Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Final Episode


The bed was pushed at the back of the door same time Tabitha’s information was accepted by the door scanner .

” that’s close” Gina said smiling to Ben as she breath heavily. Tabitha tried to open the door but couldn’t as Ben and Gina made sure they’re also pushing the bed to stay in place.

” what are we doing next” Gina asked in a whisper.

” I don’t know” Ben replied with a frustrated tone.

” I can’t take her on like this, I’m still weak” Ben added with a worried look.

“Her!” Gina exclaimed ” it’s just an assumption, we are not sure if she is the one ” she added staring at Ben.

” I’m sure she’s the one behind that door” Ben retorted.

” in trouble so soon, looks like you really need me to stay out of trouble” the TV suddenly came on displaying Snap’s image

” oh brother, you’re the best” Ben said heaving a sigh of relief.

” see whining, rubbish, hi there” Snap said waving to Gina who still looked dumbfounded at what’s happening. ” looks like she’s shock, hello, I’m going to text you Ben location, get there before 10 or lose him” Snap added making a motion as if he’s on call.

” you’re the one who snitched Ben’s location then” Gina said snapping back to reality.

” look, we don’t have time to get frenzy now, are you aware of the situation outside this room” Ben asked Snap.

” nope and yes, because the mask has sabotage all the gadgets in this castle, even to all the CCTV inside the building” Snap replied.

” but you said yes, which means you’ve found a way to also get a bite at it” Ben retorted.

” yeah but I can’t share you the footage from here, am here with only my phone, no laptop to hack, just my phone” Snap replied.

” are you not in Nigeria yet” Ben asked looking surprise.

” yeah, my flight had to do emergency landing in Trinidad and Tobago because of bad weather but here’s the situation, there’s over hundred securities in the perimeter ranging from army to the police, including navy and the local David Guard, they’ve been trying to get to the first floor but the elevator has been deactivated by the mask agent aiming for your life “he said as he munched on a burger in his hand and drank a can soda. He let out a teasing smile when he saw how I was looking at him.

” how can you be calm in this kind of situation” Ben asked glaring at him.

” because you’ve done worse in many worse situation” he replied smiling.

” we’re going to settle this later but how am I getting outta here” Ben asked him.

” I’m activating the elevator in the next three,two, one, zero second, activated, now you know what to do, and get a headset and connect it to Gina’s phone, I’m going to serve as your eye with it ” he said winking at Ben .

” but it’s not working and what do you mean by he knows what to do” Gina asked, speaking since a long time.

” he’s going to explain that to you, and I’ve activated your phone, bye” he said waving at Ben as he took a big bite from the burger in his hand

” please before you go, who’s the agent trying to kill me” Gina asked pleadingly.

” your personal maid, she’s one of the greatest agent known as flea , she’s been placed with you more than three years ago ”

” just know that I’m killing you if I escape here alive” Ben swiftly said as he noticed tears dropping from Gina’s eye.

” I pray you get caught then” Snap said to Ben smiling as the TV went off.

” I know I’m not in the position to say this right now but I need your help and I’m sorry ” Ben said as he used his palm to clean the tears on Gina’s face.

” with my phone right” Gina asked brushing his hand away.

” yeah, and, and, what’s going to happen in the next few minutes” Ben said with a melancholic tone. ” just know that this is for you, and your safety” Ben added staring at Gina.

Gina gave Ben her wireless headset and connected it to her phone, which she also gave Ben.

” are they inside” Ben heard Wisdom asked Tabitha from outside.

” yeah, I think he’s hurting her, I’ve been trying to enter but I think he’s bar the door from inside ” Tabitha replied Wisdom.

” listen everyone, we’re forcing our way in, our priority is to save the president daughter, she must not get hurt and as for the spy inside with her, kill him if he get violent” Wisdom ordered whoever it is that were with him.

” I’m sorry” Ben said to Gina as he swiftly grabbed her, pin her neck to his chest with his elbow as he placed a nail cutter which he snooped from Gina’s make up kit on her neck.

” your hands up” Wisdom ordered as he entered with some guys in black suit as the bed was successfully gotten away from the door.

” drop all your weapon or I kill her” Ben threatened as he pressed the nail cutter to Gina’s neck. Gina whimpered as blood came out of her neck.

” drop your weapons” Wisdom ordered the securities.

” don’t dare it” Ben said as he pushed the nail cutter in more.

” I’m sorry” one of the guards who was trying to target Ben’s arm said swiftly dropping g the gun.

” make way” Ben ordered as he started moving closer to them and they obeyed .

” don’t open the door in the next three minute or I kill her.” Ben threatened as he was out, When he was out of the room and he shut the door.

” open the elevator” Ben ordered Snap through the headset as he stood in front of the elevator, hitting the call button but it refused to open. ” I’m going to the sixth floor” he added as the elevator door opened and he entered it with Gina.

” I’m sorry love” Ben pleaded as he removed the nail cutter from Gina’s neck but Gina didn’t utter any word. The elevator opened on the sixth floor and Ben swiftly dash to where he kept all his weapons.

” what”! Gina exclaimed when she saw all the ammunitions in Ben’s hand. Tho he has already tucked in some of the guns into his band trouser and some gadgets in his pocket.

” I’m sorry” Ben said as he dragged her into the elevator. ” the last floor, what’s the situation there” Ben asked.

” all the uniforms outside are all ready to shoot, some are inside the large room while some are hiding, by your 8 o clock, two army are behind the big flower vase, from the north, behind the two pillars facing the exit, a navy is aiming a 0.43 range clocker sniper at the elevator, he must be eliminated as he’s the only threat for now” Snap said to Ben now with full seriousness.

” thanks, now lets take the party down” Ben said as he hooked Gina to his chest and placed a pistol to her head.

The elevator door opened and everyone aimed their guns at the elevator. Ben shot at once and in the blink of an eye, a navy officer with a sniper in his hand was laying dead with a bullet lodge in his skull.

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” the two of you behind the vase should come out easily now or meet the same fate” Ben threatened shooting towards the direction . Gina was whimpering as shot was been released from Ben’s gun.

” shut up you b—h” Ben screamed at Gina. ” now I want all guns down before the count of ten or I’m going to kill her and trust me, I don’t mind dying” Ben threatened as he placed the gun on Gina’s head. ” 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8″ Ben counted, all the police inside the room had already dropped their guns but the navy and the army refused to do so as they looked ready to shoot. ” 9, 10″ Ben read loud as he made an attempt to pull the trigger.

” all guns down” Mr David screamed as the second elevator door opened with Wisdom behind him. After few act of reluctance, they all dropped their guns.

” good one Mr president, now you’ve to prepare a car for me outside and make sure there’s no living things except plant outside” Ben said facing the president.

” I’m going to do all you ask for but please release my daughter to me, I promise you that you’re going to get out of here” Mr David said fidgeting.

” you’ve up to a minute to do what I asked” Ben retorted with a bashing tone.

” get him a car now” the president ordered Wisdom who ran out of the large sitting room with two guards following behind him.

” make sure you aim at his hand, don’t miss” wisdom told one of the guard after he has parked an Audi in the large compound. ” take your place behind that wall there so that you can get a clear shot” wisdom added before he returned to the room.

” it’s done sir” Wisdom said as he returned to the large room where all the forces were all transfixed to their position.

” the guy you ordered to stay behind the wall, if you like him, ask him to run for his life now” Ben said to no one in particular as he held Gina at gun point and started moving to the exit.

” to your right, three steps backward, 0.98 metres, someone is aiming at you” Snap told Ben through the headset and a shot goes off at once. A soldier with gun in his hand pointed towards Ben fell down at once.

” don’t try me” Ben said as some of the soldier’s comrade rushed to the shot soldier . Ben made sure his movement was covered from a clear range shot as he exit the room. He checked the place where he thought Wisdom could have asked the person he asked to shot him to stay, but he wasn’t there.

” I love this, I am taking the two of them out now” Ben heard but tried to decipher where it came from but couldn’t.

” Toy is around and probably with a” Snap couldn’t finish his statement before he got disconnected. Ben swiftly looked around but find no place suitable for the usage of a sniper. He suddenly tilted his head upward and saw someone wearing black mask, held by rope fixed to his waist as he positioned a sniper facing Gina.

” Gina!!!!!” Ben screamed as he swiftly moved to her front. He bent down in pain as a bullet hit his shoulder. ” let go” he swiftly stand up, held Gina by her hand as he ran to the Audi, pushed Gina into the passenger side, another shot was released but he was swift to dodge it by bending down beside the car. The bullet hit the car window, but surprisingly, it didn’t shatter the window..

” bullet proof car, sweet” Ben muttered as he squatted round the car to the driver’s side.

“He’s been injured, after him” Wisdom ordered as he rushed out of the living room after he heard the gunshot. He saw Ben shoulder bleeding before Ben could get into the car.

” are you okay” Gina asked with a worried countenance as Ben entered.

” for now, your seat belt” Ben said as he scurried out of the compound and he’s been followed by different cars and vans belonging to the uniforms there. It was a long chase as Ben drove roughly on the smooth road and was been followed by many vehicles behind. He established a good space between him and his pursuers but he was getting weaker, courtesy, the bullet taking a nap in his shoulder.

Suddenly, two power bikes joined the pursuit and were gaining on him. ” they’re here” Ben said fearfully as he saw them in the side mirror, It didn’t take long before the two power bikes were beside him from each side. One of the power bike rider made a gun motion with his hand to Ben.

” Toy” Ben said as he increased his speed. ” and that’s Tabitha” Gina said staring at the bike at her side.

End of season 1, season 2 continue on Monday


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