Diluted Bullet Season 3 { Painful Love } Episode 12


” good job there ” Ben complemented Wizard.

” thanks boss ” Wizard said smiling.

” I heard that you’re one of the greatest agents this organization has made ” Wizard said stealing a glance at Mirabel who was already asleep.

Ben had to sedate her so that she wouldn’t give him problem.

” I feel great working with you, I’m fully satisfied ” Wizard said smiling as they continued with the journey.

” you also proved to me that we’re gonna be working together for a long time if you’re not careless to get shot on one of the numerous missions we will be embarking on ” Ben replied smiling.

” I’ll keep that in mind boss ” Wizard said smiling.

” drop the formality, since you’re my hacker, you can view yourself to be my brother because that’s what you are now, and you’ll be there always covering your brothers back ” Ben said as he winked at him.

” okay P1 ” Wizard said still smiling.

” you learn fast ” Ben said with a smile as he shut his eye and feign to sleep.


” how’re you feeling my dear ” Mr Oladele asked Gina as he got into the ward she was admitted into. Toy was still with Gina when he got in.

” I’m fine Sir ” Gina replied.

” hello Sir ” Toy greeted him.

” Long time Toy ” Mr Oladele said as they both shook hand.

” here Sir ” Toy offered Mr Oladele the only chair inside the ward which he was occupying.

” thank you ” Mr Oladele appreciated him as he sat down.

” I learnt about what happened on the news and I had no option than to swiftly locate where you are so as to come visit you ” Mr Oladele said trying hard to man up and hide how broken he was to listen to one of the worse news of his life.

Losing his son, his grand daughter and his future son in law was enough to get him broken up but he was trying his best so he could comfort his wife and daughter who’re already swimming in their tears at his house before he decided to check up on Gina.

” thank you Sir ” Gina said with almost a teary voice as she also fought hard to keep the tears from pouring down from her eye.

” I heard from the news that Junior was abducted yesterday before today’s incident, why did you lie to us that he went to bed early ” Mr Oladele asked.

” it was Snap’s idea, he thought we could get him back before you and mum notice, that’s why we got Toy and Cyber back from the State, but but ” Gina couldn’t complete the sentence as she lost the strength to keep the tears off.

” it’s okay dear ” Mr Oladele said as he sat beside her on the hospital bed and placed her head on his chest.

” you did what you thought was right, it’s okay ” Mr Oladele added feebly patting her on her shoulder.

” and thank you for heeding to their call on such short notice ” Mr Oladele appreciated Toy.

” it’s nothing Sir, I happen to like your boy because he’s an amazing person and I promise to bring them back to your doorstep unscathed ” Toy said boastfully.

” how’s mummy holding up ” Gina asked after she’s gotten over the tears.

” to be honest, she’s in a worse state, along with Sandra, they won’t stop crying ” Mr Oladele replied cleaning his face with a white handkerchief.

” but who’s the person behind all this ” Mr Oladele asked.

” Mask ” Toy replied.

” what ” Mr Oladele exclaimed.

” I thought the organization has been dissolve after y’all exposed them and their handwork and they’re all arrested alongside the cabals that were sponsoring them ” Mr Oladele added looking confused.

” not all of them were arrested sir, we’re not able to phantom who the leader was and he’s gotten the group back together now and now, he’s pursuing for revenge for what we did to his organization ” Toy explicated to Mr Oladele to clear the fogs that had formed in his head.

” if he’s aiming for revenge, don’t you think he could have executed Junior alongside Mirabel like he did to Oscar since it was all for revenge ” Mr Oladele asked.

” Ben is very much alive and very deadly and I can say that your granddaughter is also alive for now. ” Toy replied.

” how are you sure that Junior is alive, were you able to infiltrate their base ” Mr Oladele asked.

” Ben was the agent sent to kidnap Mirabel and he was the one who dropped Snap ” Toy dropped the bombshell and Mr Oladele looked dumbfounded as he stared blankly at Toy without uttering any word .

” what really happened ” Mr Oladele asked, finally locating his voice box.

” how could Junior kill Oscar and kidnap his own daughter ” He asked looking confused.

” it’s the work of the Mask Sir ” Toy replied.

” they’re able to brainwash him easily because he’s lost his memory and use him to implement their plans ” Toy added.

” do you think there is any hope of saving him ” Mr Oladele asked.

” not really but I’ve seen the kind of person your son is, he’s a fighter, so he should be able to fight through it but we’ve got to have him with us first, maybe detained if necessary and try our best to make him regain his lost memory ” Toy replied.

” and how are we going to get him out ” Mr Oladele asked.

” there’s no need for you to worry yourself about that Sir, just leave everything to my care ” Toy replied.

” alright , but don’t let anyone know that Junior is related to the murdering of his friend, especially my wife and daughter ” Mr Oladele informed Toy.

” alright Sir, you can count on me on that ” Toy replied.

Mr Oladele brought his head downward to check on his daughter in law and she was already sleeping peacefully with her head on his chest.

” looks like the medication given to her hasn’t wear off ” Mr Oladele said with a smile as Toy assisted in laying her on the bed gently so that she wouldn’t wake up.

” please help me to take care of her ” Mr Oladele said staring at Gina as she slept. ” she’s a wonderful girl and doesnt deserve to be going through all this ” He added and shook his head discontentedly.

” don’t worry yourself sir, I’ve got everything under control ” Toy replied boastfully.

” thank you ” Mr Oladele appreciated him.

” I know that I can count on you ” he added before he exited the ward.

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” that was an easy one you pulled there ” Mask said to Ben as he got down from the van. Mask was already in the garage waiting for them with two agents beside him .

” I told you I’m getting the girl, I’m not gonna miss the chance to get the revenge I yearn badly ” Ben replied smiling.

” good job ” Mask complemented Wizard, patting his shoulder. He made motion to one of the agents standing with him, and he got into the van to get Mirabel who was still sleeping.

” all of you can go in ” he said to them and everyone exited the garage except for him and Ben.

He wrapped his hand around Ben’s shoulder and led him to one of the exotic cars parked inside the garage.

They both got inside the car and shut its door.

” do you know what you prove to me today ” Mask asked Ben.

” no ” Ben replied.

” that you’re still part of us and also the best agent we’ve produced ” Mask said smiling.

” thank you ” Ben replied, smiling.

” I knew this mission was an easy one for you but the real deal still await you ” Mask said pausing a bit and Ben was patient enough not to interrupt him

” in this life, we’ve got some things that we’ve done in displeasure but when we look back to the result yielded from doing this things, then we will be pleased that we had to go through this things ” Mask continued

” do you remember what you said yesterday about things the president possess that might lead to us losing this battle ” Mask asked.

” yeah, I remember ” Ben replied.

” but do you know that there’s a partnership that no matter how many battalions that the president possess, they’re useless against it ” Mask asked

” what partnership ” Ben asked.

” here ” Mask said handing Ben a picture.

Ben stared at it for a long time, trying hard to remember.

” I think I know this guy from somewhere and I don’t think we’re eating dish on the same table ” Ben said after trying hard to remember the person to no avail.

” you’re right ” Mask said.

” you two ain’t eating on the same table because you’re always aiming for each other throat with your forks ” Mask added.

” why ” Ben asked.

” his name is Toy, a great and brutal mercenary, up for grab to anyone who can pay much, when the president couldn’t bring you down with his forces, he had to contact him and pay him large amount of money in order for him to hunt you down, that’s why you two were aiming for each other throat ” Mask said.

” I think I can remember him now ” Ben said as he seemed to have flashes of Toy when they’re both in combat.

” he’s been out of the country for the past two years but now the president has summoned him back to the country yesterday to get you and we’ve got to do something about it ” Mask said.

” should I track and kill him ” Ben asked.

” no boy” Mask said waving his index finger at Ben’s face.

” do you remember I said something about partnership earlier ” Mask asked Ben.

” yeah ” Ben replied.

” we’re going to get him on our side and partner him with you and a third person whom I’m not going to reveal to you now until you complete this mission ” Mask said.

” why am I to partner with him when we’re not on good term ” Ben asked looking confused.

” you’re not on good term because our money wasn’t on good term with him ” Mask said.

” Toy is loyal to anyone who is able to pay him, he’s loyal to the money not minding if the person is an enemy or not and we’re gonna be the first to pay him before the president does that ” Mask said.

” hmm ” Ben sighed deeply.

” so what am I going to do ” Ben asked.

” you’re gonna abduct him also ” Mask said smiling.

To Be continue…