Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 39


” so I will pretend I didn’t hear what you said before, so what about his condition ” Aminat asked again.

” he’s beyond critical stage, stable as of now but he’s in coma, and I..” Dr Ranking couldn’t complete his sentence when some guys wearing black suit suddenly trooped in, forming a walkway as Gina walked hurriedly in the middle and Wisdom at her back. On seeing Aminat, she ran towards her direction.

” how is he” she asked Aminat with a worried tone.

” the doctor just finished operating on him” Aminat said pointing at Dr Ranking.

” how is him now, is he alright” Gina asked the doctor almost fidgeting.

“Please let go to my office ” the doctor said to the two of them politely and they followed him to his office.

” he’s lucky to be alive, but can’t vouch for when he’s going to open his eye, that depends on his instinct for survival” Dr Ranking said to the two girls sitted in front of him.

” base on your assumption, how long will it take him to open his eye” Aminat asked the doctor.

” it will take him at least three months” Dr Ranking replied her. “And here” Dr Ranking said handing Gina a x-ray result. ” according to that x-ray, some tissues in his brain has been damaged and he might lose his memory when he finally wakes up” Dr Ranking said to the girls as they took turn to examine it.

” I think we should send him abroad for treatment, he should be out of coma sooner over there than in Nigeria and he might be able to retain his memory if he’s treated there ” Gina said almost like a suggestion.

” a transfer can be issued for him but his parents or family members have to consent to it and as it stand, none of this people is here already” Dr Ranking said in a polite manner.

” his mom isn’t residing in Abuja, but I’m sure she would have been on her way down here” Gina retorted .


Snap’s p.o.v.

“Shit, what’s happening” I cursed as all my gadget suddenly started emitting flame and it all shut down. I was so close to getting the identity of Toy and all this suddenly happened. I would’ve solved the riddle less than thirty minutes. I would have solve it earlier if P1 was around to help but he’s no where to be found and according to the time, he should be through with his teaching in the last fifteen minute.

My wrist watch suddenly started blinking the danger light and my phone rang. Only P1 knows the digits of the line I was receiving the call from and I’ve made the sim unaccommodating to other numbers.

I wanted to trace the call but all my gadget were out, only my wrist watch was working, and now, it’s malfunctioning, inform me of danger when none is around. The watch can detect bomb or any harmful technology around me but a map will be display to show me the location of the danger so I can take the safe route, but now, it’s only blinking and no map was displaying on it .

I was about to pick the call when I suddenly remember about one of the greatest hacking skill we were told about when I was still in training. Only few people are capable of doing it, and to my ill luck, I wasn’t among the few. It’s the act of staging an undetectable bomb with a phone call. I haven’t seen where it was done before but I’ve seen a clip about it , on how it work and how it is indestructible, except running for one’s life from the proximity of the phone.

Picking the call is like cutting a wrong wire from a time bomb, it will only facilitate and hasten it explosion. I was oblivious of its time, so I don’t know when it’s going to explode if I decided to take the phone out and dispose it somewhere safe, if my assumption was right.

I dropped the phone as I swiftly picked P1 ‘s bike key and dashed out of the house. I quickly disengage the bike’s cover as I hopped it, ignited it and sped out of the area. I wasn’t 50 meters away when I heard a loud explosion, and when I checked where it was, to God be the glory, it was P1’s lodge. I kissed my wristwatch as I smiled to myself for my narrow escape.

The noise of another explosion I heard when I was almost close to the school main entrance caught my attention. I changed the bike’s direction to the location where I heard it. When I got closer, I saw students running helter skelter for their lives. The building that exploded looked like an eatery. It was an eatery, the Mr Biggs fast food joint inside the school. It was on fire.

Soon, the sounds of sirens was heard, an ambulance coupled with a fire service trucks made their way there. The fire was swiftly put out and the health officials with their portable sickbeds made their way into the eatery to save the people who are still alive.

All the people they brought out were all dead, some without head, some hands and the other. I jumped down from my bike when I saw someone who looked like Ben on the lifter that was brought out. I swiftly intercepted them to check and he was the one. I was shoved aside by the person carrying it in the front as they dropped him among the dead people. I swiftly ran to him.

” P1″ I screamed as I placed my ear on his chest. “He’s still breathing” I screamed as I heard his heart beating. He didn’t procure any burn on his body but his head has almost split into two. And his clothes were already soaked with his blood.

He was withdraw to one of the ambulance present there and it zoomed off with him in it.. After the incident, that was when I realized that P1 and I was against the greatest agent and greatest hacker of the Mask.

To be continued