Diluted Bullet Season 2 {heartless love} Episode 15


Ben’s p.o.v

♪ Griiiin griiiin ♪ The phone in my pocket sounded as I stood transfixed to the spot I was ,perplexed about the whole scenario.

” could it be the mask used our trap to entrap us or could it be the chinks” my thoughts were wayward as it couldn’t fully process what could have happened. I could easily walk up to the securities and informed them of the situation and they might check the CCTV to deduce what could have happened but I’m wanted and if it’s the mask ,the CCTV is useless because I was sure it would have been rendered inactive when the abduction was taking place.

” what’s happening ” Snap asked as I picked the call through the small Bluetooth headset fixed in my ear. ” why is Gina on the highway away from the airport and you’re inside the airport” he asked with a curiosity filled tone .

” how did you know she’s not with me” I asked Snap.

” the wrist watch I gifted her when we departed Aminat’s apartment has a tracker in it ” he replied.

” I think she’s been abducted ” I said to him with a somber expression.

” f–k ” Snap exclaimed ” do you think the mask fished you out” he asked.

” I don’t know, but if it’s the mask then I think a sniper will be aiming at my head now or I’m probably standing on a future scraps and ashes” I replied with a tone connoting uncertainty.

” get a blind spot,let me see if I can get something from the CCTV ” Snap said dropping the call. I got myself a spot where I’m sure I can’t be eliminated by a sniper. After few minutes my phone beeped. I extracted it from my pocket, unlocked it and saw in the notification that Snap had sent me a video. From the video was a young handsome man who was staring at Gina as she glanced through her surrounding. The man brought out his phone as if trying to deduce if he didn’t get the wrong person. He grinned awkwardly after he must have confirmed that it was Gina. He had a bag strapped to his back,he took it off and took out a perfume which he sprayed on a white handkerchief in his hand. He walked over to Gina,sat beside her and ensued in a conversation with her tho Gina tried to snub him as she concentrated her gaze on the floor. When he was sure no one was watching, he swiftly placed the laced handkerchief on her nose and Gina’s eye became blurry at once as she looked like an intoxicated fellow but her eye was blurrily opened.

He helped her up, supporting her till he took her out of the airport. Snap’s call appeared on the notification lodge, I swiped it down to pick it .

” that’s the guy who kidnapped her “he said to me as I picked the call.

” he doesn’t seem to be in any organization, do you think he got her for the reward ” I asked Snap with a worried countenance.

” I think it’s for revenge ” Snap replied confusing me more. ” I’ve swiftly made a quick and crossed search to know who the guy is and any connection he might have with the president or Gina and I got some clues ” he continued clearing me a foggy membrane.

” what clue do you have ” I asked him.

” from my crossed chat, this guy’s name is Joy Sedulous, attended the same university with the president Gina’s momma and it looked like they’ve got an issue or misunderstanding because this guy always react anger on any post the president make on every social media platform, even before he became the president, so this made me narrow my search down to when they’re in still in school and from there, I got my answer” Snap explicated, pausing for a while.

” what’s that ” I asked impatiently.

” Sedulous used to be Gina’s momma’s guy but she was hijacked by Mr David from his life and it seems he hasn’t forgotten about it and kidnapped Gina as a form of revenge ” Snap briefly explained to me ” and do you know the interesting part about this saga ” he swiftly added before I could chip in my contribution.

” what’s that” I asked furtively.

” this guy is a kidnapper and perpetrator of many evil act such as arm robbery, assassination with his crew and goes under the code name Timber,one of the most wanted man in the country, just that no one knows what he looks like ,his biography or any information about him, just his name {Timber} was garnering him fame until he cross part with me now, was out of the country after he got a big shit that earned him seventy million naira done ,he just came back today” Snap patiently divulge every information about the guy to me.

” I think he’s gonna request ransom from the president instead of killing her and we both know the president is broke now if the ransom is too high, shit might happen because the president is been monitored closely by his opposition ” I swiftly reasoned Snap

” you’re right but he’s the president after all,I’m sure he’s gonna pull it off and he might even not pay the ransom if you get to Sedulous first. Gina has stopped moving ,I think he’s gotten her to his fortress” Snap informed me.

” alright, send me the location or are you close to there” I asked Snap.

” I’m twenty eight kilometers away from the location and you’re only twenty kilometers away, I’ve beeped you with the location ” Snap said as my phone beeped.

” thank you, let’s meet there and get me every information I need about the place, I can’t walk in blind, got no weapon with me and safety of Gina first” I told Snap as I was about to disconnect the call.

” he’s asked the president for the payment of two hundred million naira now, sending Gina’s picture to him as proof” Snap said before I could disconnect the call.

” so soon” I said surprised at how desperate the guy was. ” couldn’t even wait for a day or two before he start demanding for a ransom” I thought to myself as I head out of the airport

” I think he’s desperate, and he want the money real quick but he’s made a mistake, you have to get there as fast as you can because the idiots location has been hacked out by the president ICT team as the State granted them access to use the Trump mega 495 satellite and the securities are already heating up to leave ” Snap updated me.

” shit ” I exclaimed as I increased my pace. I head straight to the parking spot, swiftly scanned for a car with high speed, saw a old model Ferrari , quickly moved closer to it, broke the driver’s side glass with my elbow as I opened it from inside. Its alarm was triggered and I saw two securities coming close towards me with bats in their hands. I swiftly ignited the car by getting the kick wired out and did a brief connection with it. As the securities saw that I’ve kicked the car, they started running towards me. With speed I reversed back,towards them as that’s the only way out, one of the securities was able to jump away to his left but the second was unlucky as he only jump on the hood of the car, rolled at its top and fell down to the front as I hit the brake. He’s groaning in pain as he held one of his arm. Without hesitation, I was out of the park spot and on the road driving like someone participating in death race.

Wisdom’s p.o.v

” I’m fit enough dad” I screamed frustratingly at my dad on phone as he seemed hell bent on not allowing me join the security team on the extraction of Gina from the one who got her kidnapped.

” you just got yourself forcefully released from the hospital yesterday, you really need to rest and ” I didn’t allow him to finish what he was saying before I disconnected the call and swiftly dressed up for the mission. I knew he would be blaming himself for calling to tell me. I swiftly made a call to one of the guy on my team to ask for the location where the extraction was gonna take place but he seemed not to have an idea as he told me that only the veterans in DS were allow to go for the mission as all the military forces in the country has already been called for the extraction.

I had to make few more calls before I could finally get the location and luckily for me, I was more closer to the place. Instead of a car,I decided to use my high powered Suzuki bike in order to get there more faster.

Toy’s p.o.v


” Looks like he’s more smarter than I thought,” I thought to myself as I swiftly descended the staircase , he planned everything ahead based on assumption and his plan worked. The elevator door opened as I got to the third floor, I knew it’s the handwork of Cyber, I rushed into it and its got to the first floor in the speed of light. I swiftly got on my bike and with high altitude, I was speeding down to the bunker . I suddenly got funny thought as I neared the bunker and reduced my speed.

” sweep the area thoroughly to check if there’s any bomb awaiting my arrival” I ordered Cyber.

” stop ” he suddenly screamed and without further ado, I jumped down from the bike because it was too late to stop the bike as I had no clue where the bomb might be, I would have gotten myself injured if I had try that two years ago . As my bike got a little farther, I saw a dimmed red light blinking rapidly inside a gutter and boom goes the blast . My bike was set ablaze as it exploded at once and I saw a part of it aiming at my head, I swiftly bent down to avert the disaster.

” hahahaha ” I chuckled loudly. ” nice one, I love this guy ” I muttered to myself.

” are you okay ” I heard Cyber voice from the Bluetooth headset in my ear.

” yeah, I got lucky ” I replied him standing up. ” erase my heat map ,I think that’s what he’s using to monitor my movement ” I said to Cyber as I stood in the middle of the road. The fire caused by the explosion was still razing high and impenetrable for me. I knew I was losing count of time with the seconds that passed by as I stood there.

When the fire subsided a little, I dashed through it and was out on the opposite side before my cloth could make path with the fire. I didn’t stop running until I got to the bunker lawn. I swiftly the spotted where the other agents were supposed to lay in ambush for him and all ,excluding none were dead. I was sure their death wasn’t caused by the reversal hologram as no bullet wound was inflicted on them but blood was coming out of their nose ,eye and mouth which made me settle for the cause of death as poison but how he did it was something I wasn’t ready to know as I informed Cyber to open the hatch.

” it has been jammed and override by another hacker” he replied me

” shit ” I exclaimed frustratingly. ” is there another way to cease control of it ” I asked Cyber.

” the hacker that’s on it is a guru, he shut every circuit I could have used to kick him out ” he replied me. ” I’m gonna advice you to stay away from the perimeter of the bunker ,I’ve got a bad feeling that he’s gonna explode the bunker, I think he’s using the transporter to escape ” Cyber added. I didn’t want to listen to him at first but decided to as I walked off the lawn. I wasn’t fully out when I suddenly felt the earth quake , I swiftly got off it and the top surface crumbled inside and the force of the explosion pushed me to hit my back on a nearby pole


” your attention is needed down here ” Cyber informed me as my TV screen suddenly displayed his image. Tho we’re in the same apartment but that’s his normal routine of communicating to me when he’s on the board and I’m in my room. Either he hacked to my phone, laptop”{if I’m currently operating it }or through the TV even if it’s off.

” on my way ” I said as I got off my bed. I stretched out as I’ve been laying on the bed since I woke up,resting my back which I injured in my failed mission. ” what’s it ” I asked Cyber as I got closer to him as he sat in front of the board

” Gina has been kidnapped ” he informed me surprising me.

” by who ” I asked looking perplexed.

” a famous criminal with the code name Timber and here ” he replied pointing at one of the numerous monitor fixed to the board ” here are the president private security team dispatching to the location and here” he said pointing at other monitors ” are other forces also dispatching to the location ” he added while I looked more perplexed.

” how could a common criminal achieve what I couldn’t do ” I questioned myself as Cyber briefed me. ” what about P1 ” I asked him.

” that’s why I summoned you” he replied turning to look at me. ” from my information, Gina was abducted from the airport and I’m sure Ben will be with her then and now he must be on his way to save her and we’ve got an upper hand because we’re closer to the location and you will be able to eliminate him ones and for all ” Cyber explicated to me

” that’s a good idea” I said exiting the scene to get ready for the mission.

Ben’s p.o.v

Without any weapon except the lite muscoon inside my bag pack, I drove down to the location on my phone.

Wisdom’s p.o.v

With strong aura that I can save Gina and bring her home, I sped down to the location I got.

Toy’s p.o.v

With the strong motive of finally eliminating P1,I sped down to the location Cyber gave to me.

To be continue…