Diluted Bullet Season 2 {heartless love} Episode 4


” who cooked this meal, d–n sure you’re not the one” Ben said, cleaning his mouth with a white serviette paper.

” shit” Sophia exclaimed as she glare at Ben, who made her suddenly spill the wine she was sipping from the fancy tumbler in her hand due to his hilarious statement. ” can’t you just deviate from your plan to embarrass me” Sophia protested subtly.

” no, it’s not like I want to embarrass you buh I’m d–n sure you didn’t cook this” Ben replied smiling, as Gina tried her best to refrain herself from laughing, as she sat opposite to Ben while Sophia occupied the lead chair in the dining room.

” I didn’t cook it, my maids prepared all the meal we’re gonna be eating till we get out of here, and I brought all with us when I was bringing you here, happy now” Sophia said hissing as she sipped from the tumbler, filled with wine in her hand.

” I said it” Ben said suddenly bursting into laughter.

” you know I think you’re doing this knowingly” Sophia said interrupting Ben’s laughter, which was brought to an abrupt end.

” know what” Ben asked staring at Sophia.

” you’re trying to distract yourself with all this, you’re not the kind of guy who repeat words ” Sophia said returning the stare, as they both stare at themselves. Silence could have overshadow the room if not for the low music that was emanating from a mini stereo inside the sitting room.

Ben eliminated the two sided stare with a snare as he took one of the chilled bottled water on the dining table, took a tumbler, filled it to brim, gulped it down at a go, covered the bottle water, returned it to the exact spot he took it, then returned the stare as his lips clustered into a smile.

” wrong dear, I just want to know how it felt to laugh because I don’t know when I’m gonna be able to laugh again when the real show dawn” Ben said with a melancholic note hiding beneath his tone. ” and if anything goes wrong, I want Gina” he said redirecting his gaze to Gina, who was staring at the two like a third class citizen in the midst of first citizens. ” to possess the memories filled with my laughter” Ben added as she stared at Gina with a love filled eye, before he averted his gaze, filled the tumbler with water again, gulped it down and stood up while both Sophia and Gina stared at him in silence.

” I guess there should be a gym here, where is it ” Ben asked breaking the silence that has drastically captured the room, even the stereo had stopped playing.

” your right turn beside the staircase, the third room at your left side, that’s your call ” Sophia replied Ben.

” thanks ” Ben said getting up, He rallied round the table to meet Gina.

” join me later ” he whispered into her ears, then kissed her lightly on her lip before he exited the room.

” do I say that you’re lucky to have him for yourself or you’re just one unlucky fellow” Sophia said immediately Ben was out of sight

” why is that ” Gina asked staring at Sophia.

” you’ve got the guy who possess all what a girl could possibly need in a guy but ,you’ve got your head on a plate for it ” Sophia said trying to sound less serious about it and Gina simper.

” I think I’m the most f—-d person on this earth ” Gina said staring blankly at the table. ” I think I’m the modern day Juliet, loving what could be my end ” Gina said in a melancholic tone.

” I’d go extra mile to fight for what I want not minding the danger surrounding it ” Sophia said standing up, making the motion to leave.

” I think we have that in common ” Gina murmured quite loudly and Sophia smirked producing a loud snot sound.

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” how is he now ” Mr Wealth asked doctor Mohammed who sat on his chair in his big office, putting on his neat looking white doctor robe. Two pens of different colors (blue and red” hung tightly on the small lengthy pocket fixed to his robe’s chest, and a stethoscope hanging loosely from his neck.

” like I told you earlier sir, he’s responding to treatment, all we just have to do now is wait for him to open his eye, and that’s going to happen soon since he didn’t procure any lethal injury in the accident ” Dr Mohammed replied Mr Wealth, with his hands entwined into each other on the large desk in front of him.

Mr Wealth was about to talk when the land phone on the Dr desk blared out a loud beeping sound. Mr Wealth had to pause whatever it was he’s about to utter as the Dr took an excuse from him before picking the call.

” good, I’m on my way there ” Dr Mohammed uttered with a bright countenance as he dropped the call. ” he’s awake sir ” Dr Mohammed said with a dazzling smile on his lip.

” wow, thank you doc ” Mr Wealth said with a satisfactory smile, extending his right hand to the Dr for a shake.

” congratulations sir, lets go see him ” Dr Mohammed said standing up, releasing Mr Wealth’s hand.

• Flashback •

” shit ” Wisdom exclaimed as he swiftly pulled at the steering as he saw Toy point the gun at him and a bullet was dislodged from it. The bullet hit his shoulder ,his hand fell from the wheel at once and before he could get hold of the unfolding event, the car swerved off the road into the bush. Seeing he had zero control over the car, he swiftly open the door and jumped out of it, he swiftly grabbed a tree beside him in order to prevent him from rolling down alongside the car, and few seconds later he heard a loud explosion as the heat from the exploded car hit at him where he was.


” dad ” Wisdom said weakly as the door of the Ward he was placed in slid opened and Mr Wealth and Dr Mohammed made appearance.

” champ ” Mr Wealth said moving closer to him.

” how are you feeling ” Dr Mohammed asked as he fixed the stethoscope headset into his ear and placed its check seal bell on his chest.

” I think I’m okay ” Wisdom replied . ” what of Gina and Ben ” Wisdom startling asked ” was she rescued safely and has Ben been arrested ” he asked looking unsettled.

” you don’t need to worry yourself about that for now, you just opened your eye since yesterday ” Mr Wealth said to Wisdom.

” when am I going to be discharged ” Wisdom asked still looking worried .

” after we’ve performed the necessary tests and see that you have no complications ” Dr Mohammed retorted as he hung the stethoscope around his neck.

” I’m okay, I don’t need any test ” Wisdom said looking at the Dr.

” a bullet was pulled out of your shoulder son, even if you get discharged right now, you’ll still have to stay some days before you swing into any action filled event ” Mr Wealth replied Wisdom wittily and Wisdom groaned in frustration.


” how are you ” Ben asked Gina as she entered into the gym. Ben’s body was filled with sudor as he furiously punched the punching bag inside the gym.

” I’m cool ” Gina replied as she took the mini towel lying carelessly on the arm of the lone sofa inside the gym and moved closer to Ben who stopped his actions on the punching bag.

” thank you ” Ben appreciated Gina as she started cleaning the sudor on Ben’s body with the towel in her hand.

” do you think we’re going to end up together ” Gina asked as she wiped the sweat clustered on Ben’s forehead.

” honestly, I’m not sure, but I’m ready to go extra miles to fight for it ” Ben replied Gina staring at her.

” I’m scared that I’m going to lose you, many people now want your head and it’s only you against the world ” Gina said, bringing the action she’s performing with the towel in her hand to a halt as she also stared at Ben.

” wrong, it ain’t on me against the world ” Ben pasued for few seconds, as he held Gina’s hand with care. ” I’ve got you and that’s enough for me to face the world ” Ben added with a smile.

” but ,can’t we just elope,we can go to any country where no one is going to recognize us, start on a clean slate and live happily ever after ” Gina said with a worried tone.

” there’s no happily ever after as long as Mask still exist, they’re not going to stop till I’m dead, and no country in this world can hide anyone from the face of the mask ” Ben explicated to Gina with a calm tone. ” that’s why I’m going to extinct The Mask and provide you a better world to live in ” Ben added.

” is there certainty that we’re coming out of this alive ” Gina asked with a melancholic tone.

” no ” Ben replied after few minutes of silence .

Gina slowly disengaged her hands from Ben’s own and backed him. She suddenly turned and fell into Ben’s embrace. She goes on her toes and without waiting or demanding for permission, she locked lips with Ben. Soon they started smooching and Gina’s breath got intense. It got to a point when she lost balance and was about to disengage the kiss but Ben swiftly held her, wrapping his hands around her waist, drawing her closer to him.

They smooch for many minutes, swiftly changing location ,but Ben’s hand only remained on Gina’s waist, while Gina’s hands were wrapped around Ben’s neck. Gina suddenly took her hand off from Ben’s neck, and down it went to massage Ben’s d**k . With her eye tightly shut, she started running her hand on the lengthy hard d–k of Ben through his short.

After few minutes of performing this actions, Ben seemed to be less affected by it as he continued smooching her. Gina suddenly stopped and disengaged the kiss, she stared in to Ben’s eye before she made attempt to take off the pink top she had on but Ben swiftly stopped her by holding her hand. Gina’s face turned pale at once staring at Ben with surprised expression.

” do you hate me ” Gina asked with a sad tone. ” looks like you don’t want to get involve with me or you don’t love me ” Gina added with the same melancholic tone.

” I love you Gina ,and I’ve got a hell of a battle ahead of me, so I can’t get distracted ” Ben said to Gina, gently grabbing her hand but Gina withdrew them with force instantly.

” so I’m just a distraction to you ” gina exclaimed with a sad tone.

” no, don’t get me wrong dear, but I’ve to be 100 percent focus in order to be able to possess an eternity with you ” Ben swiftly replied . ” I can’t allow few minutes of pleasure with you now to disrupt the long lasting one I’m supposed to have with you in the future ” Ben wittily added.

” is there a certainty that we’re going to be alive then ” Gina asked blankly and Ben couldn’t reply her like he did earlier. ” I’m still a virgin and I’m surely not going to die without knowing how it feels, and I don’t want it with anyone else but you ” Gina said taking off her top, without Ben stopping her this time . Revealing her sumptuous firm boobs which looked like it hasn’t been touched by anyone before. She jumped on Ben and Ben swiftly grabbed her by her butt as she locked lip with him.To be continued