Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 13


” I think it will be fun ” Ben said smiling.

” yes, it’s gonna be fun but tough, Toy ain’t a kid in this game, he’s got many experience and he’s also deadly, so you can’t underate him ” Mask said to Ben.

” what do I still need to know about him ” Ben asked.

” you’ve got to be careful with him, he’s got a lot of trick in pocket and you’re not taking the mission alone ” Mask replied.

” I’m aware of that already, I need my hacker beside me for such mission ” Ben said smiling.

” I’m not talking about Wizard ” Mask said.

” who are you now talking about ” Ben asked with a confused countenance.

” you’re doing it with the rest of the agents ” Mask replied him.

” for just a guy ” Ben said still harboring the confused expression.

” close to three years ago, you went head on with him and you had to sleep for almost three years because of it, Toy like I told you is one of the best mercenary you’ll ever find in this planet and I won’t let what happened few tears ago to repeat itself and the mission is a big one which you can’t carry out alone” Mask explicated.

” alright, but if I’m gonna have to work with them, they’ll have to follow my lead not minding the age difference ” Ben said.

” you don’t have to tell me that kiddo, and no one is compatible to lead the mission except you ” Mask said smiling.

” so what do I need to know about the mission ” Ben asked.

” the government has spent a lot of cash which always end up in the cabal’s pocket on eliminating terrorist, many cash is been made from this terrorist attack and we’ve got some of our sponsorer in this line ” Mask replied.

” so what does it have to do with the mission ” Ben asked.

” you still haven’t lose the impatient trait in you ” Mask said smiling.

” it’s a two in one mission ” Mask said as he stopped smiling.

” we have to create chaos and also abduct Toy ” Mask added.

” create chaos for what ” Ben asked looking confused.

” have you heard of Ishmatudeen terrorist group ” Mask asked Ben.

” no ” Ben replied.

” it’s a terrorist group in the northern part of the country that claim to fight jihad but it was primarily set up by some of the cabals in this country in order to exploit the nation and this cabals also got their takes on our organization ” Mask paused as he took a tablet from the dashboard of the car, double tapped its screen and it came to life.

He operated it for some seconds and a video popped up on it and he handed it over to Ben.

” that’s the leader of the group ” Mask said as Ben watched the video which portrayed the leader making threat speech of invading Lagos.l

” and he was stupid enough to inform Lagos that he is coming here, something that was supposed to be discreet ” Mask added with a voice that portrayed how angry he was with the leader of the terrorist group.

” after he made the threat video and uploaded it, security has been strengthened and every border connecting the state with other states has also been made a dumping site for different military men, searching thoroughly, anyone or thing trying to gain entrance, so that any weapon or the gangs wouldn’t come inside, tho some made it in but they need a large member before their plans for Lagos could be put in place ” Mask finally stopped talking as he gulped down saliva.

” so what does it have to do with the chaos ” Ben asked.

” as it is right now, Toy will be trying to get you, all he need is the greenlight that you’re out and he’s gonna dash forward to get you, to do that, all we need is to have the American embassy and the governor’s office in Ikeja under our control with great people of interest in it at that time ” Mask replied.

” this sound interesting, what are the details ” Ben asked.

Mask smiled as he brought out an envelope from the safe of the car, he took out a folded A4 paper out of it and unfolded it as he clicked a button on the car and the car suddenly got brightened up as different leds from.different angles came to life.

” this is the great plan that is going to kill hundred of birds in just a launching of a stone ” Mask said holding each end of the paper to display its content.

” do you know what can cause the greatest chaos in this country in a flip ” Mask asked rhetorically

” it’s having the governor of Lagos state alongside some of the reputable senators as hostage inside the governor’s office, and at the same time, having the America ambassador as hostage too in the America embassy ” Mask replied his question.

” you mean we’re going to hold the governor of Lagos state and the State ambassador hostage at the same time ” Ben asked looking awed by the plan.

” yeah and if it turned out well, tho I know it’s gonna turn out well, our revenge and gaining entrance for the terrorist is gonna be a blast because every military personnel will be dispatched to the governor’s office and embassy to get the governor and the ambassador out safely, and while they’re doing this, Toy will know you’re there, he’ll also step forward to catch you and the borders will be left unprotected because everyone will be busy trying to save the significant people and while they’re at it, our people from the north will gain a smooth entry into the state and based on the hostage situation, we’ll be able to demand the release of our men in custody as a deal in order to release the people in our hold ” Mask explicated.

” what about asking Mr David to step down and taking our revenge on him ” Ben asked.

” we already got his granddaughter with us and as we’re talking, I’m already rounding up his wife and all his children in foreign country and they’re going to be here before you embark on the mission tomorrow and with this, I’ll be able to threaten him to resign from the post and after he is off, we’ve got people who are in support of our movement to replace him at once ” Mask replied.

” hmmm ” Ben sighed deeply.

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” so are we going to terminate him and all his family members after that ” Ben asked.

” we’ll do that but not immediately after he resigned ” Mask replied

” why can’t we kill them at once ” Ben asked.

” you’ve got to cool your head down kiddo so that you can think, I’m abducting his family discreetly, and once he resign, I’ll release them to him discreetly because no one can know that he was threatened to resign or else people will feel sympathy towards him and this sympathy might return him back to the presidential seat in a jiffy ” Mask said slightly raising his voice.

” so after he’s become a common man, we’ll eliminate alongside his family members ” Ben asked.

” yeah, we’ll wipe them all out with a death that’s gonna be regarded as a natural one but all we need now is to be patient ” Mask replied.

” bravo ” Ben said smiling.

” and do you remember I said we’re getting someone else alongside Toy ” Mask asked.

” yeah, but you refused to disclose the identity of the person ” Ben replied.

” the person is a female agent that’s gone rogue and if we’re lucky, we might also have her visiting you at the governor’s office along with Toy but you’ll have to act on your inner instinct if such happened ” Mask said.

” roger that ” Ben replied

” but when did you put this plan together ” Ben asked.

” and why are you asking ” Mask reciprocated Ben’s question with his question.

” because it seemed to me that this wasn’t your original plan before, it seemed you improvised it not long ago, maybe today even “Ben replied.

” now you’re making use of your head ” Mask said smiling.

” well, you’re right but it was supposed to be a plan b if the first one fail but the news I heard this morning made me to swiftly have a rethink ” Mask added, excluding the smile.

” what news ” Ben asked.

” that some of the senators will be having meeting with the governor in his office tomorrow and the ambassador just return from the State and he might visit the embassy tomorrow because he’s got something important to do there, so I had to swiftly improvise and come up with this plan to get everything done with just a single shot ” Mask replied.

” so it’s going to be two teams mission right ” Ben asked.

” yeah and you’ll be the one leading the two teams because you won’t be inside with any of the team tho we’ll give Toy the impression that you are in the governor’s office with team one ” Mask replied.

” I don’t think we’ll be sleeping tonight ” Ben said smiling.

” no one is blinking an eyelid till the plan is perfected because there’s not going to be a room for mistake ” Mask said giving Ben the A4 paper in his hand before he exited the car.

Mask had a hearty smile on his cheek as he exited the garage. His most desired revenge was just a day from been executed.


” for how long have I been sleeping ” Gina asked Toy as she woke up.

” just few minutes pass two hours ” Toy replied as he averted his eye from his laptop which he was operating before she woke up

” I want to get discharged, me staying here is not gonna help the situation ” Gina said disconnecting the drip pipe connected to her wrist as she got down from the bed.

” I think you should at least stay here for today and let me keep watch over you ” Toy said staring at her.

” but I feel useless here, my daughter is out there and I don’t know her condition and my husband has been turned to a stone cold killer, I can’t be here ” Gina said as she stood up and made her way to the entrance of the ward.

” they’ve gotten your mom and your siblings ” Toy said and Gina suddenly stopped on her track.

” what did you say ” Gina asked looking petrified.

” no one knows this right now except me and Cyber and I don’t know if they’ll be coming for you ” Toy added as he got up from the chair he was sitting on, as he placed the laptop on it.

The door of the ward suddenly opened and a nurse with a face mask on her face entered with a trolley in her hand which she pushed in.

” they won’t be coming for her ” the nurse said with a muffled voice because of the mask on her face.

” and who’re you ” Toy said as he swiftly pulled out his gun on her.

” you can call me P2 ” the nurse said taking off the mask from her face.

To be continue…