Diluted Bullet Season 2 {heartless love} Prologue


Previously on Diluted Bullet.
I’m Benjamin parker, a citizen of Canada but share ties with Nigeria from my maternal side. I’m your new history teacher.

” finish her”

I feel sorry for Sophia one of my just concluded mission.

He’s very handsome, Kingsley is very ugly compare to him.

I’m ready to leave Khalid, my two rounds guy.

Do you think I didn’t know that you collected money from my husband in order to let me lose the case.

How can you both stoop so low and fall for your lecturer.

Who’s the lucky guy?

where’s Aminat

I’m saving you from humiliating yourself.

Get your death certificate ready.

Kingsley please don’t do this, please I beg you.

I’m just bearing P1, she’s the real P1 because she is the boss, always bullying me.

Yes, I’ve seen his face and he’s also seen mine.

She answered the questions in different manners and they all came out true.

He’s the first to make my heart flutter.

I’m not traveling out of Nigeria, dad.

You’ve been drawn against P2 for the final five contest.

I love you so much, I’m happy to sacrifice myself for you.

It’s for your own safety, you’re my weakness and I don’t think I can accept losing you.

I’m ready to travel to Spain but you’ve to get me a young tutor to teach me the language.

Kingsley is dead but I don’t think it’s a natural one. I know mask handiwork when I see one.

Toy killed Kingsley.

He use toy gun to show his success.

I think he’s a staff in the school, just give me a week to decipher it.

I need a space in your heart.

Let me buy you lunch.

A call is on my phone showing a toy gun.

He’s going to use at least three months in coma and can probably lose his memory.

Ben has been kidnapped.

Please don’t leave me to heaven like the Ben in this story.

I think Ben is a spy.

Are you really a spy sent to hurt my dad.

Tabitha is a mask agent.

That’s toy and that’s Tabitha.

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