Diluted Bullet Season 2 {heartless love} Episode 10


” Ben on the line Sir” Ben said immediately the call was forwarded to the president.

” which Ben and how was your call able to connect to this line” the president asked with a tone connoting surprise.

” bother less about that sir and focus more on the safety of your daughter” Ben said with a commanding tone.

” dad ,please save me, I don’t want to die” Gina’s voice sounded in the background.

” Gina” the president called startlingly

” looks like you’re quick to recognize her voice but not mine” Ben said with a crooked smile.

” you” the president spouted.

” yeah, surprise to hear from me ” Ben said letting out a crooked smile, so loud that the president could hear the cackling echo in the background.

” if anything should happen to my daughter, I’ll make sure you regret it even in hell” the president threatened getting uneasy.

” easy Sir, I don’t just order people’s death anyhow and you don’t need to signal to the guy beside you to track the phone, it’s just gonna be a waste of time ,because I’m right beside you in your sitting room, that’s the result” Ben said smiling. Mr David ain’t gullible but he couldn’t help but swiftly glance through the room .

” what do you want ” Mr David asked almost in a pleading tone.

” first, an apology for hiring those quack to take me down,that’s a blemish to my reputation you know, when you could have ordered for SWAT team” Ben said rather in a humorous manner

” I’m sorry, what is it you really want” Mr David asked making motions with his hand to one of the security in his room who was passing and receiving messages from the president ICT team.

” I already got what I want ever since you picked the call, tho I could have asked you for it but I don’t do ransom ,and stop sending your dogs after me, I can take care of myself but can’t vouch that for your daughter ” Ben said before hanging the call.

” hello, are you there” Mr David screamed frustratingly at the phone as he got up from his seat. ” did they get the location” Mr David asked the security who was operating the computer earlier.

” the location they sent is here Sir” the security replied.

” what do you mean by here” Mr David asked with a bloodshot stare .

” the call was made from your room Sir” the security replied.

” and how is that possi” the president couldn’t complete his question when his phone alerted him of message.

” what ” the president exclaimed in shock as he check the message ” how is this possible” he asked rhetorically. ” connect me with the chief of guard ” Mr David ordered one of the security in the room. He was handed a table phone with its phone up. ” check if any money was deposited from my foreign account into any of my local account ” he ordered the chief of guard at once before the chief of guard could say anything.

” a minute” the chief of guard said as he suddenly went silent. ” none Sir” the chief of guard said even before the completion a minute.

” what ” the president exclaimed.

” what happened Sir ” the chief of guard {Mr Wealth } asked .

” I just receive a receipt from my foreign account for the successful deposition of 100 million pound into five of my local accounts at my request three minutes ago ” Mr David said with a melancholic tone.

” what” Mr Wealth exclaimed. ” and you didn’t make such request” Mr Wealth asked with a perplexed tone.

” no” Mr David said sinking back into his chair.


” do you really have to do that” Gina asked Ben with a curiosity filled eye.

” I thought we’ve talked this over before” Ben said staring at Gina.

” yeah but he’s my dad and losing such amount is gonna weigh him down greatly” Gina said with a tone depicting how concerned she’s about her dad.

” I know but I’m gonna return it to him later, we just need it to get his attention focus elsewhere for the main time and little out of it for the success of our mission” Ben explicated patiently.

” I’m not happy about this but I’ve no choice than to accept and the deed is already done ” Gina said directing her gaze towards Snap who swiftly buried his head into his computer to avoid her gaze.

” thanks love” Ben said pecking Gina lightly on her cheek, before she left her to join Snap who was stationed in front of many monitors fixed into the wall and a laptop in front of him on a desk, which also harbored three other keyboards and a joystick.

Ben sat beside Snap ,turned to look at Gina but she’s already engrossed in the game she was playing on a phone in her hand as she had headphone on her hear as she slept on one of the two divas inside the room. The house they’re occupying was located on the outskirt of Garki, it’s a three bedroom flat building in a compound consisting of five other buildings. The buildings were build in a pattern of “don’t know your neighbors”. All the buildings were backing themselves inside the large compound and all the neighbors shared nothing except the main entrance and sub entrance in the building.

The house was let by Snap under a fake guise because of the location of the house. It possess some advantage peculiar to their mission.

” I’ve gotten the money locked in five different dead people’s account and made sure it’s cloaked” Snap said turning to Ben.

” good, what about what I asked you to work on” Ben asked Snap.

” I’ve gotten it ready but do you think you can pull this through in this state ,you really need to take at least three days off” Snap said to Ben with a tone that depicted he ain’t in support of what Ben was about to do.

” no ,I’ve to do this now, I can’t delay it any longer, all you just have to do is make sure you don’t f–k this up ,this is our only shot ” Ben said with a tone that disclose the little panic building up in him .

” alright, get away from this side” Snap said as he position himself well in front of the laptop’s webcam. He clicked on some of its keys then cleared his throat as he started to talk. The plan was simple but dangerous.

The Mask has seven training centers {bunkers} in Nigeria, three in Abuja, while the rest were planted on the magnanimous city of Lagos, which also held the headquarter of the Mask,which Ben was trained in. All rested in undergrounds which locations remained oblivious to Ben and Snap.

According to the plan, all the centers, Ben is keen on destroying all and also eliminate the organization backbones, but this can only be achieve if he knows where the bunkers lay and who the backbones are. After many attempt by Snap to hack into the mask fortified control room where all the answers to Ben questions could be seen were all futile, they decided to bait the mask out and the plan is to smoke them out.

” here “Ben said throwing a black mask to Snap who caught it.

” oops,almost forgot” Snap said as he caught and wore the mask .

” now the transmission is about to get everywhere” Snap said concentrating on the laptop in front of him.

” good morning to you all Nigerian,I’m sorry to disrupt whatever it’s you’re all doing on your gadgets, phones, TVs, computers and all the digital billboards before I smuggle myself in now, I know you all can see me so please listen attentively to the information I’m about to pass” Snap said pausing for a while directing his gaze to Ben to get his last confirmation. Ben nod his head to show that He’s got no second thought about the plan.

Snap has successfully hacked into every smart phones been operated by their owners, computers having data service package, digital billboards used in advertising products, and all TV signal providers in Nigeria. He was the MVP of the moment as he’s the only person in view to millions of people across the country.

” do you all know that we’ve all been living in an unknown dangers for many years from unknown forces that lies in the darkest public places to infiltrate us ” Snap continued.

” I’m gonna be your guest in unveiling some of the unknown forces and trust me you don’t wanna miss it as you’re all gonna know all their darkest secret, backed up by evidences which I already got stocked up here with me.

We’re gonna start with an organization called The Mask, one of the most nefarious of all . I’ll be back in five minutes, continue with what you’re all doing earlier but don’t be surprise when my image appears on your gadgets again, you don’t wanna miss it, Apple is really sweet especially the one consisting of poison consumed by a military head of state ” Snap said shutting the connection.

” bait has been thrown into the ocean, now it’s time to wait for the fishes to fist on it” Snap said taking off the mask on his face.

” yeah, now lets wait ” ben said cracking his knuckle.

” no ,we’ve got a problem” Snap startling said as he swiftly cast aside the laptop in his front as he stood up so that he could operate the three keyboards on the desk.

” what’s happening” Ben asked.

” the US are trying to kick me out of the Trump mega 495 satellite ” Snap said clicking vigorously on the three keyboards at a go.

” they’ve took the bait” Ben said staring at the laptop that Snap cast at his side.

” every gadgets has been shut down ” Ben added clicking on the laptop’s keyboard.

” no, counter their IP log, and clog all the nearest satellite around this zone” Snap instructed as he still got his hands swiftly going over the keyboards in his front.

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” I’ve got many people trying to get in at once, I think you should handle this ” Ben swiftly said as he saw that he’s losing the battle between him and all the mask hackers. Snap swiftly left the keyboards ,collected the laptop from Ben’s hand and swiftly got himself engrossed in it. Ben turned to look at Gina and she’s already asleep on the divan with the headphone still on her ear .

” I’ve installed ABV virus into all the satellites in the country, so we’re all in the dark for now,so we still got three minutes before they can remove it ” Snap said as he handed the laptop to Ben and returned to his former position.

” I’ve been kicked out of the Trump mega 495 satellite and we need to be back on it or another one with more capability like it before the completion of that three minute or else there’s no way we’re going to get anyway close again ” Snap said with a sober tone.

” we got only two minutes left now, do you have any in mind” Ben asked Snap.

” yeah,we’ve got the NEEDLE satellite launch secretly by the Russian seven months ago, can also perform the trick but hacking into it within two minutes seems impossible ” Snap replied staring at Ben.

” have you met Snap” Ben said with a smile. ” if anyone can pull this through ,it’s you bro” Ben added raising his voice. Snap without sputtering any word, withdrew the laptop in Ben’s hand, connected a chord to it and connected it to the control unit of the multiple monitors fixed to the wall. It was a light moment of tension as the ticking of the three keyboards which Snap was operating simultaneously echoed in the room.

” thirty seconds left ” Ben alerted Snap. ” 10,9,8,7,6,5 ”

” I’m in” Snap said interrupting Ben as he sighed.

” now let get the party rolling” Ben said handing Snap the laptop in his hand.

” we’re now invincible, now the great war of a hacker against many start now” Snap said winking at Ben.

” wake me when the battle is won ” Ben said chuckling as he rest his back on the chair and shut his eye as he feigned to be in slumber. The room was filled with the sound of the keyboards which Snap switched from one to another ,even without taking a peep at the keyboards. It was like he knew where every keys were and the keyboard he need to press is without looking for it.

” I got it ” Snap suddenly exclaimed happily waking Ben up.

” we’ve got the mask most discreet database, from the Genesis to the present time ” Snap said as he stretched his fingers.

” wow ” Ben exclaimed standing up to confirm Snap’s claim.

” so the mighty hackers of the mask has fallen to just a lone hacker ” Ben said in a mocking tone.

” but now that the lone hacker has won his war,can the lone warrior win his because mask ain’t gonna let this slide, they won’t mind sending all the agents to kill us all with their database in the open” Snap warned Ben.

” I know but they can’t be destroy without this piece of information, now we know where to direct our attacks and people I’m going to pay a short time visit ” Ben explicated to Snap.

” You’re right but the risk is high, especially for Gina, she’s not immortal like you, you know” Snap said stealing a gaze at her as she slept soundly on the sofa.

” she’s gonna be alright, she’s also got a strong spirit which is gonna be enough to save her ” Ben said confidently.

” now let me see the lists of the cabals behind the mask ” Ben ordered Snap who hit some keys on his laptop and handed it to Ben. Ben sat back on his chair as he started going through the list of names.

“Wtf ” Ben exclaimed and Snap swiftly joined him to see what happened.

” does a name ring in here ” Ben asked Snap.

” what tha hell” Snap also exclaimed as he saw the name.

” did we get the right data” Ben asked almost rhetorically but Snap knew the question was directed to him.

” yeah, we’re in their most discreet database ” Snap answered looking perplexed.

” let me check who ordered for your mission ” Snap said swiftly hitting some of the keyboard keys, he narrowed his search to when Ben was ascribed the mission.

” f–k, he’s the one behind it” Snap said after some seconds.

” WTF ” Gina exclaimed from their back as she’s already been standing at their back unnoticed for some time.

” this can’t be true” she added with a disbelieving tone.

To be continue..