Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 3



” wisen up or you stay down, kill you or get killed, follow the rules and code and you’ll gat no prob with anyone, cast away fear from your heart and you’ll ride at the top of the world, and lastly make use of your brain, you’ve got tons of it up there. That’s all for now and once again, welcome to THE MASK ” a lady dressed in a red tight leather cloth with a red glasses matching with her cloth and a red high heel said to us in a little hall which we were all taken to by the two guys who first made appearance to us.

The lady spoke to us with unlimited dread in her voice. She walked smartly and was extremely beautiful. She was the only one without mask among the people we’ve seen in our short arrival.

” my mummy, my mummy, I want to go to my mummy ” a kid suddenly bursted into tears among us.

All we heard was a deafening bang sound and the kid was on the floor with blood oozing from his head. We all startling started screaming, and the hot lady that spoke to us brought out a gun and empty three bullet in to the air .

That was enough to calm all of us as a pin drop silent erupted among us after the shot.

” I told you to cast away all fear ,if anyone of you shed a bit of tear or cry about going home, I’m going to shoot you myself ” she said with a threatening voice waving the gun in her hand.

I felt another hot liquid spraying my short, I thought I was the only one until I saw the short of the kid beside me wet.

” all of you get up now ” one of the people putting on mask ordered us and they started putting on our faces small black masks.

After that, they grouped us into two. I was grouped with a girl , tho she wore a mask, I could still tell that she’s a girl because she was putting on pinafore school uniform.

” you’ll all be shown to your room with your partners and the first rule is that you must never take off your mask no matter what ” the one that ordered us to stand up said and got no reply from us as we looked at him like a dummy.

” do you hear me ” he suddenly bark startling us .

” yes Sir ” we echoed in fear. We’re all shown to our room. The room looked like a dormitory with two beds. The door was closed after we’re in and I could heard the clicking of the lock signifying that it was locked.

I stood transfixed at the spot I was looking at the kid in front of me.
It was very dark, I meant the mask , but judging from her leg, she’s light in completion.

” I’m Precious ” she said breaking the silence that ensued between us.

” I’m Junior ” I stutteringly replied her.

” I’m getting stuffy under this ” she said as she removed her mask from her face but didn’t remove it completely from her head.

” what ” I exclaimed silently. She was extremely beautiful, light in completion with a round face, and cute hair.

She was more beautiful than Joyce who I was crushing on in my class.

” we’re told not to remove the mask ” I added as my heart skipped a beat watching her break the law after the warning we received earlier.

” I don’t always obey my mom’s law and always end up in trouble with her, so this won’t be the first time I will be getting in trouble for breaking the law ” she said confidently as she head to one of the bed in the room and laid on it.

I was astonished at her confidence. She looked like she was not afraid and didn’t care about our present situation.

I suddenly heard the lock sounding again signifying that someone was opening it,which made my heart skipped another beat and I felt the urge to wet my short again but discovered that there was no more fluid in my little penis.

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The uproar and murmuring was becoming too much, there was a red button on the little podium in front of the class, the podium was meant for lecuterer to stand and teach and I was sure the alarm was placed there in order to come to lecturer’s rescue when in my kind of situation.

I placed my hand on the alarm and off goes the blaring alarming sound. I removed my hand from it and it stopped.

Everywhere became silent at once as they all gaze at me. I cleared my voice as I began to speak .

” I’m very sorry for any inconvenience my presence here might have caused you but I want to tell you all that you won’t regret me taking you foreign language, I might not be experience or old as your former lecturer but I promise to surpass y’all expectations ” I said pausing briefly as I swiftly ponder on what to say next.

” I know I’m still young, most of you here is 19 and I know the highest here is 20 and I’m only 21 which placed me in the category of your friends, so I’ll please implore you to let us see ourselves as friend and please listen to whatever it is I have to offer you ” I added as I tilted my head up to exchange gaze among all of them. I saw they were awed by what I said, especially my age.

” again, my name is Benjamin Parker , a citizen of Canada but shares some bond with Nigeria through maternal.
Finished from Harvard late last year and what I studied there is foreign language, I can teach and speak five language efficiently. Deutch, Italian, Spanish, French and Yoruba ” I said and they suddenly bursted into laughter.

” good one,” I said to myself ,me making them laugh is a good point. ” oops, am sorry for listing Yoruba as a foreign language but it’s a foreign language from where I hail from ” I said as the laughter subsided. I took the marker on the podium ,moved closer to the board and scribbled some things down then closed it and faced them.

” I was asked to take you in three language only, Italian, Deutsch and Spanish, I know your former lecturer would have thought you how to speak the language and the basics of it but did he also teach you the culture of this people ” I asked in a manner that made me smiled inwardly to myself.

I was sounding like a professional, I found it almost impossible that I learned the three language within a month, already know how to speak French and Yoruba before.

A pin drop silent ensued among them as they gazed at me with keen attention.

” language should be learned simultaneously with the owners tradition and custom. According to one of my professor in Harvard, he said “no matter how much or how well you can speak a different language, you’ll always be an alien among them if you know nothing about their tradiction ”  and I found this to be true, since the day I came down to Nigeria, I learned Yoruba language not eluding any of it tradition in Harvard.

When I came down to Nigeria ,I saw an elderly man in the airport and prostrated to greet him, you can imagine how surprised he would have been but he met me with a smile, helped me up and embrace me, signifying that he accepted me as a family even tho my completion tells that I’m an alien but my attitude show that I long to be one of them ”

I paused briefly and checked their reactions, I saw that they were much engrossed in my story, they were listening with keen attention, I was very surprised at this because I thought I’ll be having a hard time organising the class but they made it easy for me and I like it that way.

” I know my teaching must have been boring you ,so let do something interesting ” I saw their face brighten up as this words left mouth.

During this time, more students has made appearance and only little seats couldn’t locate their owners .

” who can tell me what I wrote on the board and its owner ” I said looking at all of them and none of them volunteered to tell me.

” I’m sorry for tricking y’all but what I wrote there is Greek, meaning  you’re responsible for your success, one of the famous quote of one of the Greek’s great scholar. ” I wanted to go on a moral talk but decided against it because I might lose all my 10 minute achievement.

I cleaned what I wrote and wrote Deutsch as the topic on the board.

” today ,I’m going to teach you some basic principle on how to speak Deutsch fluently and easily, the lecture for Deutsch will go on for three months, then we take another language base on your choice, but rest assure that during the three months which I’m going to use on each ” the door suddenly flung opened interrupting the teaching and one of my assignment walked in style.

Ella’s POV.

” what the f–k ” I muttered as I entered into the foreign language lecture and met the hot guy I saw earlier when I left Khalid’s room.
He wasn’t a student like I presumed but a replacement for our late foreign language lecturer, Mr popoola. I couldn’t believe it at once even tho it was right in my front .

He was too young for that position, he should be the same age as me. I didn’t know I was still at the entrance and hindering the ongoing lecture not until Kingsley suddenly grabbed me by my wrist and dragged me outside, followed by two of his friends but i like to call them his dogs.

” where’s she ” Kingsley asked me with a laser shot eye as he hit my back against the wall of the foreign language lecture room at the corridor.

” who “? I shot at him angrily as I forcefully freed my wrist from his grasp.

” don’t play dump with me here, where’s she ” he barked at me angrily while his two dogs stood guard at his back..

” I don’t know and get the hell out of my way, I have a class to join ” I said trying to push him out of the way but he stood his ground resisting me.

” do you think I’m here to joke with you or you think because of the f—–g post your f—–g father is holding means you’re un… ” I didn’t make him complete his sentence when I felt my hand control itself and glued to his cheek. I love my father so much to allow any f—–g brat swear at him.

” what the f–k ” he protested as he raised his hand to smack me, I swiftly closed my eye in fright but was surprised that I didn’t feel any pain on any part of my body.

I peeped through one of my eye and saw the new guy holding Kingsley’s hand mid air.

To be continue…