Diluted Bullet Season 2 {heartless love} Episode 3


” good morning sweeties” Sophia greeted as she drifted the blind apart in order to gift chance to the early morning sun that’s been trying to maneuver its way in.

Gina and Ben were cuddled on the bed and a bright smile eluded Sophia’s lip as she watched them in awe .

” good morning” Gina greeted as she opened her eyes and seperated herself from Ben’s arm which was place slightly below her shoulder , trying to get accustomed to the new environment as she roamed her eye through the room.

” how was your night and is he yet to come around” Sophia asked staring at Ben.

” it was pleasant and he’s woken up yesterday night, maybe the sedative is still active in his system” Gina replied averting her gaze to Ben who looked to be lost in the gratification of sleep.

” and thanks for yesterday” Gina swiftly chipped in as she tilted her upward to look at Sophia who still got a bright smile on her lip.

” you welcome but I think you should see this” Sophia said as she press the TV remote in her hand and the 40 inches long, led plasma TV inside the room illuminated. She hit on some of the buttons on the remote and the BBC Nigeria channel was on.


1• The president daughter, David Gina was kidnapped yesterday.

2• twenty two dead, thirteen brutally injured in the attempt to save the president daughter.

3• The president has promised to reward anyone who’s able to blow the whistle on the whereabout of the president daughter the sum of fifty million naira.

4• all eyes out for the picture of the guy on display on the screen as it’s believe he’s the kidnapper of David Gina.

5• The search for David Gina is believe to yield positive results as all enforcement agencies has been ordered to give their all in order to apprehend the kidnapper, either dead or alive while David Gina is to be returned home safely.

News in details.

The newscaster couldn’t get to release more details as the TV was paused.

” this is real shit” Gina murmured quite loudly as she stared at the TV with a bemused expression.

” what are we going to do” Sophia asked, now with the absence of the bright expression that was lurking on her face earlier, replaced by a placid expression.

” you do nothing” Ben said opening his eye, as he slightly startled the two ladies.

He sat down on the bed with his legs crossed as if meditating.

” the real question is how to escape and destroy the mask organisation because without doing that, we’re gonna end up dead in the end and I have score to settle between us ” Ben added staring at the two.

” since when were you awake” Sophia asked with curiosity written all over her face.

” long enough to hear you come inside” Ben replied with a calm expression.

” good, then you should know that we should worry about the president situation first, your f—-d organisation can hold the back seat” Sophia said glaring at Ben.

” why did you help me if you still gat a sore throat for me” Ben asked averting his gaze from hers.

” you crashed my marriage, made me a loser and almost killed me, and you expect me to welcome you here with a smile, you must be gullible if you’re expecting such treatment” Sophia said rolling her eye.

” that’s not my question and you don’t need to try hard to feign hatred towards me, we both know that it’s impossible for you to hate me, not even after I risked my life to save yours ” Ben said with a flashed smirk.

” keep deceiving yourself, if you think that I’m still falling for those cute lips, that killer smile, that broad and macho looking chest, that your cute looking babyish face, or your sweet smile, and that hot looking leg, then you’re fooling yourself” Sophia said making a spiteful face.

” looks like someone is stil falling for the most cutest guy on earth, even had the time to list what made her fall for him at first sight” Ben said smiling.

” you’re a big time fool, when the president is done with you, that face that’s making you feel like you’re the best on earth, will be designed with different kind of tribal marks, your legs will be separated from your body and that huge thing under you will be crisply fried and offered to you for dinner” Sophia said almost with a smirk but swiftly dissoluted it with a glare.

” I think you should be the one offered the crisply fried thing, because you really enjoyed it, always screaming and asking for more, sometimes even begging me not to stop on the sixth round, always smashing it as if your life depends on it”

” loose mouth, must you say everything” Sophia remarked shyly.

” you caused it na” Ben replied not feeling sorry.

” funny, I missed you so much” Sophia said smiling

” stop guys” Gina whose presence has almost been lost into the oblivion since Ben and Sophia had started bickering, screamed, luring a distilled silence into the room for the first time.

” my life is at stake here, I can’t find solace in my dad’s abode, and I can’t walk freely on the street, neither can I exit the country, all because of an issue I know less about, and all you two could do now is get involve in lover’s quarrel” Gina added rather in a jealous reeked tone.

Sophia and Ben exchanged a slow motion glance before they both stared at Gina at once, then after few seconds, they both bursted into torrents of laughter.

” I’m not taking your guy away” Sophia said amidst laughter.

” maybe you should tell her” Ben chipped in still laughing.

Gina not knowing what to do shot the both of them a killer glare.

” why am I even laughing with this goat” Sophia said abruptly stopping her laughter.

” but I just remembered that I’ve forgiven you” Sophia swiftly added as she resumed laughing.

” we’re going to die last” Gina said with an indifferent tone.

” not in the hand of your dad” Ben replied confidently.

” I still think you need to be careful of the president and not your organisation” Sophia said as she stopped laughing.

“You don’t know anything, but I’m going to need your help Sophia, but first, how did you know I was in trouble, and where I was, which made you appear at the party” Ben asked as he stared at Sophia.

” here” Sophia handed Ben her phone after dialing some digits on it.

” hello bro” Ben heard from the recipient of the number, Sophia dial on her phone.

” Snap” Ben called with a lovely tone he hasn’t use to call Snap’s name before and his voice portrayed the little happiness still harbouring his heart.

” think I’ll have to pray that you constantly find yourself in this kindof situation, so that you can at least be humble towards me like you are now” Snap said jokingly.

” idiot, are you back in Nigeria” Ben asked smiling.

” nope, I’ve rented two bedroom flat in the cloud” Snap replied humorously.

” looks like you’ve started drinking this morning” Ben said smiling.

” I just had a bottle of Scanter, but it has no effect on me” Snap replied.

” I called her to save you when I had no alternative again” Snap swiftly added as Ben was in a good mood.

” I know why you did it, tho I’ve been racking my brain to know why and how she knew the exact place I was, in order to be able to rescue us because I thought you won’t do something like that but like you said, it was a situation with less alternative” Ben said with a calm tone.

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” so what’s the sixty rooting the seventy” Ben asked with a curious tone.

” it’s all red zone here , the mask has place you on black cross, frantically searching for your location now and I’m sure they’re getting it before the completion of three days, I think you should have been fit before then, that’s why I asked Sophia to get you to a place where you can swiftly heal, work out and prepare for the great battle ahead , and also make sure that no electronic gadgets with camera is there except her phone which I’ve already cloaked successfully, even the best hacker gracing the earth won’t be able to discover it, so as to grant you few more hours before they locate you ” Snap explained with a calm countenance.

” good, but what about you, you gat any boogie on your tail” Ben asked trying hard to muster out the caring tone.

” yap, when I was back in Nigeria, I was trailed by one of the mask agent, but I was swift to recognize him and escape him, for now I’m safe but I can’t say what happens in the next minutes” Snap replied Ben.

” good, you got any information about the name I gave you” Ben asked.

” yeah, got a family that matched your description, nope, I found your family, they’re residing in Lagos, I’m gonna update you later, gat a boogie on my six now” Snap said before he hung the call.

” here” Ben said handing Sophia her phone.

” hope you’ve gotten your answer about how I miraculously metamorphosed into your life saver” Sophia said with a tone connoting pride.

” I’ve also saved your life once, so we’re kinda even” Ben said almost in a murmur.

” like you’re not the one who caused it” Sophia murmured quite loudly.

” I no get your time, ask one of your maid to get me and Gina something to eat” Ben said getting up from the bed.

” no maid here to serve you food, it’s just the three of us here, so if you want to eat, come downstairs, the dining room is on your left, your food is already served” Sophia replied making attempt to leave.

” wait, I think the three of us are here because of my safety, lesser people to know, the safer I am, and judging from the atmosphere, I can hear the singing of birds and the rattling of some rodents, even the hissing of some snakes.,so we’re inside a jungle, I’m sure the reason for this is also because of my safety, but you preparing the meal that I’m going to eat is a great danger itself, when you know that you’re such a great cook, that a dog will rather go on a hunger strike which might later seize its life rather than eat a food prepare by you” Ben paused to steal a glance at Gina who was smiling.

” thunder fire you” Sophia swiftly said as she exited the room.

” you seemed to be very close” Gina said with a jealousy reeking tone as she stared at Ben.

” it’s complicated, let’s go and brush” Ben said as he made his way to the bathroom inside the room, while Gina joined him.

Two new set of brushes was inside it and Ben already helped himself to the grey coloured one, while he tossed the pink one to Gina as she made appearance inside the bathroom.
She grabbed it and joined Ben who was already applying toothpaste on his toothbrush, Gina tore her own brush out of its pack, while Ben helped her applied the toothpaste on it.

They both stood in front of the bathroom mirror with a large sink below it, which they dropped the paste foam in their mouth.

After they’ve finished washing their mouth, Ben was the first to start gaggling water in his mouth, Gina also joined him and they both continued to gaggle water in their mouth for many minutes.

Both laughing as they replace the water, watching themselves in the mirror.

” I want to have my bath before going for my breakfast” Ben said taking off the blue top on his body, revealing his macho body, his abs was well segmented into six layers, and he looked like he’s been working out for a long time.

Even many days on the sickbed couldn’t eradicate the abs.
He was well built for his face which looked innocent.

Gina stared at his body through the mirror while Ben pretended not to notice as he folded his elbow, folding his fist tightly in order to display his strength which was channelled into his arm. Tho she’s seen his bare chest many times, when he was still comatose, but the view then was nothing compared to what she was seeing now, because Ben didn’t have the chance to flaunt or showcase his abs and all like he’s doing now.

” what” Gina suddenly exclaimed as she averted her glance from the mirror to Ben’s body.

” you’ve got a bruise here yesterday” Gina said touching Ben’s hand, “and a bullet inflicted injury here on your shoulder ” Gina said touching his shoulder which looked healed up, like it hasn’t procure any injury in the past five years.

” that’s just a little thing, the handiwork of the Grafftic tablet, Snap must have informed Sophia of one of its location and the doctor that treated me yesterday must have administered it to me” Ben said also staring at the spots where Gina touched earlier.

” what’s a grafftic”Gina asked curiously as her hand now wondered on Ben’s chest

” it’s a cell reproductive drug produced by mask, it’s capable of clotting an injury which hasn’t gone beyond three hours ” Ben explicated to Gina who stood in front of him staring at him.

” now that I’ve erase your curiosity, I want to take my bath” Ben added when Gina seemed not to be leaving.

” yeah, we should have our bath” Gina said taking off the white top she had on, revealing her pink bra.

” that Jacuzzi is capable of accommodating the two of us at a go ” Gina said as she unhooked her bra, took off her blue bumshot she had on, then moved closer to the Jacuzzi, and without taking her pantie off, lowered herself into the Jacuzzi filled with soapy water, while Ben just stood in awe, staring at her.

” I’m going to take my bath after you’re through with yours” Ben said exiting the bathroom.

To be continue…