Diluted Bullet Season 2 {heartless love} Episode 14



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This is Mae Harry on BBC AM news First the headlines.

The country still in clamor as the president daughter is yet to be found.

The president has refused to attend to the Nigerian Press that clustered in front of his villa yesterday.

The country in another stage of uproar as some kids whose missing report has filled many days ago in different police stations were found alive in front of the central mosque earlier this morning.

Tension in the country as the citizens thinks the kidnapping of the found kids has to do with an anonymous group called Mask.

A big explosion in Gwagwalada which revealed an underground bunker which nobody knows that it’s there, nine people burnt to death inside it.,status of the underground bunker still unknown. • Now the news in details.

” did you do that” Gina asked Ben staring at him suspiciously as he sat on one of the sofa inside the room, while Gina slept with her head resting on Ben’s lap.

” do what” Ben also asked with an innocent face.

” kidnapped kids found, an underground building which exploded in Gwagwalada ” Gina said as she took her head away from Ben’s lap and made to sit down to stare into Ben’s eye with a look that depicted she knew he was guilty. Snap snorted as he carried his laptop and was about to exit the large sitting room.

” partner in crime ” Gina said looking at Snap who didn’t bother dishing out his reply, instead smiled and left.

” I don’t know anything about it oo” Ben stressed out as he avert his gaze and pretended to be following the news still on broadcast on the BBC channel . Gina sat down on his lap in order to block his view and started staring at his face, Ben tilted his head to the left in order to avert the gaze, Gina cackled as she wrapped her hands around Ben’s neck, then kissed him deeply. After she unlocked their lips, Ben was staring at her with a lust filled eye.

” now, who performed all those miracle” Gina swiftly asked Ben staring at him too before he could try to avert his gaze again. Ben smiled as he lowered his lip down to Gina’s own and they both engaged in another session of smooching.

” you’re right ” Ben told her as soon as they disengaged their lips. ” those kids deserves a better life not the ones they’re about to be forced with” Ben said with a stern face.

” wow ,I’m proud of you ” Gina said excitedly. ” but how did you do that, I thought you’re with me throughout the night and I even remember waking up by four AM and you’re right beside me, cuddling me in your arms ” Gina asked with a perplexed expression.

” the mission was a swift one, so I was able to return early and I hit the right spot” Ben said smiling

” what spot ” Gina asked looking perplexed but Ben answered her question with another hot session of smooching.

” aren’t you hungry” Ben asked Gina after they stopped smooching.

” I’m satisfied with you only” Gina replied trying to kiss Ben, but Ben averted his head laughing.

” I’m a dangerous addiction, you might just develop ulcer if you can’t let go of me” Ben said smiling.

” So sure of yourself ” Gina said staring at Ben with a wierd look.

” that’s my charm” Ben replied still smiling.

” you’re d–n right” Gina said as she swiftly locked lip with Ben again and they started smooching again,Ben laid her down on her back on the sofa and his hands on her boobs as they continued smooching. The action was briefly brought to a halt as a low alarm tone suddenly goes off inside the sitting room with the message.

” danger zone, stop what you’re doing now” sounded repeatedly.

” idiot” Ben said laughing as he already knew the perpetrator of the deed.

” Snap ” Gina asked Ben.

” yeah,it’s that idiot” Ben replied and gina smile. ” let me fix us something to eat” Ben said standing up as they both head to the kitchen.

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” wow ,this is good” Gina said after devouring the first spoon of jollof rice she ate. ” you’re the best ” Gina said smiling as she introduced another spoon to her mouth chewing it with delicacy with her eye shot as she tried to savor the deliciousness of the meal.

” it’s been long I tasted a good homemade jollof rice like this, it’s when I visited my mom last in the State,your cooking ability is up to pal with my mom’s” Gina said excitedly taking more spoon to her mouth while Ben and Snap watched her in awe.

” why are you both staring at me like that” she suddenly asked as she saw both of them staring at her without eating their meal. ” this is one of the worst meal prepared by him and you’re here claiming this is up to pal with your mom’s cooking” Snap said returning his gaze to his meal on the dining table while Ben snorted as he also avert his gaze to his meal.

” you are joking right” Gina asked looking perplexed but received no answer as both guys feigned mute . ” I’m marrying you tomorrow Ben,if not for anything but your cooking skills ,it’s the best” Gina said smiling as she continued devouring her food. It was just a simple meal of jollof rice and grilled chicken.


” I think I’m pregnant” Gina said laughing as she stretched her stomach out as she rested her back on the bed while she sat on the floor. ” I don’t remember myself eating up to half of the meal I had today ever in my life” Gina said smiling .

” you ain’t the first to say that” Ben said laughing from the bed ,he’s laying on.

” how many girls has said this before” Gina said turning, to look at Ben.

” I forgot to keep count” Ben replied cackling.

” cocky bastard” Gina retorted with a hiss in a humorous manner.

” come here,let me help you with your indigestion” Ben said stretching his hand towards Gina, who flaunt her eye lash in a weird manner before he grabbed his hand and joined him on the bed. They both sat down on the bed facing themselves as Ben took her hand and started massaging her fingers, lightly pressing the right spot that aid indigestion.

” see what has become of you when you’re busy swallowing everything like a hungry python that got hold of a fat ram ” Ben said staring at Gina as he massaged her fingers.

” I’m gonna tell my dad that you abused his precious daughter, just because I ate only small food” Gina said sulkily as she feigned to be sad.

” small food indeed” Ben retorted as he placed her in a position where she’s backing him. He took off the with blue T-shirt she had on revealing her blue bra. He placed his two palms on her back and was subtly hitting some spots. Ben didn’t performed this action up to three minutes before Gina belched loudly and Ben bursted into a mocking smile.

” gross” Gina said in an irritated manner.

” it’s not only gross, it’s cross, still trying to form tush ” Ben said still laughing.

” you’re not serious” Gina said hitting Ben lightly. ” wow ,I feel good now, thank you” Gina said spreading her hands happily.

” you’re welcome” Ben said smiling as he stared at her happy face.

” you seemed to be good at everything ” Gina said now staring.

” nope” Ben retorted ” I’m the best at everything, that’s the right sentence” Ben added with a proud countenance.

” must you be crude every time” Gina asked frustratingly while Ben bursted into laughter. ” I’ve really missed been massaged and I’m sure your hands is gonna be the best at the service it’s gonna offer towards that ministration ” Gina said with a wink.

” hmmm, you’re right, my massage is the best you’ll ever get but it doesn’t comes for free ” Ben retorted winking back.

” ugh, so you’re asking me to pay for what you should consider as your responsibility” Gina said sulkily.

” I don’t know how to massage ” Ben said as he laid down on his back on the bed,with his hand beneath his head to support it.

” you’re too callous ” Gina said,subtly hitting Ben on his chest,but Ben didn’t respond as he shut his eye. ” what’s your price” Gina finally asked giving up on making Ben change his mind. Ben with a smile lurking on his lip, opened one of his eyes, then dragged Gina’s head closer to his, and kissed her deeply for two minutes,before he freed her .

” price settled ” Ben said with a smile while Gina was still gasping for breath.

” you’ll be the end of me” Gina retorted with a smile.

” if you haven’t end me first” Ben said as he unhooked her bra ,took it off and threw it to another side of the bed . Gina had only her bum short on as Ben refused to disassociate that from her skin. He made her lay on the bed with her back facing the roof. Ben got down from the bed and moved to the portion where different kind of cosmetics were placed. He picked a tube containing oil then picked a towel from the towel rack,then joined Gina, who already had her eye shot with her lips smirked as she expect Ben to begin his magic, back on the bed.

” raise your hip up a little ” Ben commanded Gina and she obeyed, slightly protruding her ass up. Ben unbuttoned her bum short ,and pulled the zip down, then at a go,he pulled the bum short and her blue pantie down at once. He covered her ass with the towel he picked earlier, allow each base of the towel to rest on the bed.

He released some of the oil in the tube on his palm, rubbed it together and with total subtle, he applied it on her back adding little pressure to his palm . After two minutes of Ben’s magic palm on Gina’s back ,she started letting out a soft moan as all her muscles had relaxed, rejoicing to the subtle palm easing them off.

Gina’s eye was firmly shot with her lip smirking as she moan softly. She was already lost in the paradise of pleasure when a phone suddenly started ringing inside the room halting every operations been carried out at that moment.

” how did that got here ” Ben asked frustratingly as he got up to pick the phone from a small glass cushion inside the room. Ben recognized the code at once as he saw the caller.

” get your ass down here ” Snap ordered as Ben picked the call, then drop the call at once before Ben could say anything.

” permission to murder Snap ” Ben said to Gina who was staring at him , in an humorous manner.

” I’m the one who need to murder him ” Gina said twitching her eye lashes frustratingly.

” that idiot deserve it ” Ben said dropping the phone. ” I’ll be back in a jiffy ” Ben said, as he pecked Gina before exiting the room.


” how do you want your death ” Ben asked Snap in a humorous manner as he got to the sitting room, where Snap’s finger were busy scouring on his laptop.

” gonna tell you after you’ve intercepted the transportation of the kids in an underground road ” Snap replied Ben without turning to look at him as he’s still busy operating his laptop.

” they’ve been moved “? Ben asked with a surprised countenance as his expression changed

” yeah ” Snap replied.

” but it’s sooner than I predicted, looks like I’m not to be underrated by them again” Ben said with a tone connoting uncertainty.

” I think it’s time to end this ones and for all” Snap said finally releasing his fingers from the laptop’s keyboard. ” here ” he said pointing at the laptop. Ben bent down a little, to stare at what Snap was showing him. ” the mask are trying to guard these kids after what you did and probably shut down every businesses for now because of the publicity you created for them, so every agents undergoing training will have to be placed under a siege of protection ,a place where its security is impenetrable by anyone”

” Lagos headquarter’s bunker ” Ben said interrupting Snap.

” yeah, all the kids are gonna be transported to Lagos and after going through the data that we have ,all underground route and passage that can be used by mask for to and fro from every underground bunkers to Lagos has been detected ” he said pausing for a while as he pointed at some coordinate displaying on the laptop.

” I’ve hacked into every satellites in Nigeria and deduced every heat map of all the underground passage and luckily for us, the last branch in Port Harcourt just started transporting the kids and if you’re fast enough, you can intercept it at this point ” Snap said pointing at a coordinate displaying on the map. ” here, I think I should be able to slow the transporter down at that point because the magnetic force of the underground is high ,all i have to do is tap into it” Snap continued.

” so your plan is that, I eliminate everyone inside the transporter and use it as a means to get into the headquarter and explode it ” Ben said interrupting Snap again.

” your IQ score is a scam ,idiot” Snap said as he shot Ben a weird stare. ” do you think the Mask are gonna leave the kids with amateur agents to guard them to the bunker after what you did last night” Snap asked rhetorically. ” you’re only going there to place a lite muscoon on the transporter, that I’m going to detonate when its get into the bunker ” Snap added.

” I got the plan now, thinking I’m in, they’re gonna try to fish me out but won’t be able to, and with the fear that I could still get in and out unnoticed, they’re gonna upgrade the security system which will be easy for you to access” Ben explicated brilliantly.

” your brain is now working fine ” Snap retorted.

” but how do I get to Lagos in the limited time because I don’t think we’ve got any vehicle to make the journey in such time ” Ben asked looking perplexed.

” through flight, I’ve hacked the airport terminal point and instead of the flight going to Lagos to leave in the next five hour, it’s going to leave in the next thirty minutes ,so get your shits together now, you’re going to Lagos with Gina.

” good, but what about you, are we not traveling together” Ben asked staring at Snap.

” nope” he replied. ” I can’t hack in the sky ,so I’m gonna join you in lag, and act as your eye from down here. ”

*alright bro, let me swiftly get all my shit,I really wish to be in Lagos for another shit” Ben said before he scurried out of sight.


” see ya in Lagos” Ben said to Snap as they alighted the van in front of the airport. Ben and Gina had face cap on which covered almost every part of their face.

” follow my steps” Ben said to Gina as he head into the airport. ” stay here, and make sure your face is down” Ben said to Gina asking her to sit on one of the waiting chair as he walked to the session for purchasing of ticket .

“Lagos ticket for two ” Ben said to the lady at purchasing point.

” what are you paying with” the lady asked staring at Ben.

” this” Ben said handing her a MasterCard.

” done” the lady said after every necessary procedures were carried out and the money for the tickets was deducted from the card . ” a pleasant journey” She said handing him the card and two tickets..

” what the f–k ” Ben exclaimed as he got back to the seat and Gina was missing ,only her face cap was on the floor beside the seat. Ben was sure an abduction had taken place, but by who??

To be continue…