Diluted Bullet Season 2 {heartless love} Episode 9


Ben’s p.o.v

” the only way out is by falling into the ocean but they won’t hesitate to follow me if I jump down, so let’s play along with them ” I thought to myself as I moved backward towards the metal bar of the bridge. I offered a short wish that no bullet will come close to my head or leg, as the chink pointed their guns towards me. They started shooting sporadically at me as if I was some sort of lion trying to attack them. After the first bullet hit me, I heard a whirling sound, so faint but I knew it was one of Snap Toy. I was not supposed to hear it but I think my new procured ability defied the odd.

I swiftly locate the mini drone which was as small as a mosquito. I passed a coded message to Snap before I got hit by another bullet. The ocean was very wide and lengthy, almost impossible to swim across especially if my leg get hit by a bullet. My wish doesn’t always come to pass, especially at gun point. I felt tremendous pain at the point where their bullets hit me. My wish was forfeited when I felt a sharp thronging sting on my leg, I grumbled out in pain as I swiftly made attempt to jump down but a bullet from Toy, his first, hit my chest, I felt dead for some split seconds as the force of the bullet pushed me off the bridge .

I quickly snapped out of the pain as I was falling down and send a message to Snap as I saw the mini drone capturing me falling down. As I fell into the ocean, I swiftly struggle to stop drowning, I swam to the top to swiftly take in oxygen, I made sure my body was out of sight, only my head was up, my enemies were busy shooting at themselves as I make sure to relax myself.

I drew my head back into the water as the shooting stopped. From the water I could see what was happening. As I was expecting, two out of the chink lowered themselves downward, into the ocean and stopped midway as they monitored the ocean top. Chink never leave their success unconfirmed. I could only pray that they leave soon because I don’t think I could last much longer in the water.

They had a binocular in their hand which made it hard for me to bring my head out as they’re going to notice it. I was suffocating and couldn’t stay under water after staying calm for almost ten minutes without coming out. All thanks to the mask for giving us thorough training on how to stay under water for many minutes. An idea swiftly crossed my mind. I propelled myself up ,eye close and body stiff. I lightened my body, calmed my muscle and relaxed my tension. All I wished for as I performed this act was that they don’t shoot.

I was floating on the water like a drowned dead person. I allowed the tension of the water to control me . The chink didn’t leave as they recorded me with a camcorder for another ten minute before they finally left thinking I was dead. I was sure the recording was for whoever ordered my death. The president is the only suspect I have in mind.

I opened my eye and gasped for breath as I swiftly made attempt to swim back towards the bridge as the current had floated me far away from it.

Snap’s p.o.v

I was very sad at the sudden turn of event, P1 that I know is a fighter who shouldn’t get drown easily. I felt like hitting everything around me . His death now seemed more painful than earlier. I turned to look at Sophia and Gina, I couldn’t tell who felt the sting of the death more outta the two. They’re both shedding tears. I swiftly avert my gaze from them in order not to join them in shedding tears as I already felt water gathering behind my pupils. I soberly started gazing at the laptop and saw the chinks withdrawing themselves from the scene. Ben had already been floated by the current to a farther place away from the spot he fell into the ocean. I swiftly had to rub my eye in order to confirm if I wasn’t hallucinating. I strained my eye out as I stare at the laptop again and it was real, what I saw was real. Ben was moving, no, he was swimming back to the bridge boundary.

” let go girls ” I said laughing out loud as I commanded the van to start moving. They both shock me a swift glare and I swiftly pointed at the laptop . They both gasped, scampering closer to the laptop to be sure if their eye wasn’t pranking them. ”

” how the hell ” Sophia asked laughing heartily through the tears on her eye.

” that’s the immortal P1 ” Snap replied as Gina seemed dumbfounded, as she concentrate her gaze on the laptop with smile gracing her lip.

” there he is ” Gina screamed happily as she dashed out of the van towards the bridge rail, immediately it came to a halt on the bridge . Sophia joined her and they both stared at Ben joyfully. Ben waved at them and they waved back at him. Snap parked the van closer to the rail, he put on a life jacket which had the rope he brought fixed to it. The rope was attached to a pulley looking object inside the van. He had a small remote in his hand. He came out of the van and moved closer to the rail to confirm Ben’s location. After confirming it, he moved back a little, then paced to the rail, without pausing, he placed his hand on the rail, using it as support as he propelled himself upward and performed a front flip as he gymnast himself downward, when he was few meters from making contact with the ocean, he swiftly pressed the remote and the rope stopped rolling down, as he hung few meters away from the ocean.

He pressed another key on the remote and the rope started lowering Snap down in a tardy manner .

” immortal P1 ” Snap muttered smiling as they both shook hand .

” if we stay longer, my immortal charm might wash out of my body “Ben retorted smiling.

” then let roll out of here ” Snap said pressing a key on the remote and the rope started pulling them out of the ocean as Ben clung tightly unto Snap’s shoulder. Gina fell into Ben’s embrace as soon as he was on the bridge.

” I thought you’ve left me ” Gina murmured as tears started rolling down from her beautiful marble coloured eye.

“I already promise you that I’m not going to leave you ” Ben replied staring into her eye. Gina goes on her toes and kissed him. The kiss didn’t last up to a minute before Ben unlock the lips and released Gina, He smiled as he saw Sophia resting against the van looking at him. He broadened his arm, motioning to Sophia to embrace him. Sophia smiled as she moved closer to Ben and hugged him.

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” I envy your survival capacity ” Sophia whispered into Ben’s ear.

” and I envy your fighting spirit ” Ben also whisper to her.

” think I got that from you ” Sophia replied smiling.

” from my semen right ” Ben said humorously.

” don’t corrupt my ear oo ” Sophia said freeing herself from Ben’s embrace.

” I think I’ll have to call the mask and chink to help me chase the three of you inside ” Snap said from inside the van .

” idiot ” Ben said glaring at Snap as he leaped on his right leg into the van with the support of Gina and Sophia who held him by each of his arm .

” are you sure you don’t need to be sedated ” Gina asked Ben looking concerned.

” stop repeating your question and do it na ” Ben said almost frustratingly. Gina had insisted on withdrawing the bullet in Ben’s leg. Ben and Snap had tried to change her mind about it but she’s adamant on doing it ,so Snap handed her a scapel and since then, she’s been asking that Ben should be sedated. Sophia was just busy mocking them at the end she sat, playing game on one of the laptop inside the van.

” what’s that displaying on that laptop ” Snap said as Gina swiftly directed her gaze to the laptop.

” nothing special, I think it’s one of your monitoring drone that has got stuck in a jungle ” Gina said returning her face back to Ben’s leg.

” where’s the bullet ” Gina asked looking perplexed and everyone in the van except Gina bursted into laughter.

” here ” Snap said showing a pen shaped object, just a little bigger than pen, and possess no ink. Beneath it was the bullet protruding from it.

” how did you do that ” Gina asked looking surprised.

” just have to place it on the spot where the bullet is and click on this button ” Snap said showing Gina the red button at the peak of the object. ” and out it goes ” Snap said raising the object { bullet withdrawal} up.

” you’re callous, why can’t you just give me that instead of this useless knife ” Gina said dropping the scapel.

” we’re here ” a robotic voice said, disallowing Snap from replying Gina as the van came to a halt in front of a magnificent gate.

” what are we doing here ” Sophia asked staring at Ben who also possessed a sad countenance.

” I’m sorry love but you’ve to get out of this country, I can’t expose you to more danger and importantly, the mask mustn’t find out that you’re alive ” Ben said with a sad countenance.

” I don’t care, I already sign up to assist you from the day I agreed to save you and I’m willing to that even if it’s gonna cause my death ” Sophia retorted staring at Ben.

” your death is what I don’t want dear, you’re precious to me and I can’t afford to lose you, please agree to leave ,I’m begging you ” Ben pleaded

” even if I’m to leave, dad’s jet has no permit to get into any country right now, not to talk of the one I’m willing to go ” Sophia replied.

” have you met Snap ” Ben asked with a smile .

” please don’t let me leave, I’m already enjoying this action filled game ” Sophia said with a sad countenance.

” Sophia please, just for the main time, I promise to send words to you when the coast is clear ” Ben pleaded.

” okay, I’ll leave but on a condition ” Sophia said staring at Ben

” what’s that ” Ben asked

” that you’re gonna be safe ” Sophia said holding the tears trying hard to force their way out of her eye.

“I promise you” Ben replied.

” make sure you’re safe dear, we’re gonna become bestie when I’m back ” Sophia said to Gina as they both hugged .

” keep him safe ” she said to Snap hugging him lightly.

” make sure you’re safe ” Ben whispered to her as she hugged him.

” you too ” Sophia replied, pecking him.

” I’m going to Babardos ” she said smiling .

” roger that ma’am ” Snap said swiftly operating the notepad on his hand. The gate suddenly open by itself and a range Rover limousine 2020 model suddenly parked beside the van and one of the multiple door opened by itself.

” wtf, you f—–g wizard ” Sophia exclaimed staring at the Limousine that had no one occupying it. Snap slid open the van door ,Sophia alighted it and entered the limousine ,she waved at everyone before the limousine door shut and drove back inside.

” what next ” Snap asked Ben. ” the mask has already strike twice, now, we retaliate ” Ben replied with a killer tone.

To be continue…