Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 15


” you’re the lady I met with him then ” Gina said as Precious took the mask on her face off .

” I also recognize you ” Toy said staring at Precious.

” now that you both recognize me, you should know that I’m on your side because I helped Ben took down Mask during the first fight ” Precious said staring at the two.

” yeah, but how did you know they’re not coming for her ” Toy asked.

” her family were only abducted so as to pressurize your dad to step down as the president of this country ” Precious replied.

” and how did you know that ” Toy asked again.

” because we’ve got someone inside Mask working for us ” Precious replied.

” who’re the we you’re talking about and who’s the spy you planted inside Mask ” Toy asked.

The door suddenly opened and a guy in doctor’s robe, with face mask on his face entered.

” that’s Ben ” the guy muffled because of the mask on his face as he entered.

” and who the f–k are you ” Toy demanded at once.

” don’t tell me you forgot this handsome face easily ” the guy said as he took off the mask on his face.

” Snap ” Gina suddenly screamed with a shocked countenance as she moved further from him.

” don’t tell me you planned all this up ” Toy asked staring at Snap.

” is that how to welcome someone who just came back from the dead ” Snap asked Gina who was still staring at him with a shocked countenance.

” tell me this is real ” Gina said as she moved closer to him.

” I’m sorry I got you worried ” Snap said putting her in his embrace.

” I really wanted to tell you but Ben was specific on the point that you must not know anything until we’re in this phase ” Snap said and Gina suddenly squeezed herself out of his embrace.

” Ben ” Gina exclaimed exchanging stare between Snap and Precious who has already occupied herself on the lone chair in the ward by discarding the former occupant (laptop) on the floor.

” It all started when Ben got into accident and was in coma, she approached me ” Snap said staring at Precious who sat down comfortably looking at all of them.

” she said Ben ain’t safe because the Mask leader wasn’t arrested, tho I proposed to her that we fly him to somewhere safe but we all know nowhere is safe for him especially with the deed he did before he drifted into the comatose state. So she came up with a plan that she’s gonna hack into the hospital laboratory analyzer when different type of tests is been carried out on Ben.

With the former brain issue Ben had, she said it will be easier to sell the lie to Mask that Ben has lose his memory through the result of the test carried out on his brain. To them he will become useless and killing him without him knowing anything, we all know that Mask doesn’t operate that way ” Snap emphasized on the last words staring at Toy who shook his head to affirm positive to Snap’s point.

” killing someone who doesn’t know the reason or couldn’t feel the reason he’s been eliminated is like showering peace on such person and Mask is an antagonizer of peace ” Toy said.

” yeah, you’re right, that’s why we made it looked like he lose his memory and we all know that mask is a manipulator, and Ben without a memory could be one of the greatest damage to occur to the earth, we know they’re going to try and get him, manipulate him to get their revenge done and they’ll want him to do everything With his own hand and after that, give him back his full memory which will also possess the memory of how he ruined the people dearest to him before they finally eliminate him when he’s already overwhelmed by guilt and sorrow.
No revenge is greater than that ” Snap concluded.

” so base on this, I’ve been in close contact with Snap as we drifted out plans to take down Mask once Ben regain his consciousness ” Precious started talking and all stares drifted to her.

” do you remember the day you met me in the ward beside Ben ” she asked Gina.

” yeah ” Gina replied.

” I was initially there to inject a nano detector into his body , a breath detector that will detect the change in his body system and with an accurate reading, we’ll be able to know a day beforehand when he’s gonna wake up and that day was six month ago ” Precious paused as she took Toy’s laptop which she placed on the marble tiled floor on the hospital.

She brought out a flashdrive out of the robe she was wearing and inserted it into the laptop USB point.
She clicked on the keys in a swift manner and a video appeared on it.

” here ” she said handing the laptop to Toy who brought it down to Gina’s eye view so they could watch the video together.

” you should all be aware that Mask wouldn’t just leave him here without having a close watch on him, as we talk now, no ward or part of this building isn’t containing secret cam and earpiece which can’t be discover by a mere eye, even detectors can’t detect it and all the computers in the whole hospital is already in their bossom as they take note of every activities taking place inside here ” Precious said as Toy and Gina watched the video with rapt attention.

The video showed a nurse injecting a fluid into Ben’s vein as he slept peacefully on the hospital bed. The nurse swiftly took off the oxygen mask placed on his mouth, opened his mouth as she lowered hers to his and released air from her lungs into his.
Ben’s eye suddenly opened as he stared at the nurse with a blank expression. The nurse swiftly took out another injection, empty its content into the syringe she used earlier to inject him and injected him on his neck.

Ben’s eye suddenly got widened as he clung unto the bedsheet on the bed he was laying down. He grabbed the nurse’s hand in a violent manner as he pulled her closer to him, swiftly turning her making sure she was backing him when her body lowered down to his and he swiftly wrapped his elbow around her neck, suffocating her as her body was at the same level as his.

” who sent you ” he whispered into her ear as she struggled to breath.

” P2 and Snap ” she replied as she tapped his hand repeatedly as she battled for breath.

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” who are those ” Ben asked tightening his grip more on her neck.

” your subordinates ” the nurse swiftly replied. Ben released his hold on her pushing her away from him.
She fell on the floor as she gasped for breath. Ben stood up from the bed and approached her.

” where are they ” he asked pulling the nurse up as he made a feeble threat of hitting her on her face, making sure his fist halted few inches away from her face.

” they’re not here but they asked me to deliver a message to you ” the girl swiftly replied.

” and how am I to believe you ” Ben asked with a voice that possessed threat.

” they said I should tell you that the leader wasn’t apprehended and you’ve got to follow up with the plan so that everyone will be safe ” the nurse said.

” what’s happening to me ” Ben asked as he staggers backward as his eye suddenly became hazy, The nurse swiftly support him by holding his hand and led him back to the bed to sit down.

” as per what they told me, you’re supposed to wake up tomorrow but they said Mask will get to you first if such happen, so they gave me drugs which fostered your waking up and also added strength to your body so that your brain and voice box could open up but you decided to exhaust everything on me and now it’s fading away from your system ” the nurse said.

” if it’s wearing off, swiftly tell me what you’re asked to tell me ” Ben said weakly.

” they said you’re not to wake up until the next six months and when you wake up, follow the lead with a chronic hound figure that possess no brain and they asked me to give this to you ” the nurse said bringing out a small box and handed it to Ben. He collected it from her and opened it.
He knew what to do with the content in it at once as he took the two transparent objects which looked like a nylon trimmed into the shape of an eye. He fixed them on his eye and without uttering any word he fixed back the oxygen mask on his face and slept back on the bed.

He suddenly opened his eye and took off the oxygen mask.

” I’m sorry for treating you that way earlier ” he said to the nurse who was already arranging the ward to look exactly as it was before she started the operation as she has already been instructed by those who gave her the order to do so.

” apology accepted ” the nurse replied smiling as Ben returned to his former position.

” through the undetectable contact lens, we’ve been communicating with him and also planned out the operation for the past six months ” Precious said collecting the laptop from Toy as they finished watching video.

” and with the lens, we’ve been able to keep track of everything going on inside the pit hole he’s staying with the mask, like when they asked him to get Mirabel and kill Snap, we’re able to know this beforehand and I was able to switch his guns with fake ones on his way coming to the house and when he was also leaving ” Precious added with a tone that was oozing out pride.

” I can’t be less amazed ” Toy said smiling.

” wait ” Gina said staring at Snap.

” so you mean, you’ve been on this together without telling me even after you saw how heartbroken I was when he was abducted ” Gina asked staring at Snap with a disbelieve expression.

” it wasn’t my fault, he asked us to keep it between the three of us only, tho I was tempted to tell you” Snap replied.

” I won’t attend your wedding for this ” Gina said trying hard to look serious.

” it won’t make a different as long as Mirabel and Ben are there ” Snap replied.

” we’ve got work to do here” Precious said raising her voice a little.

” so what’s the plan ” Toy asked.

” it’s a simple one if everyone play their role well ” Precious said with a mischievous smile on her lip.

To be continue…