Diluted Bullet Season 2 {heartless love} Episode 8


” I can see you at the other side” Gina suddenly screamed happily as she saw Sophia through the little shrubs that stood as barrier from the local road she’s driving on and the main road Gina was.

” I can see you too” Sophia replied swiftly raising her hand up to signal to Gina and brought it down.

” I think the road is linked in the front and we’re both getting at the junction the same time, just jump without thinking” Sophia ordered as her breath got a little bit intense. She doesn’t know if what she’s trying to do is right but she’s left with no choice and no chance to think.

” now ” Sophia screamed as their ski almost collided with each other at the interception. Gina propelled herself upward at once towards Sophia’s ski and Sophia swiftly grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the rear seat where Gina sat at once. Sophia didn’t let the close success get into her head as she swiftly pulled the break of her ski and made a close U turning as her ski tyre screeched violently on the tiled road, leaving a dark mark on the road.

She started accelerating at high speed towards the opposite direction which Gina was coming from. It was almost a disastrous turn of event when she nearly collided into the oncoming missile, she swiftly swerved into the nearby shrub at their right side. A loud boom sound echoed loudly with enormous heat as the missile hit Gina ski.

” that was close” Sophia said heaving a sigh of relief as she laid on the compressed shrub, head facing the sky.

” are we still alive ” Gina asked breathing heavily. They had both leaped from the ski as it was about to go rogue into the shrub and sustain less injury ,because of the helmet and the shrub.

” maybe we are both dead and here’s our ghost communicating with themselves ” Gina added humorously and they both smiled. They hurriedly stood up in shock as they heard the sound of a moving van. It parked few distance away from them. Gina and Sophia swiftly exchanged a glance and were ready to run for their life when the door of the mini van suddenly slide open revealing Snap.

” come in ” he motioned to them as they both stood, transfixed at the spot they are, looking at him as if they’ve seen a ghost.

” congratulations on been alive ” Snap directed to Gina as she and Sophia made entry into the mini van. They both looked exhausted as they help themselves to the only available spot in the van as the rest has been filled with different kinds of gadgets and computers.

” thanks but who’s driving the van ” Gina asked after she noticed that the driver’s seat of the van was not occupied by anyone and it was on motion.

” I’m controlling it from here ” Snap replied as he tilted his phone’s screen towards them to see, as the picture of a robot was displaying on it.

” drive faster with a speed of 180km per hour” he commanded and the van automatically increased its speed .

” okay but where’s Ben ” Gina asked, as she seemed to be less amused by Snap act.

” here ” Snap said turning one of the laptop in his front to face the two girls. ” this is one of my mini drone ,I’m using it to trail him, he’s on his way towards here now ” Snap said as the girls watched Ben driving the ski.

” what’s that ” Gina asked startlingly as she pointed at a blur figure at a far distance, same as the direction Ben was heading to. Snap swiftly turn the laptop towards him to affirm what Gina noticed.

” those are the Chinks ” Snap exclaimed with tension portraying in his voice.

” who are the chinks ” Sophia and Gina both asked in unison .

” it’s a deadly organization your dad recruited to kill Ben & bring you home ” Snap replied Gina as his gaze was fixed on the laptop. His legs and hands were shaking vehemently as he watched the ongoing event.

” dad ” Gina exclaimed with shock. ” how could he do that “she asked rhetorically.

” no, no “Snap screamed repeatedly as he saw the unfolding of event. Ben made an attempt to escape by turning back but he was trapped by Toy who parked his bike behind him. Gina and Sophia had both left their seat, peeping from Snap rear as they also watched it.

” no ” Gina suddenly screamed as one of the bullets from the chinks hit Ben’s chest Another, swiftly followed and she had to cover her mouth in order not to scream . They watched helpless Ben as he got shot in four different parts of his body, before Toy shot him last and he fell into the large ocean beneath the bridge.

” no, no, no ” Gina wailed loudly as she fell down . Snap was very sad and Moody to console her as he fought hard not to release the tears that was hiding behind his pupil. Sophia was also shedding tears. No one was free enough to console the other. The van had stopped moving and was parked in the middle of the road. Snap manned himself up and help Gina up as he embraced her. Sophia cast herself to one side as tears flow freely from her eye.

” he can’t be dead, he promised to come back to me no matter the situation, he said he’s gonna make it back alive ” Gina murmured with a breaking voice.

” it’s alright, no, wait ” Snap suddenly snapped releasing Gina as he swiftly grabbed the laptop that was airing the event. He saw as the chink were lowering themselves down into the ocean. He swiftly clicked on some keys on the laptop keyboard, then placed his hand firmly on the laptop mouse as the video got more clearer in 5d version, he backward it to where Ben was shot.

” he saw it ” Snap suddenly screamed attracting the attention of Gina and Sophia as they scampered towards him.

” what did he see ” Gina hurriedly inquired from Snap.

” he saw my mini drone, even as small as it is, almost invisible to the eye, he saw it ” Snap said excitedly.

” what does seeing it means ” Gina inquired again.

” look closely ” Snap said as he tardy the speed of the video . ” he sent a message to me in a coded format ,just watch his eye after the first shot hit him ” Snap said enlarging the video more. ” here, can you see that he shut his left eye and blink the right one twice then shut it loosely ” Snap said pointing at Ben’s eye. ” it means that I should take note , concentrate and be vigilant ” Snap explicated as he paused the video. ” then after Toy shot him and he’s falling down ” Snap said as the monitor was displaying how Ben was falling down in a slow motion. ” concentrate on his hand ” Snap said as he zoomed the video to his hand. ” he used the sign language there, he was trying to pass a message ” Snap relayed excitedly.

” what’s the message he was trying to pass ” Sophia inquired as the tears rolling down from her eye has subsided.

” I don’t understand sign language but I can crack it, just give me a minute ” Snap said as he swiftly took a mini notepad from a corner, fixed a chord to it then connect it to the laptop airing Ben’s clip. Gina and Sophia were ’re astonished when they saw Snap operating the two computer at once. He was operating the laptop which was on his right side with his right hand and the mini notepad with his left hand. Before the completion of a minute ,the mini notepad created a small tab and some letters started appearing on it.

On the completion of a minute, the letters had formed into a meaningful sentence which goes thus.

” hanging on in the ocean ”

” I think Ben is alive ” Snap said staring at the sentence .

” then let go get him ” Gina retorted happily.

” why are they not leaving ” Sophia asked as Snap returned the video to the live scene of the event occurring on the bridge.

” they’re confirming if he’s really dead,the chinks don’t accept their success without confirmation ” Snap replied.

” he’s going to get drown in there ” Gina said with a worried tone.

” you don’t know P1 ” Snap said with a snort. ” wait here I’m coming ” Snap said taking position on a weird looking seat inside the van, then hit a key beside the seat. The van suddenly lift itself up, as if it was been propelled up by a lift, but only Sophia and Gina were been lifted up by the van while Snap wasn’t following the flow.

The seat suddenly metamorphosed into a bike as it hit the ground. ” where are you going ” Gina asked Snap looking down through the big bike shaped hole that was created into the van .

” to get what we need to save Ben ” Snap said as he sped out of sight and the van returned to its normal position.


” you’re gonna be needed ” Ben said holding the scaly looking long sleeve in his hand. ” Snap, you deserve a kiss for getting this here ” Ben said as he wore the sleeve, it was very transparent and light ,it glued to his body at once before he wore the black leather he had on the bed on it at once.

The scaly looking sleeve was among the things he took from the shelf alongside the ammunitions. It was rolled up like a tissue paper inside the shelf but Ben knew what it was at once as he saw it. It’s the light scaly bulletproof. Tho very light like a nylon but strong like the hide of a tiger. It’s not noticeable when put on and it kinda impossible for a bullet to penetrate it, but the pain of the bullet or sharp pointed object that hit at it is always felt by the person putting it on. And the most amazing feature of the scaly bulletproof is the ability to sprinkle out fake blood when a sharp pointed object tries to penetrate it.



After few minutes, Snap returned with a rope hung tightly around him, the van propelled itself upward like it did earlier and Snap rode the bike under it, the van settled back on him and the bike was fixed back to it. He met Gina and Sophia crying again and was surprised to this.

” what could have happened’ he thought to himself as he hurriedly took the laptop airing Ben’s travail. He met a heartbreaking event as he saw Ben’s corpse floating on the ocean.

” nooooo” he screamed angrily.

To be continue…