Diluted Bullet Season 2 {heartless love} Episode 16

Ben’s p.o.v

” I’m close to the site according to the map you sent to me” Ben said to Snap over the small bluetooth headset in his ear as he park the car he was driving.

” good, according to the heat map with me, the building consist of twenty four people including Gina,but that’s the only info I’m able to get” Snap said to Ben.

” as you can see the building is located inside the forest and they’re wise enough not to possess any gadget with camera, so I’m kinda blind here too ” Snap added

” alright, this is how it’s going to work”

” someone is coming behind you on a bike” Snap interrupted Ben informing him of Wisdom’s arrival. The route to the forest is a lone way amidst the shrubs and trees, that had been fixed there due to constant passage of vehicles there, and it led into the forest. Ben didn’t want to go further because of the risk of been found out.

” alright ” Ben said igniting the car the same way he ignited it earlier. He swiftly reverse to the left .Tuning the tyres to his right side, he drove into the shrubs, leading into the forest. When he was sure he’s out of sight of whoever might be coming, he alighted the car and grabbed its fire extinguisher and walked back to the road with his small bag pack firmly on his back.

” what are you doing” Snap asked him.

” gaining myself passage into the building without stress ” Ben replied him.

” cool idea, he’s gonna be there in 5,4,3 ” Snap counted and Ben stood in the middle of the road with the fire extinguisher in his hand.

” now ” Snap ordered and Ben sprayed the fire extinguisher content as Wisdom came into view directly at his helmet, he lost control and crashed into the forest and Ben followed him at once. When Wisdom fell off from the bike ,Ben swiftly grabbed him up through the leather jacket he was wearing but Wisdom swiftly freed himself by making a rapid twist, then back kicked Ben.

Ben staggered back a little before he positioned himself back. Wisdom eye widened in anger as he saw that it was Ben. He brought out a gun with silencer fixed to its top from his gun sheath fixed to his belt. Ben on seeing him moving his hand to his belt knew what he’s aiming for ,he swiftly dash towards him and before the gun was pointed at him, he kicked it off from his hand, with his left leg which he used in kicking the gun off still in the air, he placed it on Wisdom’s shoulder using it as a support to raise the second up and hit him on his head through the helmet.

Wisdom fell down and did Chinese get up at once to get back to his feet He swiftly brought out a small knife from its sheath which he had fixed on his leg, pointing it at Ben. Ben grinned wildly as he folded his hand into a fist ,he made motion to Wisdom to come closer and he also made the mistake of obeying the call. He launched towards Ben with the knife in his hand,. He attacked Ben’s head with the knife but Ben was swift to move his head to his left side in order to avert it. He also made an attempt to punch Wisdom on his stomach, but wisdom was also swift to take the blow on his leg which he swiftly raised up. Ben without hesitation hit him hard on his chest, which made Wisdom staggered back holding his chest.

Knowing he won’t be able to defeat Ben ,going head to head with him, he flung the knife at Ben ,while Ben swerved to his right side to avert it, Wisdom swiftly launched at him with a punch to Ben’s face, but Ben was expecting it as he swerved his head in the opposite direction, but the punch had a brief and feeble connection with Ben’s ear which made the small bluetooth headset in Ben’s ear to fall down and Ben was unaware of it. He swiftly got hold of wisdom’s hand, and with force dragged it down against his shoulder which made Wisdom muffled loudly in pain, Ben was about to hit him through the transparent glass of the helmet when he saw that it was Wisdom. He had to swiftly hold his fist before it finally crush his face with the helmet glass, tho his fist had already hit the glass but only inflicting a crack on it because of his immediate stoppage. He released his arm which he held and took the helmet off Wisdom’s head.

” how are you here ” he asked Wisdom looking perplexed.

” to save Gina from you ” he said launching an attack at Ben. Ben swiftly bent down, made a swift turn with his leg stretched out and Wisdom fell to the ground, he swiftly got on him,had his left hand wrapped around his neck, pinning him down to the ground while his right hand was folded into a fist ,aiming at his face .

” I’m also here to save Gina, so calm yourself down or else you might be waking up in pain in an hour time ” Ben threatened him.

” you’ve got some guys closing up on you,do you copy ,Ben, do you copy, are you there ” Snap repeatedly frustratingly over the Bluetooth headset lying carelessly somewhere on the floor.

” you kidnapped her ,so what did you meant by saving her ” Wisdom asked.

“She was abducted while she was with me and I think I’m gonna need your help to extract her from their den ” Ben explained to Wisdom releasing his hand from his neck.

” who una be ” a voice screamed at them loudly in pidgin English as some guys with guns surrounded them.

” I’m gonna kill you ” Ben said hitting Wisdom pretending not to hear the guy or noticing those surrounding them

” f–k you ” Wisdom said turning him over as he also started hitting him.

” una dey craze ” the guy screamed at them again and they startling left themselves as they pretend to just took note of their surrounding. They swiftly freed themselves, going on their kneels raising their hands up at once as they feigned to just notice their presence.

” wetin una they do for here ” one of the guys with guns surrounding them asked in pidgin English as he walked closer to them.

” we’re sorry Sir ” Ben replied fidgeting.

” this ones be bolo oo ” the guy facing them remarked in pidgin English and his crew bursted into laugher as they all reeked of Indian hemp.

” see as this bobo fine con fresh like ripe mango” he said touching Ben’s chin

” e sure say them be pocket full pikin ” he added staring at Wisdom.

” please Sir, we only chased ourselves here because he set my Aston Martin on fire because I had sex with his girlfriend and I wanted to teach him some lesson, but now we’ve settled our difference, please let us go ” Wisdom pleaded feigning to be crying.

” I don talk am, them be butty ” the guy said turning to face his crew.

” who get that power bike wey they down there ” he asked facing the two, but none answered him .

” una deaf?, I say who get the bike” the guy barked at them angrily

” I’m the one ” Wisdom replied fidgeting.

” so na you get that Ferrari con set your bobo motor on fire because he sama your babe ” he said staring at Ben. Ben didn’t reply audibly but shook his head to affirm positive to the question.

” hahahaha ,omo see as I dey happy sha ” he said turning to his crew with a grin.

” e be like say oga go collect jazz from America o , see as plenty customers just enter our hand without stress ,even the one wey we don dey target tey tey, oga just sama her in without stress ” he added still facing his squad and they all bursted into torrent of laughter.

” oya come roja them inside,we go come for their machines later ” the guy ordered his crew as he brought out a cigarette pack, took a cigarette out of, placed it on his lip,then flipped his wrist watch cover and use it to light the cigarette, puffing out smoke from his nose and mouth.

” is that a good plan ” Snap asked rhetorically without disconnecting the call from his side, tho he already knew that Ben must have dropped it from his ear.

” please, we didn’t know that we’re going to meet ourselves here on the north axis ” Ben screamed loudly like he was pleading to the gangs pushing them forward as his hands and Wisdom hands were on their head.

” long time no see ” Ben said to himself as he didn’t even remember he had the ability to hear from long distance again, hoping Snap get the coded message he sent to him.

” wait ” one of the crew suddenly stopped Ben as they head to the building { Timber fortress } ” Wetin they inside that bag ” he asked pointing at the bag pack on Ben’s back.

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” it’s my private liquid bottle” Ben replied swiftly taking the bag off ,opened its zip and brought out the lite muscoon which had the shape of fancy water bottle. He opened its lid to show them the empty inside and swiftly close it before it automatically detonate by itself. If opened for more than ten second, the lite muscoon has the capability of detonating without its manual detonation from the control pad. He swiftly return it into his small bag pack and return it to his back before he would be asked to dispose it.

As they’re been pushed forward towards the building ,Ben sighted the pistol he kicked from wisdom’s hand laying peacefully on some grass. Calculating his movement, when he’s few steps away from the gun ,he pretended to hit his legs together and fell down.

” this butty and their agric fowl behavior sef ” one of the gang bemoaned as he moved closer to Ben and pulled Ben up rigidly.

” move” he barked, jerking Ben forward.

” you think say oga go free that babe after he don collect the money from presido ” one of the two guys securing the back said to the second almost in a whisper but Ben could hear them clearly.

” oga go kill her after we don receive the money, cus oga they talk say he go make sure say presido cry because of wetin he do am when them they school ” the second guy replied.

” omo me they fear oo ,na d reason wey I dey always pray say make we no they successful every time we don dey try kidnap that girl ” the first guy said with fear protruding from his tone.

” chill my guy,nothing fit happen “the second guy retorted confidently. The kidnapper’s fortress was a big and beautiful building, standing gallantly in the middle of the forest. It was painted with a navy green paint so as to make it hideous among the trees and shrubs. On one of the pillar used to hold the large gate in place was a board with monitor and keypad fixed into it.

One of the kidnappers moved closer to it and pressed some of the keys. He placed his hand on the door knob on the pedestrian side of the gate and pulled it down to unlock the gate. Wisdom and Ben were both welcome by the furious barking of huge dogs that were chained down inside their cages. Wisdom and Ben ran back at once pretending to be terribly scared of the dogs as they clung on to the gate like they’re gonna turn to spiderman and start crawling on it.

The gangs bursted into laughter watching them before they pulled them off the gate and dragged them into the large building.

” Kingkong, so na them enter the lion den” one of the kidnappers inside the large decorated room with no chair or table said as Ben and Wisdom were both ushered roughly into the room. Ben saw Gina sitting at a session on the tiled floor with a blank expression. She’s facing another direction , and didn’t bother turning to look at her newly introduced colleagues. And at another session were two guys and three girls shedding tears. Ben prayed in his mind that Gina shouldn’t look back or if she did, doesn’t make any actions that’s gonna show that she recognize anyone out of the two of them.

” yes Scorpio ” the guy that was addressing Ben and Wisdom earlier in the forest replied still preying on the cigarette in his hand.

” siddon ” Scorpio barked at the two of them and they both sat down fidgeting, feigning to be terrified.

” gba number family won, kia kia, ka tete dispose won ” Scorpio said to kingkong in Yoruba dialect meaning” collect their family’s number fast so that we can dispose them” Kingkong hasn’t been able to reply Scorpio when a guy barged into the room heading to Gina.

” oga fe fo omo president lenu ” he said in Yoruba dialect dragging Gina up. Meaning ” boss want to have sex with the president daughter. ” oga wa ooo, irumole to n je pizza ati shawama to nfi red label sin lo” one of the kidnappers in the room eulogies their boss in Yoruba dialect as the rest bursted into laughter. Gina’s expression was still blank as she was been dragged up ,maybe because she doesn’t understand what they’re saying but Ben understand the language well. Gina’s eye widened when she saw Wisdom and Ben but swiftly composed herself ,lowering her gaze.

Scorpio took notice of what transpired between the three but kept mute for some time staring at Ben and Wisdom.

” I think I know these two guys ” scorpio said to kingkong getting his attention as he seemed to be pondering where.,but Gina had already been dragged out of the room by this time.

” no be this guy they guard the president daughter when we they go shadow her ” Scorpio said finally recollecting where he knew Wisdom.

” yes oo ,na him true true ” kingkong said staring at Wisdom who tried to avert their stare.

” and this one be the guy wey them talk say kidnap her ” scorpio said pointing at Ben.

” oboy,you get last memory oo, na conspiracy be this ” Kingkong said staring at the two guys at once.

” make we quickly eliminate them before any shit happen ” Scorpio said bringing out a pistol and aim at Wisdom at once pulling its trigger and off goes a shot with a muffled sound,and in the blink of an eye, he’s on the ground dead .

To be continue…