Diluted Bullet Season 2 {heartless love} Episode 7


Toy swiftly surf through the ground to get the glass and wear it. He let out a grin as he saw Ben on his feet with his hand folded into a fist.

” you’re good, I give you that, and I would love to have a challenge with you to know who’s the best ” Toy said as he moved to a small black bag that rest beside his bike which was parked beside a tree. He brought a glasses which looked like the one on his face from the bag. ” here ” he said throwing the glasses to Ben who caught it with his left hand and wore it on his face.

” youre gonna wish you didn’t do that ” ben said as they both launch an attack towards themselves.


” yaaaaaaaahhh ” the two ladies screamed as they both propelled their Ski out of the exit of the tunnel which slope upward. It was a narrow escape as the upper layer of the tunnel dropped down as they’re out. They both pulled quickly at the brake as a big truck which had the inscription * Dangote Cement * on it sped passed them.

” no ,keep driving now ” a voice suddenly yelled into their ears.

” wtf ” Gina exclaimed startling as she swiftly swerved to the left,lightly brushing the truck. Sophia couldn’t do anything but pass under the truck ,it was again a narrow escape for her as the rear tyre of the truck almost squashed her, she hit the brake slightly, changing the gear at once , the ski tyre screeched loudly as the ski made a swift turn at the second lane.

Sophia didn’t stop as she started driving at once going the opposite direction to Gina on different lane.

” who the f–k are you ” Sophia shouted as she’d become stable.

” here is Snap ” the voice replied. ” sorry for the sudden interruption, had to hack into the micro speaker inside your helmets, I should have done that when you were in the tunnel but there was no signal ” Snap swiftly added.

” why can’t we stop driving ” Gina asked at once.

” you can’t because the moment you stop, the ski you’re on will explode ” Snap replied.

” what ” Sophia and Gina both exclaimed in unison with a terrifying tone.

” the ski gps has been hacked and a r490 missile has been placed on it, I was only able to deactivate the one Sophia is driving three minutes ago but Gina’s own has been jammed and can’t be deactivated ,but I was able to decrease the speed with the speed magnet paltor, so this is for you Gina, the more you increase your speed, the more time you gat to live on earth and don’t ever step on the brake to halt, it’s the end ” Snap explicated in a fast manner.

” then what should I do ” Gina asked with a breaking voice.

” you’ll have to join Sophia on her ski ” Snap replied.

” but we’re moving towards different direction ” Gina lamented frustratingly .

” Sophia is the only one that can save you now, so listen attentively Sophia, make a left turn right now ” Snap ordered and Sophia swiftly reacted ,making the turn and followed a lone road which lead nowhere in particular.

” good ” Snap commended. ” you’re going to take a right turn in the next two minutes beside a brick manufacturing factory, keep your speed limit at 150km per hour and avoid getting distracted. Gina, you stay at 135, and keep up on the lane you are,keep this up for now ,I’ve to go offline, will connect with you in some minutes” Snap said going offline .

Gina was terrified as her hand was trembling on the wheel of the ski. She kept the speed limit at 135 as she was ordered to. She suddenly looked back and saw an arrow looking object ,emitting fume from it rear, heading towards her at great altitude.

” Snap ” she screamed loudly. ” I think he’s off, anything the problem ” Sophia asked.

” I’m doomed ” Gina replied.


David Castle

” hello sir, we’ve got a bunch of Chinese guys down here who insisted to have an appointment with you today but they’re lacking on the appointment list for today ” Mr Wealth said to the president from his office as he keenly monitored the cctv airing the main entrance where the two Toyota Hilux containing six Chinese men in total, and two black guys driving the vehicles and the guards waiting for the signal to either allow the Chinese men in or turn their request down.

” oh, it escaped my mind to inform you about the little update, I was the one who invited them, allow them in ,I’ll meet with them in the visitor’s lodge ” Mr David said hanging the call.

” grant them passage ” Mr Wealth ordered one of the guards stationed at the entrance .

” okay sir ” the guard replied Mr Wealth and ordered some other guards to allow them in.

” we’re going to embark on the mission for the sum of 30 million dollars ” one of the Chinese men ,who seemed to be the leader of the Chinese men said to Mr David.

” I’ll have half of the money given to you now and the rest wired into your account but please you’ve to promise me that you’re gonna get my daughter back to me safely and alive ” Mr David said showing in his tone how much he cared for his daughter.

” you’ve got nothing to worry about ” the Chink leader said with confidence. ” our reputation speaks for us and we’ve never recorded a failed mission in our crew ” the chink leader added with the same countenance.

” thank you, but the guy that got her kidnapped should be killed at sight ” Mr David said with a deadly countenance

” don’t worry about him, he’s already a living corpse ” the chink leader said with a grin

” here ” Mr David said as the only guard of his that was present in the living room handed the chink a flat briefcase which he opened at once. ” that’s half payment and the information you need about the operation, the balance will be wired to you after the successful completion of the job as promised ” Mr David said as the chink leader opened the briefcase to ascertain the content.

” consider it done ” the chink leader said closing the briefcase.

” and importantly, please make sure you bring my girl back to me safely, I’m paying this large sum of money because I can’t entrust my girl’s life to the security team of this country, so please don’t let me down ” Mr David said trying hard to hide the tears that was lurking behind his pupil .

” you can now get us the whiskey and someone who witnessed the pursuit” the chink leader said with a smirk.


A deadly organization that’s as old as China itself. It’s specialized in doing anything that fetch out millions of dollars . Their operations isn’t limited in China only as they’ve their agents stationed in every countries that they’re sure can afford their payment . They’re specialize in martial art as all their agents were trained in shaolin temples by masters of martial arts, and their level of technology usage is gone beyond classical. Their operation success is always rated 90 over 100 as they’re always successful in most of it.

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•••••••••••••••• ”

” I think he’s off, anything the problem ” Sophia asked.

” I’m doomed ” Gina replied

” what’s the situation ” Sophia swiftly asked.

” the missile is right behind me ” Gina replied with a terrified voice.

” what ” Sophia exclaimed.

” the missile is directly behind me, just a few distance from reaching me” Gina said with a trembling voice.

” breath Gina and focus, it’s not going to get to you as long as you don’t stop and make sure you maintain the speed limit he assigned to you, you’re not going down ” Sophia said to Gina to add solace to her throbbing heart. Gina made sure she didn’t look back again not until she started hearing a whooshing sound behind her. She turned and saw the missile more closer to her now than earlier, it looked like it was gonna hit her in few seconds.

” we got a problem girls, the magnetic paltor has been jammed by another hacker and it’s wearing off very fast, I’ll advise that you both increase your speed by twenty, the missile is gonna hit your ski in the next thir, thir, thir sec” Snap couldn’t give out his complete information before the signal was interrupted.

” good bye Sophia, tell Ben I love him ” Gina said with tears when she realized that what Snap was about to say was thirty seconds before he got disconnected.


” do you still get any moves left ” Toy asked mockingly as Ben staggered to get back on his feet. Just like Toy had said earlier, the bones he need to win the fight has already been broken . He could attack less and Toy made sure to give him a sound beating tho he also got Toy with his skills, but yet, he was most at the receiving end. The fumes surrounding them had already subsided, tho he still has the glasses on his face, but one of the lens had already cracked off, courtesy -Toy.

Ben made a motion to Toy to come close as he wiped the blood coming out of his bleeding nose away. What Toy didn’t know was that Ben through the vigorous beating he was receiving was also making his observations on how he could get through to Toy, trying to get a weak point which will cost him less of his bone work.

Through his observation, he noticed Toy used his left hand most in combat and support it with the right hand, same goes for his leg and when he attacks ,he defend less, and he loves creating diversion {faking moves},which resulted to the reason he’s been beaten point blank by him.

Toy was the first to attack as he made to punch Ben on his face, Ben swiftly bent down to avert it, making an attempt to hit Toy’s rib, Toy swiftly used his left hand to stop the attack, and head Ben hard on his head as the glasses finally fell off fully from his face, Toy didn’t slow down as he swiftly ran towards a nearby tree, he ran on the stem, then halfway flew from it directing a kick to Ben with his left leg, Ben swiftly got hold of it, flung him down with force, then did a back flip, and made sure he’s landing on Toy’s left leg with his knee cap ,tho Toy swiftly got his leg out of the danger, swiftly rolling to his left side.

They both did Chinese get up in unison to get on their feet. It was series of skills displaying as they both fought to stupor, each guarding others attack and with Ben getting Toy’s weak point, it was a fair match between the two not minding the injury Ben had procured earlier. All Ben was trying to do was get hold of Toy’s left hand or leg and decapitate it but Toy was also swift to always get out of Ben’s trap.

The fight was getting more interesting as they both exhibited almost the same skills not until ninja blades suddenly intruded the party, it was two ,each directed at Ben and Toy. Toy vertically flew in midair to get his while Ben was swift enough only to Dodge his. Toy with a bewildered expression looked at the three edged blade.

” chink ” he muttered lowly.

” looks like one of us has gotten bounty on his head ” Toy said throwing the blade at Ben who caught it and also stared at it.

” they shouldn’t be more than five or six, and since we don’t know who they’re coming for, we’ve to team up against them ” Toy said as Ben flung the blade towards the direction it came from.

” here ” Toy said throwing one of Ben’s pistol at him.

” that one too ” Ben said pointing at his second pistol which lay beside Toy’s bag, as he checked the cartridge of the one in his hand to check if the bullets were intact Toy took it and threw it at Ben.

” we’re gonna end what we started after we’re through with them ” Toy said backing Ben as he worked on a small device on his hand. Ben was about to shoot Toy when a bullet got stuck in his right shoulder, making him drop the gun in his right hand. ,he swiftly deeps his hand into the pocket of his trouser and brought out a escaping pill, he hit it on the ground and smoke erupted from it, Ben swiftly ran to where he saw his ski when he was fighting Toy, he got on it, kick started it and raced out of the forest.

Toy seeing this also got on his bike and pursued him. Ben followed the cleared path and it led him to the road. He was bleeding profusely from his shoulder as he rode at the highest speed the ski could offer him. He turned his head back to the roaring of Toy’s bike. He knew he couldn’t face Toy at that moment . He took a diversion that led to the Samaka bridge when he couldn’t think of any escape plan. He was already atop the Samaka bridge, a long wide bridge with a large ocean beneath it. If he’s able to get to the other side of the bridge without been caught by Toy, then he got greater chance of escaping Toy and getting himself treated.

He was already halfway when he suddenly saw three cars blocking the road with four masked white people stationed in front of the cars with big guns in their hands. He knew at once that they’re chink because of their complexion.

” so I’m the target ” he thought to himself as he swiftly aimed the gun on his left hand at them and started shooting at them. He was surprised to see the bullets not getting to them, it was like an invisible shield was in front of them ,disallowing the bullet from getting to them as it fell off few inches to them.

The chink let out a crook smile as they aimed their guns at him. He swiftly brought his ski to a halt, turned and tried to escape but Toy’s bike was already parked in the middle of the road. Toy got down with an ak49 in his hand . Ben was left in the middle. On the ski, he sat on it watching the two dangerous side ,when he’s done observing the situation, he revved the engine rather in a more violent manner, releasing large fumes from it engine, the chink on seeing this, started shooting at him sporadically, Ben swiftly handled the brake changing the gear at once, this made the ski raise its rear up and its engine stood as a shield against the bullets.

Toy seeing how voluntary Ben is to his mercy, he cocked his gun at once and shot at Ben. Ben swiftly jumped down from the ski, rolling down on the hot oil stuck levelled granite and got up . The ski rear hit the road and the tyre had already been deflated due to the bullets

” I’m sorry Gina ” Ben muttered as two bullets got lodged on his chest . He staggered back resting on the thick metal used to barricade the bridge in order not to allow for easy fall over into the large ocean beneath the bridge. The chinks didn’t stop as they kept on shooting and another two hit his leg and rib. Toy finalized everything by aiming at Ben chest, exactly at the spot where he thought his heart should be. He had a bull eye as the bullet hit Ben’s chest, exactly where he targeted and Ben fell over into the large ocean.

Toy swiftly got on his bike to escape as the chinks started shooting at him. Two out of the chinks tightened a belt to their waist, and clung it on the bridge bar as they lowered themselves down into the ocean. They stopped midway into the ocean, a binocular was fixed on their face as they surveyed the ocean top for thirty minutes in order to be sure Ben was dead, because if he wasn’t ,he would have emerge out of the water to breath. When they were sure he’s dead, they got rolled up and they left to complete their mission, little did they know that Gina was….. To be continued