Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 5


THE MASK, a deadly organization that was created in the early 80s, it was created with the mindset of being used as a tool by the politicians then who want the independence for Nigeria from the grasp of the military { Gen sani Abacha }.

They planned to do this in a unique way by recruiting some military personnel who were retrenched by this government. This military personnel took charge of the training of the youths this organization was able to get, thought them the art of war ,how to eliminate without an ounce of pity, building their martial skills and so on. The biggest achievement of the organization was the elimination of Abacha in 1998 by one of the most skillful agent . She was majored with the handling of poison and killing in a seductive manner.

After the success in this operation, the political leaders who were in the administration of this organization left it to its fate. But the organization was keen to survive ,so it kept its agent and fought under in order to make a limelight in the country. They made their operations unique, they weren’t just assassins, they were more than that, killing was made a game to them.

With the help of the military personnel among them, they recruited more agents and the organization bounced back to its feet. The politicians who deserted the organization after using it for their purpose, came back to it and wanted to seize it administration but they were all murdered leaving only few, this few were the one who were threatened and used by the organization in handling some Portion of the government of the country.

Sooner than later ,their popularity grew in the hearts of the handlers of the country. Then the organization changed it focus and feigned to die down in order to lose its popularity. It’s made a secret organization known by few, but the few people who knew of this organization are capable of buying the whole of Nigeria if they set their mind to it.

The operations of THE MASK were performed undercover ,they recruited many agents but after training of this agents, the agents always wondered away from the organization, some were brought down while some will flee out of the country.

Then they decided to end this act by recruiting kids ranging from 10 to 12 years of age, wipe their memory, train them to be a killer and instilled into them loyalty which can’t be breached. This organization after seceding from the handling of the politician rules has been undertaking other mission apart from killing and this sorts of mission needs soothing face and good intellect for it to be carried out, so they made sure they recruited cute kids with high scores of IQ. Tho many believed that the organization is of the past but the organization was still in existence shaking the country from its root.

The end of Sophia has finally come, it kind of pain me to be the one to take her life, I thought I’ve been excluded from the mission after completing the first phase of making her lose all she could have gotten from the divorce.

Tho the mission included her death but I was the passionate type ,my humanity even tho it was at its minimum but it was still there, I didn’t lose all to the vigorous training we had. I always have bit of compassion every time I take a life, an act I made sure I hide so as not to lose my life without any compassion.

The message had another hidden meaning, the message been sent accrossed to me in a glicotonx paper means I should frame her death as a suicide, and if that was to be possible, the mission must be undertaken at daytime not night.

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I sat on the sofa thinking how I’m going to reunite with my love. She really love me, when the pictures of us having sex and playing our love in Tokyo appeared in the court as an evidence for the reason for filing a divorce paper, she was still smiling at me, I knew she’s thinking that even when she lost everything, she still gat me in her life, little did she know that I’m just a conjured fantasy meant to ruin her life.

Now ,to put an end to it. I switched on the TV inside the room and tuned it to a program been aired from the dstv connected to the TV. I feigned to watch the TV as I tried to pick the spot where cameras has been placed inside my room. An adage says. ” a thieve won’t find it difficult to trace the footpath of a fellow thieve”.

I knew that THE MASK will want to perform a follow up on me because the mission was a delicate one.

When I got up to the three locations where cameras has been placed, I stood up and switched off every lights inside the room, shut the blinds and brought out my phone, I switched on it camera, and with the help of the camera, I found the remaining recording cameras and disconnected all.

After I was through with my rebellious act , I switched the light on, I grinned wickedly as I head to the bedroom, did the same act there before I brought out one of my luggage that contained my murdering tools.

I opened it and brought out a small bottle containing tablets. I opened it lid, slide down one out of the tablets inside the bottle. I made it drop on my left palm, I picked it up with the thumb and index fingers of my right hand as I stared at it.

It was the size of a paracetamol but its size didn’t limit its effectiveness. It’s just one of its kind, can’t be seen or procure from anywhere. I made it myself, every agents of THE MASK is always charge with the responsibility of creating a poison which can’t be cure without the antidote made for it. My poison is unique, I made it in a way that it can’t affect me in a short period of time like it does to others, a mystery THE MASK are still trying to solve.

I brought a white handkerchief from my bag and placed it in my pocket. The only antidote that can weaken the effect of the poison by just cleaning one’s face with it.

I placed the handkerchief in my pocket as I dialed a number on my phone.

” this ain’t fair Johnson ” the voice of the recipient of the phone screamed to me as soon as she picked the call. ” why did you forsake me since all this days when you know I can’t do without you, I lost everything but didn’t got shoved up because of that, but with the thought that I’ve also lost you radiating in my mind made me sick, why did you made me sick ” she poured out relentlessly as I listened to her with pity, if only she know.

” I’m sorry ” I said when she finally shut her mouth for the first time.

” I’ve really missed you, please come and see me before I lose the little wit remaining in me ” she said with a cracked voice signifying that she’s crying.

” okay, I’m on my way to your place now but where are you currently ” I asked her trying to feign concern for her.

” I’m at one of my dad’s house in Maitama ” she said quickly as if I might change my mind if she doesn’t answer fast.

” okay, I’m on my way ” I said as I dropped the call .

I took a shower, changed my cloth and put on a fancy glasses ,I couldn’t take all my toys because of the nature of the mission, I might have to be involve in some foreplay with her and my toys might be exposed in the process , and her dad’s house in Maitama possess high security system which will detect and expose my toys.

I smiled at my cuteness when I checked myself out in front of the dressing mirror inside the room before I head outside.

I ignited my bike to life as I hopped on it and without haste, I turned it throttle and it dashed out.

I sped out of the staff’s apartment, following the tiled road , some seconds later, I was already seeing the entrance gate.

I slowed down when I got to the gate because it was barred to allow free entrance of vehicle and motorcycle in and out of the school.

A lever was pulled and the big rod used to bar the entrance was lifted up giving me a chance to get out.

The ride to Maitama from the school wasn’t far,conjured with the speed I rode the motorcycle, I got there in less than 20 minute.

As I parked my motorcycle in front of the magnificent building, the CCTV outside tilted down and concentrated on me, the gate of the building opened automatically for me and I rode in.

The house portrayed one of the reason Nigeria was still wallowing in underdevelopment. Sophia was the daughter of Mr Chibua, a member of the Senate house, trying to rerun for the fourth time.

He’s very wealthy, wealthy with their illegal hoarding of the people’s Money. He’s got different mansions in Abuja, lagos, Port Harcourt and in IMO state where he’s representing in the house. The client who gave us the mission knew he was going to lose all his properties to Mr Chibua and his daughter if he tries to divorce Sophia because Mr Chibua was an influential individual who has the backing of the government.

That was why the client was Willing to lose quarter of his properties in order to be able to pay our price. We really operate on high charges. I was sure the mission that was just assigned to me worth billions of naira.

The compound of the house was littered with cars of different kinds.
Different kinds of expensive brands, all sat keenly in the compound of the building waiting for someone to have pity on them and drive them out.

I parked my bike and alighted from it in a sophisticated manner, I walked magnificently to the entrance of the building which also opened for me automatically and I entered into an enclosed door which look like bank’s door.. It scanned me and thankfully I got none of my metal toys on me.

” welcome ” a robotic voice said to me as the door to the main building opened for me.

I entered into the sitting room of the house which looked like the chamber of Queen Elisabeth. I felt a strange aura as I entered into the sitting room, something wasn’t right, I could sense it.

” did I just walk into trap ” I asked myself loudly as I viewed the room to be certain of what’s sending the warning tone to me.

” you’re really good, I applaud you for that ” a feminine voice said as she clap in a one after the other series. ” yeah ,you just fell into the trap of my revenge ” Sophia said as she made appearance with different guys pointing guns towards me.

To be continue….