Diluted Bullet Season 2 {heartless love} Episode 11


” I don’t think we’re gonna get the chance to control the government in the next decade” Mr Charles replied one of anonymous people who asked him how the future is.

It was a small room but spacious enough for the five people inside it with the five chairs and a long table which was surrounded by the five chairs.

The chairs were arranged in a posture which allowed everyone sitting on it to face themselves, more in a pentagon shape.

” why don’t we involve the united States president ,we can use him to usurp the seat ,since that’s the reason we assisted him during the time of his election” one of the four anonymous people in the room spoke.

” we all know better that he’s not going to do it, he can only support us if we get the seat by ourselves and in a legitimate manner, we all know he’s trying hard to build a good reputation for himself after he won his last trial which he’s really guilty of” Mr Charles replied.

” then why can’t we just go ahead and claim the seat legitimately for our self, we’re also part of the mechanism that secured it and provide it with the democratic government it’s enjoying now” another person out of the four anonymous people said.

” and how do we go about it ” Another person asked.

” we’re gonna send one of our best agents into his life and help us derive his weak point” the man replied.

” I don’t think he has a weak point,I’ve been friend with him for three years now and he doesn’t seem to exhibit any” Mr Charles said.

” he’s sure to have a weak point,everyone does, all we have to do is send someone competent to find it out and trust me, before the completion of a month or two, we’re going to have a positive result ” the anonymous person replied.

” we’ve to be careful, people like David and if we usurp the power carelessly, we’re gonna be procuring problem from the people” one of the anonymous people in the room pinpointed.

” that’s why I said we need an agent to derive his weak point and we’re gonna explore it to make him handover the power peacefully ,like he’s planning to hand it to his vice president after he’s through with all his terms, it will just be change to you and people will think that it’s part of his plan to make the country develop more” the anonymous pinpointed.

” yeah, brilliant idea” Mr Charles input with a bright expression.

” Charles ” one of the anonymous people who looked like the leader as his chair look the most extravagant and was the only chair at the last point of the pentagon, facing the remaining four points at once, called with a tone that depicted he’s really the leader.

” Mask” Mr Charles replied as his gaze,alongside the remaining three anonymous people were directed at the leader.

” you know well that in the mask ,we garner no fame, doesn’t breed family and importantly, we don’t get attached to anything” the leader said pausing for a bit in order to run his crusty eye round the crew as they all possess a clueless face to what the leader is driving at. ” but all this we granted to you” the leader continued.

” because we’ve foreseen that it might be useful, and this has made us all to channel all our funds to make you a reputable person in the society and now, you’re one of the MVPs in the country, even having the backing of the united States president ” the leader said pausing for a while again
” hope this little affluence hasn’t affected your loyalty to the course of the mask” the leader asked Mr Charles.

” never ,my loyalty to the mask goes beyond the affluence and I was part of the people who made this rules, so I can’t forget it. ” Mr Charles replied confidently.

” good,I love that zeal, but you’ve to prove it” the leader said with a serious countenance.

” how ” Mr Charles asked.

” your only son, Kingsley, have to die” the leader uttered coldly staring deeply into Mr Charles iris.

” so be it ” Mr Charles replied without thinking about it twice.

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” so this is why I was asked to derive the president soft spot, the mask were the real owner of the mission” Ben said aloud as the last record they watched ended.

” that’s the reason I couldn’t get anything concerning the mission when I hacked into the normal server of the mask” Snap also added while Gina still looked shocked at what she’s seeing.

It was all like a nollywood to her, a man consenting to the murder of his son without blinking an eye. Tho she wasn’t a fan of Kingsley but she felt pity towards him.

” now that we’re sure of their course and we got all the locations and all their business associates, we should start launching our attacks before they start launching theirs ” Ben said cracking his knuckle. ” but I want to make them restless” Ben added with a smile.

” how ” Snap asked .

” now is the time to use your new acquired skill” Ben said with an auspicious smile.

” no ,no, we’re not using that, I’m not planning on using it now” Snap said shaking his head in disapproval.

” then I won’t do what you asked me to do for you earlier” Ben replied.

” what,you’re a callous human being, how can you bring that into the deal” Snap murmured with cold look.

” I’m desperate na,let’s do this, so that you won’t forget the skill” Ben said with a pleading tone.

” your trick is not working on me buh you’re my kid and I can’t abandon you now when you’re in dire need of my help” Snap replied with a bossy tone.

” ugh ” Ben exclaimed.

” what ” Snap asked with the same tone he used earlier.

” nothing ,your Majesty” Ben replied with a wicked grin.

” better ” Snap replied not losing the bossy tone. ” so ,who among this five head should we give a nice call ” Snap asked pressing some keys on the laptop and five images, including Mr Charles own appeared on it.

” let call the leader ,he should be a good catch to disrupt their programs ” Ben replied rubbing his two palms together.

Gina’s head couldn’t stay in one place as it was frequently moving from Ben’s face to Snap’s own as she seemed bemused at their conversation .

” now let visit the real mask ” Snap said as he stood up and exit the scene.

” the two of you seemed hell bent on confusing my soul ” Gina finally spoke out .

” you’re funny ” Ben replied smiling .
” don’t worry ,you’ll get used to it soon” he added pulling her cheek before he planted a peck on it.

” but Snap seemed to be a real genius, he’s very good with computer, I only watch hackers in film but seeing him do what I always see in movie and even better than movie hackers is really amusing ” Gina said with an expression that expressed how beguile she was.

” he’s the best in this field and don’t compare him to humans, he’s a wizard and an alien ” Ben replied.

” looks like someone is already falling for the great genius ” Snap suddenly uttered from behind with a disk in his hand.

” idiot ,just get on with what you want to do” Ben directed at Snap .

” you said ” Snap said making a feeble attempt to break the disk.

” I meant your highness ” Ben swiftly said waving his hand to Snap not to break the disk while Gina only find pleasure in laughing at them.

” better ” Snap said as he released one of his hand from the tip of the disk and took his seat at the spot he stood up from .

” I go murder person” Ben murmured silently smiling mischievously as he stared at Snap .

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Snap inserted the disk into his laptop.
He connected two more keyboards to the laptop then connect a small black box with chord to the last USB port on the laptop.

Gina couldn’t hide her bemusing expression as he watched Snap, clicking on the three keyboards at once without taking a peep at it . A dismantled puzzle of a naked girl was on display on the system. It was a puzzle of 100 pieces and he has only a minute to set all at their right places to form the real image. Before the completion of the minute,every pieces were already in their right place. A search box appeared on the screen, he inserted the number and click on place call.

He swiftly de-attach the small box he connected to the laptop and connect it to another computer ,which its monitor was attached to the wall, he downloaded some files into it and swiftly reattached it to the laptop before the call was made.

” done ” he said as the message ” sending call” appeared on the laptop.

” are you sure ” Ben asked staring at the laptop.

” yeah,he should be making attempt to throw the phone away or dashing out of the phone zone because I’m sure he’s gonna recognize the call ” Snap replied confidently.

” good” Ben said getting up.

” now offer your last prayer before I kill you ” Ben said folding his hand into a fist.

” kill me, just kill me, I won’t plead but I promise you that my ghost is gonna hack into the mask system and snitch your location to them ” Snap replied humorously.

” this guy is really cra ” Ben couldn’t complete his system as he had to abruptly pause it because of a phone ,that suddenly started ringing inside the room.

Ben and Snap exchanged a swift glance before Ben dashed towards the direction the sound wave was coming from.

The sound was coming from the sofa Gina slept earlier ,it was the phone she’s using to play game before she slept off.

Ben picked the phone and checked the screen before he swiftly threw it at Snap who also caught it and checked its screen .

” no ” he exclaimed scampering towards the exit door, and out of the building’s compound through the sub entrance, he threw the phone on the street’s road,and ran back inside.
BOOM, goes off the bomb blast as everywhere shook tremendously.

” very cool, the Majesty’s thunder was redirected back to him, a phone without Sim at that ” Ben mocked Snap as he entered the room.

” we’ve to leave now, they’re gonna use the blast to locate us” Snap said as he started unplugging the gadgets from the electricity.

They swiftly got all they need and in a jiffy, they’re inside the van. Snap clicked on the gate’s remote in his hand and the gate slide open by itself .
He nosed the van out of the compound and everywhere was already in disarray, as commotion took over the heart of the neighborhood as everyone were already scampering about, some in vehicles while some were making use of their legs.

Two vehicles were still burning and no struggle was made by its occupants as they’re already dead. Snap took down all the black box of every car in view as he sped out of the street.

” where to ” Ben ask Snap.

” to Aminat’s place” Snap replied getting a shocked gaze from Gina.

” Aminat ” she exclaimed staring at Snap.

” that’s our last resort for now because she’s out of the country ” Snap replied.

Toy’s motorcycle sped pass them but they’re lucky to have the van’s glass tinted.

Ben didn’t utter any word but he seemed to have lot on his mind but none to voice out.

” I think someone is following us ” Ben finally spoke out.

” this shit always get interesting ” Snap said increasing the van’s speed.

To be continue…