Diluted Bullet Season 2 {heartless love} Episode 13


Location:- Mask Underground building in Gwagwalada.

” go and inject all those kid with a strong sedative now before they wake up ” the head instructor ordered all the staffs in there mini conference room which is generally used for passage of information.

” is this another objective for them, because I don’t think such objectives is among their lists” one of the instructors asked.

” we’re expecting a visitor today as presumed from the headquarter and it will be safe if the children are all asleep during the time he’s gonna come.

” is it P1 ” another instructor asked.

” yeah” the head instructor replied. ” like you all know, he’s killed one of our agent today and also made an attempt to kill one of the faceless masters and now, we think he’s on his way here” the head instructor explicated calmly.

” if he’s coming, then I think we’re going to need external help” an instructor mentioned.

” yeah,base on our prediction ,he’s gonna attack in the night when the kid’s training is going on, so we already have many agents in the dark waiting in ambush for him, including Toy but things can get messy, and he might gain entrance here, so it’s better for the kids to be in slumber when all this is happening and we’re gonna be ready for him if such happens ” the head instructor explicated to them again with a calmed voice which was really unlike her. ” now go and process the order” the head instructor added dismissing them. They all pulled their masks down to cover their face as they exit the mini conference hall.

” do you think we’re gonna be able to eliminate this boy at last because I heard he’s been killed many times but he always end up not dead ” one of the two instructors that were heading the same way said to the other .

” he’s surely going down, he’s just one against many and we also possess the element of surprise, he doesn’t know that we’ve sniff his plan and we’re also the one who trained him to be who he is, that is,we’ve got experience to back us up ” the second instructor replied confidently.

” but who took charge of the brat training because I don’t think he was trained here in Abuja ” the second instructor swiftly asked.

” I heard he’s from the headquarter, product of agent Spike ” the first instructor replied.

” that guy again” the second instructor exclaimed. ” why is he the one always breeding up abnormal agents,then, it was Dart that went rogue, gat to go extra miles before he’s eliminated, just look at Toy,he’s one of the most feared agent, and now we’ve got this one, that guy must also be abnormal” the second instructor added sarcastically.


” I’ve got the perimeter secured , but little camera are around that zone and I’m gonna find it a bit difficult to watch your back” Snap told Ben as they both go over their plan again.

” it’s okay, just make sure you override the security access at the right time ” Ben said shuffling some explosive into his small black bag which he’s going to take along with him.

” I hope this work ” Ben said raising a syringe looking object that lacks needle up before he placed it into his bag.

” this is gonna be tough” Snap said with a concerned tone.

” yeep, but I’ll be back here alive” Ben replied confidently. ” tell Gina I’ve gone to take care of a business if she wakes up” Ben said smiling ridiculously.

” after you don shift her womb, she can’t even wake till tomorrow ” Snap replied humorously.

” idiot, don’t watch p–n and forget what you’re supposed to do” Ben said with a smile on his lip.

” at least, I won’t have to be watching your back if I’m watching p–n” Snap replied humorously.

” I don’t have your time now” Ben said taking his leave.

” you better come and receive good luck hug” Snap said stretching his hand wide.

” idiot” Ben said chuckling as he left.

The breeze gracing the atmosphere had a hidden tension inside it.Ben rode at normal speed as his head kept on replaying his plans for the night to him.

” Ben , I think we need to call this operation off ” Snap informed Ben through the bluetooth intercomm in his ear. ” I have a weird feeling about this ” Snap added with a worried tone.

” no need to worry, as long as we stick to the plan, we’re sure to pull this off ” Ben replied confidently. ” I’ll get to the first landmark in the next two minutes, so get ready ” Ben said disconnecting the call.

Toy’s p.o.v

” make sure you all hold your place as we’ve discussed earlier, and make sure you all aim at him, shoot without waiting for any signal as soon as he got to the marked spot, remember, don’t come into view until he’s present there” I informed the groups of veteran agents that were lurking behind the darkness in their accredited spot. I was assigned the skipper of the operation and this time I wasn’t settling for a defeat. No one is immortal, luck can only be unfair sometimes.

” what’s your status” I asked Cyber { Dandy’s agent name, Toy’s hacker}

” coast still clear, and no heat mark close to the location” Cyber informed me.

” alright, stay glued to the system, I don’t want any mistake” I ordered him before disconnecting the call. My sniper was ready to release all the five bullets I lodged inside its cartridge. I was many kilometers away from the Gwagwalada underground bunker, in a seven storey building, inside the seventh floor where I already murdered all the family inside the building. I was positioned at the window getting a good view of the marked position with the aid of the sniper.

Ben’s p.o.v

” I’ve released and activated the hologram wired ant ” I informed Snap

” alright, I’m on it now” Snap informed me as he suddenly became silent. I knew he’s working on the ant, he’s supposed to get the ant { robotic ant} to few meters away from the underground bunker entrance/exit I got my electric skate in my hand as I already had my bike parked inside a gutter with a bomb attached to it. It also has its own role to play in the mission.

” it’s time” Snap voice tuned me back into the game.

” are you sure I’m still invisible”I asked him.

” yeah,not even the greatest hacker can detect you ” Snap replied confidently. ” but you’re seeing me na ” I replied humorously to ease tension from my body.

” funny ” Snap snorted. ” on the count of three” he added as I sighed and powered the skate before I dropped it down and stepped on it. ” 3, 2 ,go ” Snap ordered as I swung into action at once. With high speed I was skating down towards the marked location.

Toy’s p.o.v ”

I can notice some movements but it heat mark isn’t that of human” Cyber informed me ” but I gat one of the nearby drone on it to confirm it ” he added before I could say anything.

” make it steady” I replied him as I positioned my sniper to the marked zone where he’s to be eliminated. ” motherfucking rat ” I muttered as I saw Ben crawling amidst the dark, tho he looked weird but no time to debate on that. ” everyone should be alert, he’s thirteen steps away from the marked zone” I swiftly informed the team as I also got my mark on him.

He’s now on his feet,gently threading towards the bunker entrance on the green grass which served as field for a football team that train there everyday.

” shoot on the count of three” I ordered my team as he’s three steps away from the marked zone. ” 3, 2, now ” I ordered.

” no, don’t shoot” Cyber swiftly screamed but it was too late as a bullet has already been release from my sniper. ” it’s a trap ” he swiftly added. I swiftly bend down in order to dodge my bullet that had suddenly turned to hit me. ” the reversal hologram” I said as I returned to my feet.

” yeah ” Cyber replied. Everywhere suddenly went dark but I had my king of night glasses with me which allowed me to see through the dark. I couldn’t wait for any information as I dashed out of the room I was .

” open the elevator” I ordered Cyber as I scampered towards the elevator.

” it’s been jammed ,no power supply, everywhere is in blackout” Cyber replied me.

” I’m gonna need seventy five seconds to operate it from here without power supply ” he added but I couldn’t wait as I scampered towards the stairs. I think all the agents has been taken down as none could reply me.

Reversal hologram is a sensitive technology which its myth is well known throughout every continent, used by a religious terrorist cyber group to eliminate many citizens of Iraq some years ago. No hacker has been able to create this deadly weapon again after this cyber group were murdered or claimed to be murdered by the Iraq, but at that, all the agents has been in this game for long than to be on a mission without bullet proof vest,so I was sure something else is wrong somewhere else.

Ben’s p.o.v

” how’s it going down there” I asked Snap as I neared the underground bunker.

” it worked, the gas has wiped them all out ” I couldn’t be less excited, as I increased my speed. It was a game of chance as I already had everything planned but Snap wasn’t sure of himself as he’s only tested the reversal hologram once as he claimed, when I was in coma. He’s able to break the reversal code with Smith { one of Snap’s friend ,also a badass hacker in the State} For the reversal hologram to work ,a menial transformer power isn’t enough as it needed high energy in order to reverse any metal ,or objects containing iron back to where it’s coming from with great speed.

Snap had to draw the power the hologram needed from the underground bunker power supply, with the aid of the two transformers few kilometers away from the location. I was sure that if my prediction was right, there will be agents lurking in darkness waiting for my arrival, because a quack future reader would have been able to predict that I was gonna attack the underground bunker since I had the classified data with me.

I knew everyone is gonna be on bullet proof vest which might render the reversal useless to eliminate agents acting as vigilante, that’s why I added a gift of my handmade poison in gaseous state to the hologram ant Snap used.

My poison is very lethal and no amount of training could keep anyone who inhale the gas alive. Everywhere was already in blackout but with the help of my king of night glasses, it was daylight to me. The bunker power supply has already been cut out, so every security system would have been automatically override and easy for Snap to control.

I stopped the skate as I got closer to the football field laced with artificial green grass. The field was just a camouflage to people and it’s only used as a training pitch for a privately owned football team because of its location. With the skates below my armpit, I thread carefully to the spot where the entrance is located on the green grass pitch.

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” get the hatch open” I ordered Snap.

” before I open it, do you know that this is the most risky phase of the plan ” Snap uttered with a worried tone.

” we’ve already gone through this before, just open it” I replied Snap.

” if it goes wrong, you gonna die and not only you,all those innocent kids are gonna go down with you,just have a rethink, ” Snap said almost in a pleading tone. ” what we’ve achieved tonight is enough to send the message you want to the mask ” Snap added trying to get me to change my mind but I’m already above the stage of going back. I won’t allow monsters like me to be breed again.

” it’s better for those kids to die now than become a monster and only five of them are staying alive after the final stage ,so the sacrifice is fair and I’m not dying tonight, I’m coming back home to my PRECIOUS JEWEL {winks}” I said confidently to him ” so open the goddamned door ” I ordered Snap as I pulled the zip of my black jacket down.

” Toy has been detected, he’s on a bike and about to get to the point where you placed the bike” Snap informed me diving out of the recently ongoing conversation.

” you know what to do, just open this hatch ” I almost screamed at him.

I heard the sound of the explosion I fixed on the bike and the fire that emanated from it was visible because of the darkness that has hovered everywhere like a blanket.

” done ,he should be dead ” Snap said as the green lawn suddenly opened in a spherical shape, a cubicle elevator appeared from it and it top opened. With the aid of the mini ladder inside the cubicle looking elevator, I descended into the elevator as it failed to appear at the upper ground.

As the elevator descended downward, I took off the jacket completely revealing the B42 explosive I had strapped to my body. With a whirling sound ,the elevator stopped and its door opened. The emergency backup light was already on and the lone corridor had a red light illuminating from every angles of the corridor. I knew an ambush laid ahead of me so I activated the bomb and its timer started reading from ten minute downward. I placed the beetle camera on the wall and with the aid of the computerized wrist watch on my wrist, I controlled it it to move farther.

On my wrist watch, I was able to see ahead, two people with mask on their face, were hiding behind a pillar with their guns pointed upward as they await me. I got locations of where the other ambush await me and before I continued with my journey, I placed the skate on the ground, pushed it and it went out of sight.

My steps down the lone corridor was calculative and brief with my favorite toy in my hand, I already had every location instilled in my head,so as I made appearance at first ambush point, I laid low,then whistle to get the agents attention,as the two agents moved beyond their shield to shoot me, I aimed at one’s head, shot him at once, rolled on the floor to avert the bullet of the second, glued to my knee as I shot his hand which he used in holding the gun. I moved closer to him, dragged him up and placed my gun on his head ,as my left hand was wrapper around his neck. I pushed him further as I moved towards the main ambush point where almost everyone is hiding.

As I got to the limelight, almost six agents appeared with guns pointed towards me. One of them shot my hostage on the head and he breath last at once. I dropped him to the floor revealing the B42 explosive clinging onto my chest. I could see the shock in their eye through the mask they had on as they saw the explosive.

” I don’t think I need any formal introduction as you all seem to know me and know the kinda explosive I have on” I said to them lowering my toy. ” well,I’ve got this place under control ,no one comes in or goes out without my approval and my heart is gonna need to be beating if you don’t want to be roasted alive so you’re all free to lower those guns” I pouted like we’re accomplice. They all lowered their guns in surrender motion.

” good guys” I said moving closer to One of them who looked like the head trainer, patted her shoulder like an obedient servant. ” so what I need is simple, we’re gonna wake all those sleeping beauties you gat locked up and I’m gonna need to evacuate them with the transporter ” I ordered staring into the eye of the head trainer before I pulled her mask off. I knew she doesn’t need the mask on because all head trainers have mask immunity.

” it’s impossible to wake them up ” she said staring at me with a blood shot eye. ” they’re sedated with Lh” she added still staring at me.

” I know ” I said to her taking off my small bag pack on my back. I took out the syringe looking object that contained the liquid capable of waking the kids up. ” here ” I said handing her the syringe looking object. ” as you can see, it’s just six minutes remaining for the explosive to go off, so I won’t ask you to make it snappy” I said patting her shoulder again . ” I’ll be waiting for the kids at the transporter entrance and trust me, nothing works here until I order it so don’t bother trying to use the radio or any means of communication ” I added before taking my leave to the transporter point.

The transporter is like a mini train with tyres which is used in conveying new kids kidnapped to allocated underground bunker. And it’s also used to convey important personnel to the bunker during the last contest. Only one transporter is allocated to each bunker and its route is located underground.

” is she awake” I asked Snap after I updated him about the success of the operation.

” nope, you hit the right spot” Snap replied smiling.

” the kids are on their way ” I informed Snap as I saw the kids been led towards me on single file. All memories of my experience when I was also in their shoe hit me like an atomic blast and I also remembered Precious. ” good ” I said as they got to where I was standing.

The kids were still many, I was sure that only few of them has been killed ,maybe ten or two below. I checked the explosive timer and we still got two minutes and few seconds before it explode. I asked Snap to open the transporter door and I asked all the kids to enter. They all rushed in .

” thanks for your cooperation” I said smiling as I also entered the transporter. ” good luck on your way to hade ” I said cackling as the transporter ignited and I took off the jacket from my body without deactivating it first. The jacket was a fake ,I already had the explosive planted in the skateboard and the jacket was its detonator. With high altitude, the transporter propelled itself into the abyss of darkness that has clustered into a fog in front of it.

I clicked on the detonate key on my watch and I could hear everywhere crumbling, but the speed of the transporter got us away from the blast. I turned to look at the kids and they’ve all fallen asleep back as the effect of the anti-sedative liquid I asked them to be administered with has worn out of their system.

To be continue…