before crushing the lens with his palm.

” tie him down ” he ordered the agents.

To be continue