Diluted Bullet Season 2 {heartless love} Episode 12


” we’ve got only two kids still breathing out of the five kids ” a guy with a doctor robe on and a white mask on his face said to five discreet men who lurked in the dark ,their face oblivious to sight.

” alright, preserve their lives and send them to Harmony” one of the unseen face replied.

” yes sir” the guy replied before he exited the room.


Description:- one of the mask underground building located in Kaduna.

Tho it’s a subdivision of The Mask organization but only the masters of the mask knows about its operation.
After the completion of every final competition in the mask organization, the kids who’re able to hold unto their lives are discreetly sent to Harmony even without the knowledge of the mask’s instructors.

Their wounds are cared for and then they’re gonna undergo more vigorous training after their memories has been completely extenuated.

All agents of Harmony are only used in Foreign operations, especially in Europe and America.

The only operation Harmony agents are allowed to perform locally is the elimination of a gone rogue Mask agent.

” welcome back to live” a masked man said to P2 as she seemed to be confused ,as she stared awkwardly in her new found surrounding as she opened her eye.

She’s the first to wake up among the nine kids that were brought in. All were place in different rooms with a doctor stationed to monitor their improvement.

She’s strap to a bed in a hollow room with a doctor who’s stationed to monitor her improvement.

” why am I still alive” she asked feeling restless.

She would have break through the strap if it wasn’t strong enough.

” chill, relax” the doctor said swiftly holding her down.

” where am I” she asked after calming down.

” you’re now in Harmony, not far from Mask but far from Mask” the doctor said placing his stethoscope on her chest.

” what about Ben” she swiftly asked trying to get off the bed again.

” relax, you’re gonna be informed about him later but now, calm yourself down so that I can do my job” the doctor said with a calmed tone.
Tho, P2 calm down but her face was still possessing the restless aura.

” she’s gonna be the best, I watched her fight and I haven’t witness such before in my career, we should specialize more in her training” an anonymous person said in a room filled with 8 people.

The room has many TVs airing everything happening in the Harmony.


” that’s Tabitha ” Gina pinpointed at once as the image of their follower appeared on one of the monitor screen inside the van.

Snap already had cameras fixed at some points of the exterior parts of the van.

He only had to switch to one of it to get the footage of the one following them.

Their follower was on a high powered Jincheng bike, had a helmet over her head, and a masked face lay beneath the helmet tho that didn’t stop Gina from recognizing her at once.

” she’s really the one” Ben said concentrating more on the screen.

” I don’t think she’s sure we’re the one, she’s just taking her chances without us noticing” Snap chipped in.

” block every means of communication throughout this zone ” Ben said to Snap

“, I think she’s gonna serve as another means to send message to the mask after they countered the first one” he added with a wicked grin as he took his place on the bike inside the van.

” make her death fast and be safe for me ” Gina said as she Kissed Ben lightly.

” I’m gonna send the coordinate of the place you’re gonna pass to Aminat’s place to this bike GPS and here ” Snap said handing Ben a black mask.

” thank you ” Ben said as he wore the mask and kick started the bike.

Snap hit a button on one of his gadget and the van propelled itself upward with the help of a lever that lifted it up,leaving only its tyre on the granite tiled road, allowing Ben down with the bike.

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Narrator’s p.o.v

Ben swiftly held the bike’s brake at once as it hit the road and Flea also held hers in order not to collide with Ben who positioned himself well on her way.

Ben pulled the mask off his face and started clapping his hand in a frenzy manner and Tabitha took off her helmet and placed it on the bike’s tank and also pulled her mask off her face

” you’re a real chameleon you know ” Ben said as he stopped clapping. ” you gat me real good, I couldn’t even believe it that you’re also part of the mask ” Ben added with a grin.

” you’re still a baby agent, so I’m not surprise that you couldn’t sniff out one of your own even under your skin, you’re a blemish to this organization and I think you need to be eradicated right now ” Flea said swiftly flinging a knife towards Ben.
Ben caught it few inches from reaching his head.

” looks like you meant business ” Ben said sheathing the knife on the knife sheath created on the black leather trouser he was wearing.

” not ready for your childish rant ” Tabitha replied as she withdraw one of the guns placed near her waist.

Ben seeing this swiftly accelerated towards her, made an attempt to stab her with her knife as he swiftly withdraw it from the place he kept it earlier.

Tabitha on seeing the forthcoming attack swiftly bend her bike to her right hand side.

Little did she know that Ben’s aim was to make her perform such act so that he can withdraw the gun she placed a little above her ankle, he shot her at once on her leg which made her fall down to the other side,

She groaned in pain as she tried to get her right leg which was stuck under the bike as its fell over it.

Ben alighted his bike with the gun still in his hand.

He walked closer to her laughing mischievously.

” I could have given you a chance to display your little skills you know” Ben said squatting down beside her.
” but someone asked me to make your death quick ” Ben added dropping the gun in his hand and took Flea’s knife which she flung at him.

” here’s the thing Flea ” Ben said placing the knife on her neck while she was still struggling to get her leg out. ” I gat nothing with you, but you’re just part of the grass in this battle that must suffer and to be sincere” Ben couldn’t finish his statement when Flea suddenly pulled her gun and shot at him but Ben was swift to swiftly avert the disaster.
” still trying to play tough” Ben said hitting the gun from her hand, grabbed her hair and cut her neck at a go with the knife in his hand.

” I’M COMING FOR YOU ALL ” Ben inscribed boldly on the floor with some of her blood which he got.

” is that really necessary” Gina asked with a perplexed expression as she saw the news on display on BBC news. It had the footage of a lady that was murdered on the Tafawa Balewa road,the scene had garnered hundreds of onlookers who were at the scene, tho none could bare witness to the incident,as new reporters couldn’t get any fact about the incidence from the law enforcement agencies and the onlookers.

” it’s just a means to send the Mask a message” Ben replied sipping from the tumbler in his hand. He’s sitting on a bed with Gina as they drink wine.

” even if it’s a message, you shouldn’t have done that na,it’s kinda callous,at least shoot her and get over it” Gina said with a disgust content as she stared at the horrific image on the TV screen inside the room she’s occupying with Ben.

” alright, I won’t do that next time” Ben replied changing the channel to MTV base.

” better” Gina said as she also took a sip from the wine filled tumbler in her hand as she shake to the rhythm of the music playing on the TV.

” I love you” Ben suddenly uttered with serious countenance staring deep into Gina’s eye.

” why do I suddenly get a kinda creepy feeling with your proclamation ” Gina asked dropping the tumbler in her hand on a glass stool nearby. ” are you leaving me” she added with her face suddenly metamorphosing into a somber one.

” why will I leave you ” Ben asked with a smile ” just want you to know” Ben added as he covered the little distance between them. He caught her lips with his, he dropped the tumbler in his hand on the glass, Gina dropped hers as she laid flat on the bed without disengaging the kiss. After five minutes of continuous smooching, Gina suddenly disengage it gasping for breath.

” why are you both confident ” she asked staring into Ben’s eye.

” about what” Ben asked her with a curious filled eye .

” you staying here nah ,Aminat or any of her siblings could even bust here anytime” Gina replied.

” trust Snap and bother no more” Ben replied as he continued with his earlier halted operation . Gina’s worried face swiftly disappear and was replaced with a pleasurable filled smile.

Snap’s p.o.v.

” I blame the day I took interest in computer, I should have taken interest in martial art,maybe I’ll have been the one behind a close door with a president daughter while that idiot will be operating the computer now” I thought to myself as the echoes of moaning filled the room I took for myself.

On my arrival with Gina, I’ve already gotten all the 7 ample rooms inside the three storey building filled with tiny camera chip and mouthpiece. I didn’t know how the idiot knew that the camera was in the room, but he somehow found out and already got it covered with something I’m oblivious of, only the mouthpiece which was transmitting their voice was working, and instead of him to be thinking of the kinda attack He’s gonna use on his mission which he’s going to undertake soon, he’s busy smashing pu**y while I work my soul out with the computers. I wish I got a computer skill that can allow me swap skills with anyone, I’ll go into their room, drag him out with his dk and swap skills with him, then place him in front of the computer while I’ll be busy smashing that p***y inside,so that he can feel my pain.

My minds was filled with different kind of thought with smile gracing my lip as I worked my fingers on the keyboard. I love been distracted by my thoughts when I’m working ,it makes the work less strenuous. The aim is to get the Mask underground building’s security in Gwagwalada down.

According to the data procured, the mask new trainees train in the midnight while they sleep during the day. And according to Ben,the security will be less rigid when the training is on than when they’re sleeping. Tho the mask expect no intruder because of their location but no organization can be as careful as the mask.
To be continued