Diluted Bullet (Weeping Love) Episode 41


Coma dream continues

Gina escorted Ben to his car. ” remember to go to doctor Ranking today so that he can check you up ” Ben said to her as he ignited the car while she stood beside the car window.

“I’m not going to go if you’re not going with me” Gina said with a sad countenance.

” funny, I’m going to ask him to come down here to check you up then ” Ben said smiling.

” I will not open the gate for him” Gina said rolling her eye.

” I know you won’t do that” Ben said, still smiling.

” gosh, stop smiling or else, you might end up not going anywhere” Gina said staring into Ben’s eyes lustfully .

” okay ma” Ben said teasingly. ” please open the gate” Ben said as he tried to roll the car’s window up but Gina Swiftly place her hand on the glass to disrupt the action.

“Where are you going without this” Gina said placing her index finger on her lip.

” Gina” Ben stressed before he poked his head out of the window and planted a light kiss on Gina’s lip.

” good boy” Gina remarked as she pressed a little remote in her hand and the big gate of the house opened automatically. ” bye” Gina said waving her hand with a smile embedded on her cheek as Ben, in a reverse mode, drove out of the compound.


” did you meant what you told me on the phone” Ben asked happily as he got down from the car, staring at Gina.

“Yeah, Dr Ranking said I’m three weeks pregnant.” Gina replied happily.

” wow” Ben exclaimed happily as he embraced his wife.

” thank you so much” Ben added almost in tears. ” let go and change, we’re going out to celebrate this” Ben said as he carried his wife inside. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

“What should I cook for you” Ben asked Gina who was sitted on one of the pink divan inside the sitting room watching a fashion show.

” I don’t have appetite, just get me Semo and pumpkin vegetable with different types of assorted fish and meats” Gina said pausing the TV.

” no appetite indeed” Ben said teasingly “, how you hanging in there lad” Ben said massaging Gina’s big stomach. She’s few months away from delivery and her stomach portrayed it well.

” I’m hanging tight unto my mom’s intestine ” Gina replied imitating a baby’s voice.

” what!” Ben exclaimed. ” do you Want to kill my wife” Ben asked laughing.

” and she’s my mom” Gina replied with a babyish voice ” she’s my wife and I met her first, so get out of there now, I’m not lending you my wife again” Ben said playfully.

” you’re not serious” Gina retorted laughing. ” do you want to make the little guy too homeless” Gina added still laughing.

” thank you for choosing me and staying with me after everything” ben suddenly said getting serious.

” you’re worth it dear and like I said then, if it wasn’t you, then it’s nobody else” Gina said massaging Ben’s light beard.

” thank you my heartbeat, do you think your dad is going to accept me as his son in law in future” Ben asked Gina whose hand was still massaging his beard.

” I don’t know but I’m sure he’s still going to come around” Gina said confidently.

” I wish he do” Ben muttered enclosing Gina’s hand with his.

” now let’s go and get my queen her order” Ben said brightly as he stood up and head to the kitchen. Gina stared at him smiling till he was out of sight, and she resumed with her fashion show.

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” hubby, my water just broke, no one to take me to the hospital and I’m feeling discomfort all over my body” Gina said, panting as she relay to Ben on phone.

” hang on dear, I’m going to be home soon” Ben said disconnecting the call.


” just try dear, know it isn’t easy” Ben said urging Gina to keep on moving as they were few steps away from the car.

” I’m tired, please let me sit for a while” Gina pleaded weakly as sweat clustered unto her beautiful but now plump face.

” no dear, just push further a little bit and we’re there” Ben urged as he firmly support his wife.

” let me quickly get the baby’s stuffs” Ben said as he comport his wife on the backseat of the car and swiftly dash inside and made appearance before the completion of a minute with a big bag in his hand. He took his position at the driver side, and drop the bag on the seat beside him.

The gate wasn’t close when he drove in earlier with high speed, so he just reversed out of the compound. The gate closed automatically behind them as they exited the compound.


” why can’t you get her admitted in the hospital when you know she’s soon to due” Mr David asked Ben angrily as he landed a punch on Ben’s face. Behind him were his guards, his private guards headed by Wisdom. He couldn’t make use of the Official guards again since he was no more the president, losing the position to his opponent in the last concluded election.

” I tried to make her do it but she didn’t listen to me” Ben replied with rather a worried face. Just then, the theatre room’s door slide opened and Dr Ranking came out smiling.

” congratulations sirs, she’s successfully delivered a boy” Dr Ranking said smiling.

” and my wife?” Ben asked. anxiously.

” she’s fine, you will be able to see her soon, she’s been cleaned up” Dr Ranking replied him and Ben shooked hands happily with the Dr, same as Mr David as they expressed happiness towards the news.

To be continue…