Diluted Bullet Season 2 {heartless love} Episode 5


While kissing, Ben took her to the sofa inside the gym and lay her on it.

He moved to the door of the gym which the sofa was beside it and locked it.

He took off his singlet and laid on Gina.

They started smooching again ,now, more intense than earlier.

After few minutes, Ben disengaged the kiss .

Gina glared at Ben with utmost shock which was swiftly replaced by a subtle moaning as Ben subtly bit her ear in a romantic manner. He traced his tongue down her neck to her boob.

He subtly bit her erected pinkish n—-e, and a soft moan eluded her mouth .

Ben paused the action as he helped her to unbutton the button of the bum short she had on, and took down the bum short and her pantie at a go, revealing her neatly shaved pinkish p—y.

Ben resumed his earlier paused action ,he s—-d the right side n—-e, tickling the left which made gina increased her moaning.

After few minutes, he exchanged the action been performed on each. She grabbed tightly at the sofa’s textile as she savored the pleasure been derived from Ben’s actions on her boob. Her tempo increased when Ben’s left hand touched her p—y while his mouth was still clung on her boob.

He massaged her p—y lip as he continued to work his tongue on her n—-e, while gina moaned loudly in ecstasy.

He inserted his “f–k you” finger into her p—y and Gina quivered. He paused when he felt his finger hit her hymen.

He disengage his mouth from her n—-e, then stared at her .

” it’s gonna end soon, just hang on tight ” Ben whispers into her ear as he started kiss her.

Then with a swift stroke, he forced his finger against her hymen and got past it.

Gina gasped in pain but Ben didn’t let the sound out as he rigidly ,continued kissing her .

Ben work his finger in and out of her c–t as he felt blood trickling down from her c–t.

Gina wanted to disengage the kiss but Ben didn’t allowed her until her p—y muscle relaxed around his finger.

Gina gasped when Ben finally released her lip .

” oh gad, that’s wow ” Gina said after getting hold of her vocal cord.

” let get you clean up ” Ben said standing up. He moved closer to a door which was different from the exit door inside the gym.

He opened it and motioned to her to come closer ,which she did. She took her into the bathroom, switched the water running into the Jacuzzi to warm water.

” get in ” he said to, and she lowered herself into the water.

The water changed color at once.

Ben took off his short and entered the Jacuzzi .

He cleaned Gina up, using his fingers to get rid of all the blood on the exterior and interior of her c–t, then released the water. He hit the button for soapy water and in few minutes, the Jacuzzi was filled with warm soapy water.

” how many times have you done that ” Gina asked Ben as they both sat calmly, facing themselves inside the Jacuzzi .

” I’ve changed Jacuzzi water many times that I lost count ” Ben replied humorously.

” are you kidding me “? Gina asked laughing and ben gave her a ridiculous stare.

” how many times have you dis-virgin a girl, because you look like a pro at it ” gina asked not giving Ben chance to answer the first question .

” there’re many things I look like a pro when doing it for the first time ” Ben replied.

” I’m not talking about many things na ” Gina shrugged staring at Ben.

” funny, you’re the first virgin I’m having something with ” Ben said with an indifferent expression.

” but you did it like someone with great knowledge about it ” Gina retorted.

” The mask can make you the best in something you know nothing about ” Ben murmured quite loudly.

” oya tell me, how many girls have you sex ” Gina asked with a bright expression.

” wow this water is warm ” Ben said feigning ignorance towards her question as he dipped his hand into the water and splashed it on Gina’s face.

” f–k ” Gina exclaimed as some of the water made way into her mouth.

She swiftly coughed it out and retaliated as she also deepen her hand into the water and started splashing the water on Ben. Ben also did so as they both laughed heartily as they did this.

Ben was more swift and stronger than Gina as he was splashing more water on Gina in few seconds. When Gina couldn’t take it again she jumped on him, forcing his head down into the water, Ben was swift to overpower her and force his head out, he grabbed Gina, and was about to force her head but Gina swiftly kissed him, and he lost his guard, so Gina swiftly pushed his head down again into the water.

He made a feeble attempt to get himself out but suddenly stopped making attempt. He looked like he has passed away and Gina in haste, brought his head out. His eye were shut . Gina hit his chest but he didn’t open his eye, she swiftly dragged him to the tip of the Jacuzzi, resting his back against it, used her hand to close his nose and was about to suck out the water in Ben’s lung when Ben opened one of his eye and before Gina could shut her mouth, he released all the water which he was harboring in his mouth into Gina’s mouth, and before she could do anything, some of it had escaped into her oesophagus.
She coughed ,stretching her throat to get the water out but couldn’t while Ben laughed at her mockingly.

” you cheated ” Gina lamented glaring at Ben who was still mocking her.

” you started it first ” Ben replied her still laughing.

” it’s not fair ” Gina said as she made a playful attempt to hit Ben, but Ben swiftly held her hand and changed her position, making her sit backing him as she embraced her from behind.

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” I love you ” he whispered into her hear and she giggled.

” I love you too but how many girls have you had sex with? ” Gina asked still giggling. Ben bursted into torrents of laughter.

” you thought you can change the topic abi ,now we’ve played finish, give me my answer and don’t even think of lying ” Gina said changing her sitting position to stare directly into Ben’s gorgeous eye.

” don’t let me answer you, pity yourself oo ” Ben stressed.

” I’m not pitying myself, oya answer me ” Gina retorted.

” hmm, let me think about ” Ben said massaging his forehead with two fingers.

” are you sure ” Ben asked staring at her but Ben didn’t wait for her reply with the kinda weird glare she shot him.

” okay, I think it’s 56 ” Ben swiftly reply.

” Jesus, WTF ” Gina exclaimed loudly.

” oh sorry, it’s a mistake ” Ben said and Gina calmed down.

” it’s 57, I forgot that I had sex with one of my colleagues in your dad’s school ” Ben added with a mocking smile gracing his lip.

” you gat to be kidding me ” Gina said with a surprised expression.

” ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set thou free ” Ben said trying to muster a serious expression.

” chai, brostitute is quoting Bible, lemme run for my life before God vex send you thunder inside this water. ” Gina said getting out of the Jacuzzi, and she exit the bathroom. Ben smiled as he stood up and followed her. Gina was about to put on her pantie when Ben held her hand.

” that was before nah and now I’m only going to be with you only ” Ben said with a serious countenance staring at Gina.

Gina smiled happily as she goes on her toes and kissed Ben. Ben grabbed her waist in order to support her as they smooch. They both smooch for some minutes before Ben lay her on the couch. He traced his tongue down from her lip to her neatly shaved pink v.spot.

He smiled mischievously as he kissed it and Gina jerked furiously as a soft moan escaped her mouth. Ben located her c——s and tickled it, she moaned in ecstasy.

As Ben inserted her middle finger into her already wet p****y ,Gina swiftly grabbed his hand as she winced in pain. She had on an innocent pitiable look .

” calm down love, you’re in safe hands ” Ben whispered to her and she released his hand calming down.
Gently, Ben stroked in and out of her p***sy.

At first, Gina was wincing in pain which suddenly metamorphosed into a soft moan .

When Ben was sure that she wasn’t feeling any sort of pain from the lone finger again and her p***y was ready to accommodate two, he invited his index finger to the mission. He waited for her p***y muscle to calm around his finger first before he started moving it in and out of her. Gina only winced in pain for few seconds before she got accustomed to it.

Gently, Ben increased the tempo as he finger f—-d her, tickling her c——s in the process. Gina didn’t last up to ten minutes before she o—-m. She held onto the sofa’s textile tightly as she jerk vigorously, releasing her fluid.

” wow, that was cool ” she mumured heartily gasping, after she’s done releasing her fluid.

Ben let out a mischievous smile as he lowered his head to her c–t.

He tongue f—-d her, biting her c——s at interval. Gina’s moaning was blaring in the room and it didn’t take her up to five minute before she used her leg to forcefully held Ben’s head to her p***y as she let out a pleasurable long lasting groan as she o—-m again.

Ben waited for the settlement of her p***y muscle before he levelled with her and started kissing her before he placed his d**k on the entrance of her p***y lip, he made sure his erection didn’t go beyond six inches. Without disengaging the kiss ,he t—-t in his d–k at a go and paused.

Gina wanted to disengage the kiss but Ben made sure to abort her plan.
When Ben was sure her p***y muscle has calmed around his d–k. Gently and slowly he started thrusting in and out of her .

Ben disengage the kiss this time and allowed her to gasp in pain . By each thrusting, he was gently increasing his pace and soon Gina was moaning in ecstasy.

When Ben was sure she’s ready for the big deal, he started thrusting in and out in a normal motion. Soon, Gina o—-m again and Ben made her held the sofa, making her ass propelled out.

He s*x her in different s*x styles and she o—-m more than four times during the s*x before Ben finally c-m, shooting all his loads into her, Gina slept on Ben chest after they’ve exchanged some romantic vow.

After few hours of slumber ,Ben suddenly open his eye.

” we’ve got company ” he said waking Gina up.

To be continue.