Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 14


Two decades & few years ago

” I don’t agree with that, he’s too young to be the leader ” Mr Charles protested.

” why didn’t you tell Collins that when he asked us to install him as the leader of mask before he died ” Mr Fidelity asked Mr Charles.

According to Mask code of conduct made personally for the five head of the organization, it’s forbidden for them to have a real family of theirs as they claimed it will be a weakness point for them. It was widely accepted by all of them but there was a setback to the law because the main ochestrator of the organization already had a son which everyone in the group ain’t oblivious of, because they’re all friends and know much about themselves.

He had impregnated a lady during the time he was dispatched to port Harcourt but he was already out of PH before the lady wrote to inform him about the pregnancy.

He couldn’t come back to claim the kid because he’s engrossed with the coup d’etat that was occurring then.

When he’s relieved of his badge in the army, he tried to locate the lady but couldn’t.

After settling up Mask with a no attachment law passed, his child finally located him claiming to be the son the lady gave birth to.

He informed his comrades about this and asked for their advice, if he should eliminate him because of the law in motion. They were all against it because it wasn’t an act performed willingly.

They asked him to initiate him as an agent in the organization which he did.

And like his dad, Richard turned out to be good with weapons handling, and also good with using his brain and fist.

He was the best among his colleagues and in the main time, he was regarded as the glory of the organization.

After few years Collins discovered that he’s got brain cancer, he informed his comrades and revealed to them that he would like Richard to continue in his stead as the leader of Mask.

Though it was up for argument but they all complied with it and promised to elevate Richard once Collins gave up the battle to the disease.

” he was dying and he seemed to really want it and remembered I wasn’t in total support of it but had to gave in because y’all gave in ” Mr Charles replied in his defense.

” we don’t need this ” Mr Musa said.

” since we gave him our word, then we should honor it ” Mr Musa added.

” and I also think it’s a good thing to have him as the head, the boy has shown that he’s a replica of his dad in every aspect ” Mr Elmus added to the debate.

” and think of it this way ” Mr Fidelity said.

” everyone in the organization already know that their leaders consist of the five of us and no one know about the demise of Collins, so if we bring Richard in and make him the head, we’ll become more discreet than before, making sure that no one see our face again ” Mr Fidelity explicated.

” and how are we going to control the organization if we’re not going to let anyone see our face ” Mr Charles asked.

” good question ” Mr Fidelity replied.

” Richard will be there regulating and controlling the organization at once as an agent and no one will know he’s the Mask leader ” Mr Fidelity added.

” I like that, we can even use the moment to uphold what we really are ” Mr Elmus said smiling.

” yeah, we’re the mask and we should always stay behind it without anyone recognizing us ” Mr Musa said.

” and while we’re staying behind the mask, Richard will be using the greatest mask that can’t be easily detected ” Mr Fidelity said smiling.

” he’s gonna be Richard, agent Spike when he’s with his colleagues hiding behind the mask agent Spike ” Mr Fidelity added.

” so what’s your say on this now ” Mr Elmus asked Mr Charles.

” I’m all in ” Mr Charles replied smiling.

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Mask had a hearty smile on his cheek as he exited the garage. His most desired revenge was just a day from been executed. He head to his office where there’s a transparent board in it consisting full details of the plan.
He stood in front of the board as he stared at the board as tears suddenly started strolling down from his face.


” mom you’re going to be alright ” little Richard said to his mom who was shivering as she laid down on the mat.

Wrapper was used to cover her body as she placed her head on some piles of clothes wrapped into each other to form pillow.

” I’m already okay Richard, just go to school ” his mom said trying hard to look normal.

” you’re shivering mama, I can’t leave you like this, I need to get you drugs ” Richard replied his mom.

” I told you I’m alright, this is the third day you’re missing school, don’t let me get cane, just leave me and go get dress for school ” his mom said and she continued shivering as she gnashed her teeth together

” you’re weak mama, I can’t leave you alone here, I need to get money and buy you drugs, the herbal medicine isn’t working ” Richard said with a worried look.

” you know there’s no money, I’ll continue drinking the herbal medicine, it’s going to work, just go to school ” his Mon said weakly.

” but mama, today is the ending of the month, I’ll go to your work place and ask for your salary ” Richard said as he swiftly stood up ready to dash out but his mom swiftly held his leg.

” sit down ” his mom said to him and he obeyed.

” the money is to get you new uniform as your old one as torn beyond patching and also get you those books you needed badly ” his mom said to him as he sat down.

” I can still manage my uniform like that mama, just few tears on the buttock side, and few tears at the back of the shirt can’t make me condemn it now and for the books, I can continue coping like I’ve been doing since last year, your health is more important to me now “Richard said holding his mom’s hand.

” please get well so that I can return to school as you wanted ” he added as tears started dropping from his eye.

” alright my son but if anything happen to me, check my small brown box, you’ll be able to get to your dad with the information inside it” his mom said to him weakly.

” nothing’s going to happen to you mom, let me go and get the money quickly ” Richard said as he sprang to his feet and ran out of the house.


” good morning Sir ” Richard greeted Mr Eloha, the gardener who was busy trimming the flowers in Mr Eboigbe’s compound where his mom was also working as a maid.

” ah, Richard, how are you and why didn’t you go to school and why has your mummy been absent since the past three days ” Mr Eloha bombarded the innocent kid with questions at once not giving him chance to answer any first as he stopped with what he was doing.

” my mom is sick and I’m here to see chief ” Richard replied him.

” how is she feeling ” Mr Eloha asked Richard.

” not that good Sir, please is chief around ” he asked Mr Eloha.

” yes, he’s inside ” Mr Eloha replied.

” thank you Sir ” Richard said before he head to the entrance of the building.

He entered the house which could be regarded back then as one of the best house in town.

He saw chief in the large sitting room, sitting on a chair with a newspaper in his hand which he was engrossed in.

” good morning Sir ” Richard greeted him as he prostrated in front of him.

” yes yes, who’re you ” Chief demanded as he took the paper away from his face and lowered his reading glasses.

” I’m your maid’s son Sir and she sent me to you “Richard replied not getting up.

” which of the maids ” chief asked.

” Mrs Gloria ” Richard replied.

“you mean Gloria that’s refused to appear since the last three days ” chief asked.

” yes Sir, she’s my mom and she’s been on the sick bed since the last three days ” Richard replied.

” so what are you here for, are ypu going to take her place and do all the chores she’s abandoned ” Chief asked.

” your food is ready chief ” Victor’s mom said as she came into the sitting room.

” isn’t this our maid’s son ” she asked as she saw Richard on his kneel in front of chief.

” so you know him ” chief asked her

” yes na, he’s Gloria son, he always come here to help her sometimes after he’s back from school ” Victor’s mom replied.

” what are you doing here and why has your mom not been here since Monday ” she demanded from him.

” she’s sick ma, that’s why she sent me here ” Richard replied.

” to replace her abi ” she asked Richard.

” no ma ” Richard replied.

” she asked me to receive her salary on her behalf so that I can get her drugs with it ” Richard added.

” she must be a clown, money she didn’t work for ” Victor’s mom said laughing. The chief already had the paper up again to his face as he seemed to be less bothered by the two conversation.

” chief ” Victor’s mom said to get the attention of her husband.

” yes ” chief said taking the paper down again.

” can’t you see the stunt this fraudulent woman and her child are trying to play on us, trying to receive money she didn’t work for ” Victor’s mom said clapping her hand together in a discontent manner.

” I’ll leave you two to settle it ” Chief said as he stood up from the chair and
head to his personal room where his food was placed.

” go back home and tell Gloria that a dime, she ain’t collecting until she complete the three days she missed ” Victor’s mom said as she made to leave the living room.

” good morning ma ” chief PA greeted her to get her attention.

” oh, good morning Frank, how was your night ” she greeted him.

” it was fine and yours ” he replied her.

” it was fine, chief has been expecting you so he can pay the workers before he leave the house this morning ” Victor’s mom said staring at the brown envelope in Frank’s hand

” okay ma, where is he ” he asked

” he’s in his living room eating ” she replied him.

” alright ma ” Frank said as he exited the living room.

” and you get out of here ” she barked at Richard before exiting the living room. Richard didn’t budge as he sat on the cemented floor.

Few minutes later, chief was in the sitting room all dressed up with Mr Frank and Victor’s mom beside him and they seemed not to notice his present.

” make sure you give everyone their money, I’ve got everything readied in my room ” Chief said to Victor’s mom as they exited the sitting room.

Richard swiftly got up and went into the chief’s room. He saw five white envelopes on the table beside the bed with names inscripted on everything.
He checked out the names and find out that his mom’s name was missing from them. His eye suddenly went to the bed and he saw the brown envelope that Mr Frank brought in on it.

He swiftly took it and opened it and saw a lot of paper currency in it.

He counted fifteen pounds which was supposed to be his mom’s salary from it.

” what are you doing ” a voice suddenly asked him. He had forgotten to lock the door when he entered and David who happened to be passing by saw him withdrawing money from the envelope.

” please help me, don’t scream on me , I’m only taking my mom’s salary so that I can get drugs for her ” Richard pleaded dropping the envelope.

” so you’re a thief ” David said raising his voice.

” no I’m not, please keep your voice down, my mom might die if I don’t get the money to her ” Richard pleaded as tears started dropping from his eye.

” you’re already in trouble today, I’ve finally catch the thief stealing from us ” David said raising his voice.

Richard tried to run out at once but David stopped him because he’s older and stronger than him.

He pulled him by his cloth as he started screaming
” theif, thief ”

It wasn’t long before everyone gathered on them including chief, Mr Frank and Victor’s mom.

He was brutally beating up before the police was summoned and he was taken to the police station.

He was released on the third day and before he got home, his mom was already dead.


” I’ll make sure I ruin you finally this time ” Mask said cleaning the tears dropping from his eye as he stared at the transparent board with the detailed plans on it.

” and it’s finally time I get reunited with my daughter ” he added before he exited the office.

To be continue…