Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 40


” dad, use your authority to get him out of here, he’s going to get better treatment there than here” Gina pleaded to her dad.

” there’s nothing I can do, his mum doesn’t want him out of the country” Mr David said to Gina on a frustrating note.

Gina sulked beside her dad who was sitting at his normal position in his living room, but Mr David didn’t react like he saw her as he feigned to concentrate on the Brexit trial going on in USA, and is been aired live on BBC.

” let strike a deal dad” Gina said switching the TV off.

” it’s not going to be in my favor, so I’m not into it” Mr David replied Gina and switched the TV back on with the remote in his hand.

” it’s in your interest because I’m going to fly out of the country like you wish” Gina said procuring Mr David’s attention, as he avert his attention from the TV.

” and what’s in it for you” Mr David asked his daughter staring at her.

” I leave with Ben and get him admitted in the country I’m going to” Gina said.

” do you love him” Mr asked Gina with a serious tone.

” yes, I love him dad, I love him so much” Gina replied Mr David.

” hmm” Mr David sighed. ” what of him, does also feel how you feel” he asked after few seconds of silent.

” I don’t know, I think it’s one sided love but I don’t care, all I want for him is his safety” Gina replied emotionally.

” I understand how you’re feeling doll, but I want you to think above your feeling, my future and reputation will be greatly damaged if I act out of act, the opposition parties are watching” he paused for a while and studied his daughter’s mood. ” but for my angel, I’m going to do it, but you’ve to wait for three weeks, then I’m going to send the two of you to England, then after he’s alright, you can travel to anywhere you wish in all the continent except Africa” Mr David added with a smile on his lip.

” thank you dad, you’re the best” Gina said smiling heartily as he hugged his dad.

” anything for my angel, and that lad is a good boy and for a spoiler, he’s also in love with you but he’s trying to hide it” Mr David said.

” Are you serious dad” Gina asked happily.

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In a building in an unknown location was Wisdom and four guys. The room was filled with different types of computers, files and different gadgets. Inside a box were all Snap’s gadgets which he left in Ben’s lodge before it exploded. Some already burnt while some were still intact. And Ben’s guns and knifes which were retrieved from his room.

I knew that guy wasn’t normal, all I just have to prove now is that he’s a fake and his identities were all fabricated” Wisdom soliloquised as he stared at a file that was handed to him. It entails the real person, who’s supposed to be bearing the name Benjamin Parker, a deceased whose death wasn’t registered.

Wisdom secretly set up the investigation team when he knew that Gina was madly in love with Ben, following the occurrence of the event that occurred the day Gina was drunk. He’s got many contacts in Canada and with their helps, he was heading towards the shore of success with his investigation.

When he heard of the bomb blast that occurred in the school, he came to check it and found out that the only two places the blast occured was in Ben’s lodge and the eatery which Ben was also there, so he decided to go on another secret investigation on what happened but he’s yet to crack the gadgets and see what it entails.


” hello dear” Gina said as she opened the VVIP ward which Ben was placed in like she always do every morning she comes visiting. ” has he been transferred to another ward” she asked herself when she couldn’t see him on the hospital bed.. “Get me the doctor in charge of Ben” she ordered one of her guards stationed in front of the ward. “Why did you move him without consulting me first ” she asked the doctor as he made appearance inside the ward.

“What” Dr Ranking exclaimed. ” we didn’t move him, in fact, I checked on him yesterday night before I was off duty” Dr Ranking added looking confused.

” then where’s he” Gina asked angrily.

” let go check the CCTV footage” the doctor said as he hurried out of the ward.

” as you can see, from yesterday till now, the patient didn’t leave the room” the technical officer anchoring the CCTV said after scrolling backward and forward.

“Has Toy gotten hold of Ben” Snap asked no one in particular as he watched the drama ensuing in the hospital. He’s been watching Ben since he’s been admitted into the hospital. the only hacker who could have snoop him out of the hospital, under my watch is the person who’s capable of sending bomb through a phone call.

” Ben is in trouble” he said as he swiftly got up from where he was sitting.

Coma dream

” can’t you take a day off dear, I don’t feel like letting you go” Gina said with a furrow as she helped Ben knot his tie in their massive sitting room.

” I would love to do that but I’m meeting with some foreign contractors and I’ve to be there in person ” Ben said placing his two palms on Gina’s cheek. ” don’t give me that face” Ben added pulling Gina’s cheek playfully.

” stop it” Gina protested trying hard not to smile.

” smile for your babe” Ben said pleadingly.

” No” Gina said, turned her back against Ben as she wrapped her arms around her chest.

” I love you” Ben said hugging her from behind.

” I love you too” Gina replied smiling.

“That’s my girl” Ben retorted happily. He moved to her front and kissed her passionately. It was supposed to be a short kiss but Gina wouldn’t release Ben’s head as she wrapped her hand around his neck and didn’t release.

Things suddenly got heated up and Gina was about unbuttoning Ben’s shirt in a fast motion but Ben swiftly stopped her.

” naughty you, gat to go to work” Ben said disengaging the kiss, tucked in his shirt which Gina had dislodged from his trouser’s band.

” I’m going to miss you” Gina said with a sulky face.

” same here” Ben retorted as he grabbed his brief case, and his suit which he rested on his left hand.

To be continue.