Diluted Bullet Season 2 {heartless love} Episode 6


” we got company? ” Gina asked opening her eye.

” yeah ” Ben said getting up as he dressed up.

” how do you know that ” Gina asked also getting up as she picked her stuffs from the tiled floor.

” you’re going to know that later but for now, let get out of here ” Ben said pulling down his white singlet down his chest. Ben rushed to the door ,swiftly opening it. Sophia almost fell in as she lost balance when Ben opened the door. She was already in haste to inform Ben about the situation on ground.

” he’s here, Snap just called to warn me ” Sophia said gasping for breath as she entered.

” I know ” Ben said looking less tensed..

” there’s an escape route underground, it’s going to take us to town ” Sophia said looking worried.

” do you have the tomb rider with you ” Ben asked Sophia .

” yeah, got three in the escape tunnel ” Sophia replied Ben.

” good ” Ben retorted. ” you’re going to ride on one and Gina on another and make sure that the two of you don’t get caught and most importantly, your face must not be seen ” Ben added facing Sophia.

” what about you ” Gina swiftly asked.

” I won’t be able to go with the two of you ” Ben replied.

” why ” Gina asked with a surprised countenance.

” one person has to get out of here to distract them or else, they’re going to detect the underground passage and trust me dear, it’s gonna get bloody ” Ben explicated gently.

” but we’re going to feel more secure if you’re with us ” Gina retorted with a sad countenance .

” you’re gonna be more secure if I’m not with you ” Ben replied.

” he’s right ” Sophia swiftly chipped in. ” we’ve to go without him ” Sophia added.

” promise me I’m going to see you again ” Gina said with tears lurking in her pupil.

” I promise you, we’re going to meet soon ” Ben said holding Gina’s hand.

” do you have some toys with you ” Ben asked Sophia

” toy “? Sophia asked with a surprised expression.

” I meant guns and other weapons ” Ben retorted.

” oh, yeah, your guy had me got some because he thought you might need it ” Sophia replied. ” follow me ” she said heading out with a hastened movement. Sophia head to the mini bar inside the sitting room, where some wines and whiskey were neatly arrange. She moved to where the drinks were arranged, flipped a cover opened and it displayed a small keyboard with a mini monitor applied to it. She hit some digits on the keyboard and the rack where the drinks were arranged slid to the left side revealing small shelf filled with different kinds of ammunition. Gina gasped in amusement as she saw it.

” wow ” Ben also gasped ” just how i like it ” Ben added as he picked a pistol from the collection and kissed it. ” Let get you two out of here first ” he said to the two ladies tucking the gun into his pocket.

” this way ” Sophia said taking the lead as she moved to the stair. She lifted a camouflage rug which was on the floor. The rug looked more like a tiles and can’t be recognize as a rug to an ordinary eye. She placed her palm on the floor which looked ordinary. It displayed some light and scanned all her five fingers before it opened by itself. Three ski looking object came into display and the interior of the underground tunnel looked steep ascenting downward.

” can you ride a ski ” Ben asked Gina who seemed a bit shocked by what she’s seeing.

” yeah, I’m very good at it ” Gina startling replied.

” that’s good ,this vehicle is also made in form of ski but can function on sand and road ” Ben said to gina “And make sure you’re always beside Sophia ,don’t lose her and be cautious ” Ben said hugging Gina. ” I love you ” he whispered into her ear.

” make sure you’re not seen by anyone and you must not be seen no matter the situation ” he said to Sophia hugging her too. Ben pulled out one of the ski out and Sophia and Gina both occupied the remaining two, they switched the engine on, switched it’s full light on, tho the underground was well lit with bright bulbs. Down they go and the floor shut down itself. Ben moved to the bar got some ammunitions from the collections then moved to the room he woke up to see himself and dressed himself in a black leather cloth he saw in the room.

He put on a mask then, fixed his weapons to where they’re supposed to be. He dragged the ski to the entrance of the house then calmed himself to listen to what’s going on outside.

Everywhere was awkwardly silent except the movement of footsteps. He knew it was Toy and was either setting up traps or getting familiar with the jungle. He suddenly started hearing a beeping sound, he knew at once what it was, he swiftly opened the door, hopped the ski and with high acceleration, propelled out of the house ,gracing the thick jungle and with a loud blast, the house exploded.

The blast was so enormous that it pushed Ben off the ski and hit him against one of the enormous tree in the jungle.

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” the building is crumbling ” Sophia screamed loudly removing the helmet cover from her face in order to allow Gina hear her. ” you’ve got to hit tha speed or else we get buried here ” Sophia added still shouting.

Gina only read her lips to know what she meant because the helmet on her head made sure none of what Sophia shouted made it way into her ear. She accelerated more thereby leaving Sophia at the back ,and Sophia also followed suit in the action in order to gain on Gina as they rode fast in order not to get buried inside the tunnel.


” Gina ” Ben muttered weakly as he got up, and took a swift gaze at the house which was already buried into the ground.

” looks like you’re just the type who won’t go down easily ” a voice said behind Ben, which made him turn swiftly to see who it was . ” I like that, reminds me of myself ” Toy added staring at Ben. His mask was slightly below his forehead, revealing large portion of his face.

” you ” Ben exclaimed surprisingly.

” yeah, me, oh where is my manner, good afternoon lecturer Ben ” Toy said almost in a mocking tone, tilting his head downward to greet Ben with a crooked smile gracing his lip.

” you’re the first guy to enter my class on my first day in Bamo university, I should have know that your obesity then was just an object of camouflage ” Ben said with regret filled tone.

” looks like you took your teaching with leniency and mind you, no one see Toy and recognize him ,you’re only getting the chance of seeing and recognizing me now because it’s your last day on earth ,so you should at least have that privilege ” Toy said still possessing the crook smile on his lip.

” are you this much of a talker or it’s a means of eliminating me, may be you’re trying to bore me to death with your talk ” Ben said letting out a mocking laugh in order to try and piss Toy off.

” I like you, you’re more like me but do you know that you can’t beat me in your current situation, if you’re trying to make me attack you now, you’ve dislocated some of the essential bones you’ll need to win the fight when you hit your back on that tree ,so relax your nerves a little and get some rest as I’m doing the talking , maybe you might be lucky to regain some of your lost energy and make the fight interesting ”

” why are you buying yourself time “? Ben said suddenly interrupting Toy.

” wow, you’re a genius, you would have been a great agent if you had not gotten yourself entangled in this shit ” Toy replied Ben . ” and if you really want to know the reason I’m buying myself time ,it’s to allow you get the sad news of the demise of your lovely Gina and whoever the fool that’s helping you is ,” Toy added regaining his crook smile.

“What “! Ben exclaimed. ” don’t tell me you’re gullible enough to believe that ,the underground tunnel is enough to save them ” Toy said folding his hand into a fist as he sensed Ben was gonna attack him. Ben suddenly pulled out a pistol and pointed it at Toy. Toy left out a crooked smile as he swiftly pulled a string out of the ring in his hand and the place suddenly got filled with eye blinding smoke.

Ben seeing this swiftly shot thrice at the direction he was pointing his gun. He couldn’t see anything as everywhere was filled with thick fume. He tried to concentrate his eye in order to see through the smoke but the more he tried, less he could see. When he saw that his eye has been rendered useless ,he decided to use his ear.

He calmed himself as he tried to listen to the wind and every movement occurring inside the forest. He heard a movement behind him and swiftly turned, releasing more bullets to the direction till he exhausted all the bullets inside the gun. Ben dropped the pistol and folded his two hand into fist. He could hear Toy moving round him, with the help of the sound wave, he could calculate the little distance between the two of them.

Ben swiftly squat down to dodge the flying kick that was aimed at him, but as Toy landed on his two, he used a back kick to drop Ben to the ground. Ben swiftly did a Chinese get up and made a kungfupose towards Toy who smiled and also made a kungfu pose . All Ben could did was guard and launch few attacks which Toy handled professionally like he is. He met out serious beating to Ben as Ben could only guard few of his attack.

He did a dragon crouch, sending Ben to the ground. He swiftly got on top Ben and placed a gun on his head. Ben looked helpless as he held the base of the gun. With a swift motion ,he suddenly directed his left hand to Toy’s face and pulled off the glass Toy had on, he hit his hand which he used in holding the gun to his head hard, making the gun shift away from his head as a shot was released from it .

He pushed Toy off his body and swiftly got up, he used the back of his left palm to wipe the blood on his lip away.

To be continue..