Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 49


Gina’s p.o.v

The doctor laid more emphasis on the sedative drug among the drugs he prescribed, he said Ben woke up too early and need to sleep more for the first week so as to avoid future complications. I made sure I added two capsules as the doctor instructed to the drugs I gave to him for usage.

After little chit chat, he finally black out. Seeing him sleep was one of the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. He didn’t look like someone who just woke from coma, he looked like he’s been healthy for many days ago.

I traced his lips with my index finger as I felt the urge to kiss him but fought hard to resist it. I remembered that we almost kissed earlier if not for the interruption made by Tabitha.

” looks like it isn’t an unrequited love after all” I said to myself smiling as I pecked his cheek. My plan for us to move out of the country had been placed on hold because of how he woke up two weeks ago. My dad said he doesn’t need it again since doctor Ranking confirmed he’s going to wake up soon, which he really did. I was sure my dad was still planning on sending me out of the country and that might happen without Ben following me, so I decided to play some of my cards so as to get me and Ben out of the country soon.

I took my bath, changed my cloth which I forgot to change from into my nightie the other night. I felt fulfilled as I stared at Ben who was still sleeping peacefully. I smiled as I picked my phone and exit the room to my dad’s place so as to inform him of my plan. It was the usual greeting scheme I always receive that I receive as I walked on the walkway to my dad’s door.

I saw Wisdom at the entrance going through the security routine for anyone who was going to visit my kid. He had in his hand a file, I wanted to turn back but he suddenly wave at me before I could turn and escape. I’ve been trying to avoid a situation where I’m going to be facing him one on one after the ordeal that occured last time I was drunk.

I remembered everything like a flashback, and my dad never cease to tease me with it because I told him what happened, I don’t keep anything from him. I feigned a straight face as I moved closer to him.

” good morning ma’am” he greeted with a smile that was only visible to me because it wasn’t glaring on his face.

” morning” I replied him. I didn’t allow him go through the stress of been scanned over and over again as it took only my finger print and retina to gain access into my dad’s living room.

” my angel” dad said as he saw me, he was at his normal position watching the TV with a warm cup of tea in his front but Mr Wealth was absent. Dad like taking tea in the morning with Mr Wealth.

” oh, sit down Wisdom” he motioned to Wisdom who was behind me pointing his hand to the normal position Mr Wisdom always take when he’s with my dad for tea.

” what of your angel” I said sulkily.

” your position is here” he said smiling, patting his lap. ” bring him a cup of tea” he said to one of the guards inside the room. ” or you prefer coffee” he asked Wisdom.

” no, I’m okay with the tea sir ” Wisdom replied.

” okay, get him that” dad said to the guard who had paused to listen to Wisdom choice.

” so who should I ask to go first” dad said taking a sip from his tea.

” go first as how” I asked dad surprised, as I stood transfixed at the spot I was.

” Wisdom here had requested an audience with me, that’s why I decided to have tea with him instead with Mr Wealth, his dad and I know you’re not here this morning to chit chat with your dad, I know you more to know that” he said teasingly as he smiled and Wisdom snorted, fighting the urge to laugh.

” dad” I screamed loudly. ” deal with him first, I’m going to stand here till you’re through with him” I said folding my hand.

” sooth yourself” my dad said with an indifferent tone and I sulk at once and he pretended not to notice.

” maybe I should come back sir” Wisdom said making an attempt to stand up.

” sit back young man, don’t mind her, just tell me what you want to tell me, we’re going to sort ourselves out later” my dad said as he placed his mug cup into his mouth for a sip, he swiftly used the moment to give me a quick glance as he snort before he dropped the cup..

” I think I should come back sir” Wisdom politely said but, the guard returned with the tea at that moment and placed it in front of Wisdom.

” now you can’t leave, just tell me what you’ve to say” my dad said to Wisdom. Wisdom first took a glance at me before he handed the file in his hand to my dad.

” I think Mr Ben is a spy and assassin who was sent here to harm you” Wisdom said to my dad who looked engrossed in looking at the file in his hand. ” I think we need to arrest him right away” he added as he swiftly stole a glance at me. I was sure none of the two of them notice when I made my way out of the room. I scampered to the elevator with a hurt soul. I was unstable, and couldn’t concentrate on anything as I hit the call button for the elevator.

I couldn’t believe what I heard, no, I refused to believe it, my breathing became ragged as the elevator took decades before getting to the first floor.

” What’s wrong with you” Tabitha asked me but I was too disorganized to reply her.

” is Ben awake” I asked not waiting for an answer as I moved to the door, inserted my password and got my thumb and retina scanned before the door unlocked. I opened the door and saw Ben sitting on the bed. ” are you really a spy and assassin sent to hurt my dad ” I asked him with a worried countenance as I entered.

” yeah” he replied bluntly making the world collapse around me.

” no, you’re joking right” I cried as I felt my leg loose its strength, had to support myself by leaning against the shut door in order to avoid falling down

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Narrator’s p.o.v.

” I’m sorry” Ben said with a melancholic tone.

” no, shut the f–k up, I love you but you’re only using me as a bait so that you can harm my dad” Gina screamed as tears rolled down in torrent down her beautiful face.

” yeah, I used you so that I can get closer to the president, I wanted to harm him and was waiting for the right information to do so” Ben said standing up and started moving closer to Gina. ” I was going to use you to explore your dad’s weakness as the mission I was given, I made you fall for me in order to achieve this but” Ben paused as he held Gina by her arm. ” but I fell for you in the course, I love you but can’t reveal it because I have to protect you” Ben said staring into Gina’s eye. ” the organization I work for wouldn’t spare you after they know that you know this because I’m sure they already know but even though I’m not worthy of asking anything from you but please grant me the permission to save you” Ben said as he held Gina’s shaking hands.

” leave me” Gina screamed withdrawing her hand. ” you think you can sweet talk me so that you can escape, but hell no, you’re going to pay for your sin” Gina added as she swiftly tried to open the door.

” no, don’t” Ben said as he swiftly dragged her away from the door, and pushed her on the bed.

” what are you doing” Gina screamed.

” shh” Ben motioned to Gina.

” they’re already here” Ben added.

” who” Gina asked curiously.

” someone like me, he or she is already outside, behind that door, ready to eliminate the two of us” Ben replied.

” I’m not falling for that lie, you’re the only threat here and you can go on to kill me because I’m getting out of this room, I’m sick of seeing your face” Gina said making attempt to get down from the bed.

” please believe me, even tho I don’t worth it but please do , all I want is your safety, please” Ben said with a pleading tone.

” I can’t again, I can’t believe you, I’m sorry” Gina said as she shrugged Ben off and got down the bed.

” it’s not my fault that I’m what I’m now, imagine been taken from parents as a kid and forged into a bloodthirsty killer, I don’t want your sympathy but everyone deserve a second chance at redemption, I’ve killed many people but please let me redeem myself by saving your life, you going out of that door is death, the killer is already there waiting for you to come out” Ben said halting Gina’s almost carried out action to open the door.

” I’m going to trust you for the last time but don’t think I fell for all the lie you voiced out.” Gina said moving back to Ben. ” I think I should call my dad to send in the guards” Gina said bringing out her phone. ” what’s wrong with this” she said frustratingly as she tried to access it but couldn’t.

” it’s been clogged” Ben said to her.

” what” she exclaimed ” by you right, I shouldn’t have trusted you” she added with a tone that depicted she’s getting scared.

” I didn’t do that, they’ve disconnected all means of communication in this building, and we’re going to die if we don’t do anything now ” he said to her collecting the phone from her.

” now you’ve to tell me the truth” Ben said to her staring at her. ” the tattoo you saw on my back is from my organization, tattooed on our back to portray who we really are, a duplicate of that tattoo can’t be seen on anyone except the agent, so please, is the tattoo you saw an image portraying a Flea” he asked and she twitched.

” no, this can’t be happening, it can’t be” she said with a disbelieving tone.

” she can’t be part of you and if she’s, you would have recognized her.” Gina said with a tone that depicted she doesn’t believe or doesn’t want to believe Ben

” who and all the agent from my organization don’t know each other, we’re all anonymous worker. So please tell me who it is” Ben said almost screaming at her.

” Tabitha” she whispered. Just then, the beeping sound from her door started sounding. ” she knows the password and she has the permission to enter here” Gina said fidgeting.

” get down” Ben ordered her. ” push the bed” Ben ordered Gina and with force, they swiftly push the bed to serve as barrier to the door.
To be continued