Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 4



Not knowing what to do I quickly placed myself behind the door but I found myself on the ground as the door was forcefully opened, I was very scared for Precious, but was surprised to see the mask fully on her face when I raised my head up.
She looked stable, her source of confident became a mystery to me.
We’re both young but she’s more mature than I was and I could boastfully say, than kids of our age mate.

” what are you doing kiddo ” a familiar voice asked me as I stayed on the floor like a confused human being.
I didn’t answer him but tried my best to stable myself like my roommate is doing.

Two ladies also wearing mask but had apron on brought in a tray each containing covered dish. Inside the room were two small table and chair, each beside our beds .

The food was placed on the table with a bottled water by its side. After the ladies wearing the apron were through with their mission, they left.

” I like you kiddo and I will advice you to eat less ,too much food will be bad for your health ” the man said and that’s when I was able to recognise the voice, it’s the man that said I was the most handsome kid out of all of us that were kidnapped. He bang the door as soon as he left our room. I was surprised to hear someone giggling, it was my room mate, she was mocking me when I was trying my best to save her.

I feigned an angry face as I walked to my bed and lay on it . I watched as she stood up and moved to the food brought in, she took one of the tray containing the food ,returned to her bed and sat on it placing the food in her front on the bed as she ate voraciously.

She ate like the food was the most delicious meal she’s ever tasted. I couldn’t help but watch her eat, I was very hungry but I didn’t want to eat because I was angry with my roommate, my new found crush who mocked me when I developed a lost courage to save her.

” you better get your food and eat, and please stop staring at me, I think you’re scaring my meat ” she said laughing wildly as she ate.

I just couldn’t place the puzzle together, how could she be carefree in such situation we were in, she seemed not to bothered about it while the only thing ringing in my head is seeing my lovely mum and my cool Dad but I could only brew the feeling inward, not after seeing what happened earlier.

” I’m not hungry ” I screamed at her angrily but my stomach gave me out as it grumbled loudly and I buried my face in the bed.

” thanks for trying to help me before ” I suddenly heard a melodious tone said as my head still remain buried inside the bed. I smiled inwardly but didn’t lift my head from the bed. I remained that way for some minutes and when I finally raise my head, I was surprise to see her already sleeping.

She didn’t finish her food as she placed the leftover beside her bed.
I was very hungry, I only had a cup of tea and two slices of bread which my mom fixed for me before I left for school. I had my food inside my lunch box which dropped on the ground when I was grabbed.

I was obscure of the time and the weather, I didn’t know if we were still in the day or night. I lost trace of it ever since I was kidnapped.

I dragged my leg to the table where my food was placed and sat on the chair courting it as I unveil the food by deleting its cover from its top. It was jollof rice with fried rice beside it and a well grilled chicken meat gracing it. Some plantains and salad weren’t left out of the combo. I hate salad, so I collected it into the plate that was used to cover the food. I was a light eater but I didn’t know how I finished the food. The only things left in the plate was the bone of the chicken meat which my teeth wasn’t able to do justice to.

I drank a little water as all the space in my little stomac has already been filled up with the food. I suddenly remembered what the mask guy said earlier ,about eating less, what did he meant by too much of the food ain’t good for my health.

I waved off the thought when I felt my eye getting heavy. I stood up from the chair to sit on the bed. I was watching precious who was just a little feets away from me as she cuddled herself up on the bed.

All I remembered was watching her when I suddenly open my eye to a gruesome pain brewing in my stomach.

I was also surprised to see precious holding her stomach on her bed too.

” what’s happening ” I asked her with a teary voice as the pain felt unbearable.

” I think we’ve been poisoned ” she said increasing my fear.

” and how did you know that ” I said now as I already felt myself crying.

” don’t you watch movie ” she said hissing loudly as she held her stomach tightly.


Ben’s POV

My first piece to solving my assignment opened the door disrupting the class, I already knew everything about her. The fourth child and second daughter of Mr Okotie, the senate president in Nigeria.

She’s rude and saucy like the other students in the school, famous in her constant shopping in united state. She always go to united state once in every month to buy her cloth and also spend some time with her siblings there.

She decided not to stay there because she complained that the weather there ain’t soothing and complementing to her precious skin.

That was her excuse but the real reason she didn’t want to stay there was because she’s like a normal citizen there, not being hyped because of the position her dad held and even sometimes treated like shit by the real citizens.

She stood at the entrance looking at me like she’s known me before. I suddenly saw the guy whose seat I was occupying before give her a ” you’re dead look ” and stood up from his seat as he head to her .

The two guys he came in with followed him at once. He dragged Ella by her wrist out of the lecture room. The students didn’t even behave as if they were shocked by the event, they just sat looking at me, I know, waiting for me to continue with my lecturing.
” sorry, I’m coming “, I apologized to the students as I dropped the marker with me and dropped from the podium as I head outside of the lecture room. I held my cheek as Ella hit the guy on his cheek.

The guy was deadly angry as his eyeball suddenly started glowing with blood. He raised his hand to hit Ella but I swiftly walked to them and held his hand. I could see the shock look on the face of his crew members. In a slow motion mode he tilted his head to look who it was that dare to hold his hand.

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” you ” ! He exclaimed shockingly as his eye shot invisible laser to mine.

” oops, I’m sorry, just passing by and saw you about to downgrade yourself, so I thought that it will be nice of me to help you ” I said in a serious manner as I freed his hand.

” do you have your death certificate ready ” he barked at me angrily.

” sorry bro, but it’s not yet ready ” I replied him humorously, almost mocking him.

” looks like you got a big liver there, make sure you guard it well because you just stepped on the tail of the wrong cobra ” he said angrily as he stormed away with his two dogs wagging their tails behind him.

” thank you sir ” Ella said in a flirty tone as she frolicking rolled her eye lid .

” you’re welcome ” I said as I made my way back to the lecture room. I knew she was staring at me and I smirked to myself as my plans was not having it hard to be executed. I apologised to the students before I continued with my lecture. Ella didn’t came back in but I wasn’t surprise.

” and now we’ve come to the end of today’s lecture, I’m sorry for not making use of the projector, I’ll start making use of it in the next class, thank y’all for your cooperation ” I said dropping the marker in my hand I gave out a killer smile and I saw some girls blushing at once.

Each of my steps were accompanied with an aura of magnificence, all eye were on me as I made my way out of the students.

” Mr Parker ” I heard a sweet voice called my name as I was already out of the lecture room , she looked like she has been trying to caught up with me for some time.

” hello dear ” I said smiling

” Guten Morgen ” she greeted me in Deutch

” morning pretty ” I replied her smiling

” I’m one of your students ” she said blushing

” wow, I’m honoured to have an Angel like you in my class ” I replied her teasingly but she failed to detect it as she smiled like dummy.

” please can you give me your digits ” she said stretching her phone to me while she tried to avoid eye contact with me, she’s shy, my guess.

” hmmm ” I said pretending to be thinking about it.

” no, it ain’t cool for a beautiful girl like you to waste your call card on a guy like me ” I paused briefly and I saw the discontented look formed on her face. ” give me yours ” I said handing her my phone.

A big smile graced her as she typed her number on my phone. She gave me my phone when she finished inputting it.

” Bola is the name but you can call me dam’s wealth ” she said as she gave me the phone.

” Benjamin, but you can call me Ben ” I said as I feigned to be engrossed in performing an action on my phone, I knew she will be thinking that I was saving her number but hell no, I was trying to scan my surrounding, I knew some people were looking at me, they’re two but I’ve seen them even before they saw me.

They were both females ,they used a book to cover their face and pretended to be reading it but what they’re doing was spying on me as they exchange words.

” I’ll give you a call ” I said to Bola as I left her and pretended not to see the two girls. It was Aminat and Ella, they s—-d at what they’re doing.

I incurred on myself different kinds of staring eye on me as I returned to my apartment. The school premises was now filled with students going to and fro unlike when I was going to the lecture room earlier.

I brought out my phone and feigned to be pressing it as I walked in order to avoid their gazes. I smiled to myself when I got to my apartment, my toy has already been parked, my double engine Jincheng power bike.

I was gifted with it by my mentor, he gave it to me when I overcame an already gone south mission because of some error in the passage of information.

Not ready to go into details of that yet.
I hopped on it and place my thumb on the start pattern. It can only be ignited by my thumb and its key which I knew will still be with Snap. I asked him to bring it in because of a situation.

I revved it without driving before I came down from it and entered into my apartment. Something has changed inside it and I was sure, someone has entered when I was out. I walked with caution as I moved down to the sitting room. I heaved a sigh of relief when I met a note on my table sealed with my symbol. Two dragons trying to fly away but their tail was entwined between themselves. I picked the note and unfolded it revealing it content.

” SHE GOES DOWN TONIGHT ” I read from the note before I swiftly drop it and the note turned into ashes. ” ouch ” I said as I head to my room to prepare for the elimination mission.

To be continue…