Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 6



The pain in my stomach became unbearable as I began to shed tears, but Precious was only holding her stomach but wasn’t shedding tears like I was doing.

” my mummy ” I began to scream as I felt my intestine locking up.

” mummy’s kid ” precious tease with a wrinkled face as she watched Me astonishingly. I couldn’t reply her when the door suddenly flung opened. Two people in mask entered, carried us with ease and took us out of the room. I saw some people also coming out of different rooms with kids in their hands, meaning we weren’t only the kids poisoned. It was tons of different kids shedding tears that filled the big room we were all placed in.

A gun shot was suddenly released into the air to shut us up. Then the Lady that addressed us earlier came on stage with a bright smile on her eye when we were all groaning in pain. I tried to locate Precious from where I was but couldn’t locate her.

” the next person that shed tears among you will be killed ” the lady threatened us in a harsh tone. ” you’ve all been poison with gamalco III, a poison that cause little disturbance in your stomach before it takes your life ” the lady added and I could hear a muffled tear as some of the kids placed their hands on their mouth in order to barricade the weeping sound that was about to escape their lips.

” but here is the good news, if you can handle the pain for an hour , you’ll be cure automatically without a need for an antidote, make sure you don’t shut your eye within the 1 hour or you die automatically and sure, don’t shed tears or I help the poison to hasten it work by lodging a bullet into your skull ” she threatened waving the pistol in her hand followed by a hysterical laughter.

Two kids suddenly started crying and the Lady in red didn’t hesitate to fulfil her promise as she shot them dead. She was very good with her target, didn’t stress herself to bring them down and some guys with mask came to withdraw their corpse from our midst.

” THE MASK only take in those who’re ready to fight and wrestle for their survival and those who’re keen on holding onto their lives no matter the situation, out of you all ,we only need 5 agents from y’all” I gasped when I heard her, even without counting, I could tell that we’re more than 50 kids in the room excluding those who’re already dead. I wanted to cry out loud but I couldn’t. Even as little as I was then, I feared death as I knew more than I was suppose to know about it. Another thought engulfed my mind as I thought about Precious sudden disappearance, could it be she’s among the two kids brought down ,

” no “, I shoved my head in disbelief as I focused on the pain I was experiencing. ” she’s stronger than this ” I assured myself even tho I only met her in a short period of time.

In the first 30 minute inside the room, 10 kids were already down, I knew this because I was counting as the men in black surrounding us comes into our midst to withdraw the dead kids. I was losing it little by little but the wit to stay alive and if possible see my mom again kept me alive.

A wall clock was hung on the wall which I was using to trace the time. My eye suddenly became blurry and the clock hands multiplied into thousands in my eye, following the time became difficult as I felt my eye shutting down. Someone suddenly held my hand, stopping me from closing my eye at that moment. I tilted my head back to know who it was, I was surprised to see a kid on mask , not just a kid but my roommate, precious,

” focus on me,”, she whispered to me, ” it will soon be over ” she added staring at me. ” you’re doing good, you’re going to be okay ” she assured me but I couldn’t withstand it again. My eye lid were begging to lapse on each other, her face was spinning in my eye and her voice sounded wobbly to my ear. I couldn’t concentrate on anything again as my eye finally shut. I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my hand and opened my eye. It was Precious, she used the pin of her earring on my hand. I saw blood coming out from my hand ,where she used the pin on. I looked at her and she glared at me.

” you mustn’t shut your eye, breath slowly, very slowly and focus all your attention on me, breath slowly ” she screamed silently at me. I shook my head vigorously in order to clear it and take a quick sneak at the time before it get filled up again. Just 10 more minutes to go, I said to myself as I focused on Precious who tried to hid her pain well in order to make me feel everything is okay with her and shed off my cowardice act.

I left out a huge sigh after some minutes when I fell the pain subsidies a little before I passed out.

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As the door was scanning me ,I brought out the tablet from my pocket and swallowed it. I felt a strange aura as I entered into the sitting room,something wasn’t right, I could sense it. ” did I just walk into trap ” I asked myself loudly as I view the room to be certain of what’s sending the warning tone to me.

” you’re really good, I applaud you for that ” a feminine voice said as she clap in a one after the other series. ” yeah ,you just fell into the trap of my revenge ” Sophia said as she made appearance with different guys pointing guns towards me.

” what’s happening here’ I asked innocently. I already know the game was off, Mask already know about this, maybe that’s why they asked me to eliminate her but they should have been considerate to give me a headstart of what I was going to face.

” don’t f—–g act like you don’t know what I’m talking about ” she barked at me in a tone mixed with sad emotion. ” I freaking love you ,ready to give up my life for you but you but, but ” she stuttered before she gave up trying to complete the sentence and sat on one of the couch in the room while her guys pointed their guns at me.

” I swear I don’t know what you’re talking about ” I said staring blankly at her. She snapped her fingers and one of the guys went to the bar inside the room , got a bottle of Krug { Sophia’s favourite wine} with a tumbler. The room was filled with an awkward silence except the sounds emanating from the movement of the guy who went to get the wine. He handed it to Sophia with a wine opener, which Sophia used in disengaging the wine’s cork from it.

She filled the tumbler in her hand to brim and gulped it down at a go. I smirked when I saw the chance she’s gifting to me. Sophia is a light drinker, she get tipsy with a little amount of alcohol and when this happen, she gets emotional. She gulped down three tumblers of the drink before she let the bottle off her hand . No word was said during this time. The bottle hit the ground and broke into pieces releasing the remaining liquid inside it.

One of the guys wanted to clear but she stopped him from doing that. She stoop up from the couch she was sitting on and stepped on the broken bottle, she show no sign of being hurt by it but she’s being hurt because her leg was injured by the bottle leaving blood stain on the expensive white marble floor. She staggered to where i knelt down and started weeping as she hit my chest.

” why did you do it, why ” she wept profusely. ” how much did he paid you, I could have given you twice of it if you had asked me, I will pay you thrice of it , I would have, I will, i love you so much ” she wept ,hitting my chest as she lamented. She suddenly kept calm and stared into my eye with a lust filled stare. ” since this is the crossroad for us ,I think I deserve this ” she said as she kissed me passionately.

The guys holding the gun turned their back on us. She held my head tight as she kissed me like that was the last time she’s going to kiss me, oops, I forgot it was suppose to be the last time. I was so happy because she made my mission a success by herself. I was currently a viper then, all the liquid in my mouth is lethal and she just took some into her mouth. A slight cough from her made her release me. The cough became a little bit intense as she tried to stand up, I quickly drew out the plastic made knife inside my shoe, grabbed her by her neck and placed the knife beside her neck. All the guys aimed at me at once.

To be continued